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  1. Well i guess it's nice to see him be able to take snaps from under center. Was one of my concerns coming from that air raid offense.
  2. They're being really weird about Strong. I dont want to hear he was bad in practice because even Thorson got plenty of preseason reps. I also dont want to hear about his knee either because he played on that same knee his entire last college season, throughout the pre draft process and is now 18 months removed from his last surgery. No reason he shouldnt get reps today but It's looking like he wont.
  3. Really liked Cain coming out of clemson. Nice to see him having a decent game.
  4. Sinnett had zero yards of offense on his first 4 possessions last week so he cant possibly be worse, right?
  5. Hopefully Sinnett doesnt make the 2nd half completely unwatchable this week.
  6. Like the way Josh Jobe has played today. Coverage has been tight and he's tackled well.
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