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  1. Capitalist economic strengths: abundance of literally everything. So much food the poor people are the most obese demographic in human history. Capitalist economic weaknesses: leftists cry boo-hoo because some people are better at it than others and get a nicer smart phone and car. Communist economic strengths: leftists die by the millions because of their own ineptitude with agriculture and violence. Communist economic weaknesses: the leftists drag actual human beings into being victims of their self induced famine and murder cult.
  2. Maybe you missed the BLM and antifa riots that literally burned and looted our major cities for months on end?
  3. It’s not that complicated. Be funnier.
  4. I kind of hated it TBH. He’s a psychopath. You don’t just become not a psychopath. Dexter was best when everything was a front.
  5. Had a trip canceled due to Covid. Was planning on splitting a barrel with some friends.
  6. I actually have zero, just wanted to see the lame response. Thanks for delivering.
  7. If you knew all my alts your mind would explode.
  8. Well, you can’t exactly make him go to Woody’s where all the ishlibs hang out.
  9. Worked with the White House too. It’s so stupid only a bunch of ishlib deep state hacks and Democrats could think it up.
  10. Yes, undoubtedly. They had an entire media campaign to make Thanksgiving dinner a struggle session.
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