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  1. The #1 trait they share is a complete disregard for their body. Levis is out there trucking defenders, hurdling & diving head first. He has all the tools but that playstyle scares me. To be fair, so does Allen but i also fear for his longevity as well
  2. Looks like Jurgens he's bull rushing. Cant wait to see JD play.
  3. Probably not. I could see him scoring 8-10 TD's though. He had 1051 & 1075 with a better QB and not nearly as many pass catchers taking targets away from him. Now he'll have Hurts and be competing with DeVonta, Goedert & Quez for targets. Smith had 860 in 15 games with Hurts and Brown is better after the catch so maybe he cracks 1k. That just means everyone else will probably have 800 or less. There's also a good chance Brown misses a couple games due to his physical style.
  4. Lol hopefully he keeps the drops to a minimum. It wont go over well if he's dropping passes in pivotal moments with the money he's making.
  5. I cant wait to watch AJB play man. He just looks so explosive and fluid out there for a guy his size. Im jealous of you older gentleman that got to watch T.O. as an Eagle. I was 6 at the time so i barely remember. I know AJ isnt close to T.O. but he has to be the closest thing we've had since.
  6. What? How dare Strong not light it up throwing to Britain Covey, Lance Lenoir & JJAW! Atleast let him play a couple preseason games before we throw him in the trash.
  7. I'll be interested to hear your perspective of what you seen from him. I just feel he is a good fit for the style of offense we want to run. Reports havent been great so far but he's also a rookie who's barely getting reps and throwing to guys like Britain Covey and Lance Lenoir... hopefully he performs well vs the Jets.
  8. He will. They were his first reps in team drills so i dont think it's as big of a deal as some are making it out to be. People who dont think he's any good are already taking victory laps before he's even played in a single preseason game lol. I'll reserve my judgement for when i see him in live action. I want to see how he's moving and how the ball comes out.
  9. I've been high on Strong all offseason and wont waver on that until i see him play in the preseason. He's a gamer so i expect him to play better once he's in live action.
  10. It's actually a guy. I read an article that said he'll likely be paralyzed from the neck down depending on his recovery and if the damaged nerves grow back. Just awful.
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