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  1. Get out of this country Qatar is legit. I have no idea how, but they are legit, they could beat our little MLS squad this evening
  2. Jordan Thompson damn-near single-handedly wrecked China. She was incredible, had like 4 kills in a row at one point. Volleyball is probably my favorite sport to play, but I never played indoors, only beach doubles. Watching indoor volleyball at that level is incredible, how they are able to dig half of those spikes and blast the ball at light speed is unreal. And theyre all like 6'5"+, true freaks of nature. In Italy they have legit pro volleyball leagues and its fun to watch By the way, Suni Lee = champion 🇺🇸
  3. Have you? I didnt know you had to be a world class gymnast to criticize one. Ill remember this any time I read one of your posts about the Eagles (assuming youve never played in the NFL) No one is saying she isnt incredibly talented or a world class athlete, so you guys need to stop the internet white knight act. What I'm saying is that she has struggled for months now with this issue, knew it, and still went ahead and took a spot on the Olympic team only to quit when confronted with failure. She was all good during the buildup when everyone was heaping praises on her, never mentioned a thing about mental health. But now at the critical moment she cant go on. And then, when she does drop out, she sticks around to be a huge distraction to her team. Doesnt sit well with me. Does that mean shes a quitter or a failure? No. It means that I think she handled this poorly. Sorry you guys cant take the fact that Im holding her to the exact same standard I (and probably you as well) would a world class male athlete
  4. Hes a sports commentator, you think its wrong that he comments on sports figures? You just dont like his take. Both women are deserving of criticism, theyve both used the "mental health" crutch inappropriately
  5. And holding her to a lower standard specifically because shes a black woman? Whats that called? Any man who did this would be getting bludgeoned by the media
  6. Youre right, Id still criticize her for quitting, because its deserving of criticism to do what she did
  7. But "stress" is not as serious as a heart attack. Not even close.
  8. So now we get to the heart of the issue. You think because your wife is a psychologist then every issue is somehow mental health and you have some credibility. Could your wife quit in the middle of an appointment if her patient needed her? Would that be courageous for placing her own needs ahead of her professional duties or the needs of her clients? Of course, this isnt as serious, but its the same principle.
  9. Its not courageous, lets stop the charade. No amount of fluffy coddling will make it courageous. It doesn't take guts to quit, that is nonsense. She took the easy way out by simply quitting mid competition then had the gall to hang around and joke and laugh. Thats honestly my biggest issue with this, shes known something was wrong for weeks, yet decided to continue until faced with her failure. The truly courageous thing would have been to go out like a true champion and give it whatever effort she could have mustered. That's being a true champion and an athlete, not quitting. Thats what all of the hero athletes you and I admire would have done, and we could easily cite example after example of that
  10. You think her teammates are going to criticize her publicly? Dont be foolish Great, she needs a break. She should have not gone to Tokyo then because shes been struggling for months now. Sorry, thats not how it works. You dont get to show up and then quit halfway through the competition without any criticism. Spare me the white knight act, I couldn't care less and I don't feel badly at all, save your guilt trip for someone else. Somehow shes healthy enough to stand around and joke around in front of the cameras, she just can't compete. Not buying it. She knew shed fail so she quit. Athletes are humans, they all have private lives. That's why the elite of the elite are adored the way they are, because theyre able to rise above those challenges and achieve remarkable things. She failed. Period. Its not an achievement to quit
  11. Totally agree with your take If people were watching, she has been crappy going all the way back to US qualifications. She was faced with her own mortality and failure and decided to quit and cite "mental health" Thats fine. But Im not celebrating her as some sort of hero. She took a spot from another potentially more deserving athlete and then was clowning around after quitting. That tells me all I need to know. She should go sit in the bleachers and let the other athletes compete, if youre worried about your mental health you dont sit around mugging for the cameras and laughing and joking with your teammates who are trying to compensate for you quitting on them mid-competition. But of course now we have to celebrate this surrender as if its somehow heroic to quit at the first sign of failure.
  12. The fact that she quit, then hung around laughing and joking with the team really rubbed me the wrong way. Let the other girls concentrate and compete, dont hang around and make it awkward and be a huge distraction. She has been performing like crap since US qualifications, so the other athletes know whats going on, they know shes struggling, we dont need a little performance for the cameras. But like almost every single elite athlete now, she is totally wrapped up in herself, its all about her. Like the LeBron James of gymnastics, she knew she wasnt going to win so she quits, but still wants to hang around in front of the cameras so we can all adore her. Now I see tons of articles praising her as a "true champion"....maybe last time, not this time. You earn that title by actually competing and winning, its never easy, and thats why she is so celebrated. But you still have to go out an earn it. Go sit in the bleachers and cheer, the other gymnasts dont need her mugging for the cameras.
  13. The problem, as you probably know, is that those standards arent being enforced in a fair and equitable way. People on the left, brutal foreign dictators, whoever, they can say and post whatever they want. But something even misinterpreted as wrong or "problematic"---like the lab leak "conspiracy theory"--gets you banished. But its basically the SOP for the Right now, the playing field is uneven but conservatives just have to deal with it
  14. Im going to prevent that with my words? I would like to think it would be determined by "the science" that says there is very little risk to young people, but hey Ill accept any authority youd like to bestow on me
  15. Lol "deranded ramblings"... I point out Bidens fascist actions, and you chime in from the peanut gallery with a Biden meme, then youre like "How did I defend it??? Show me!!!" You cant be this dense
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