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  1. He runs a soft camp in KC. Won Two Superbowls in KC 👀 0 in Philly
  2. I'll tell you the truth. I'm a little confused by your tactics. I'm gonna keep acting tough until I figure it out. Alright? So, Wha-- See you during the season
  3. No ish it's a violent sport hince the attempts to take precautions when possible. You whining about it won't stop them from player safety efforts. CTE is real and they are doing their best to defend against it. Just because they take the risk doesn't mean that they have to be haphazard further jeopardizing their overall health post the game. In the end.... it's A GAME. Just because you throw your money at them to make them rich for entertaining you doesn't mean that you have say about how they protect their bodies and mental health. Get over yourself your opinion is yours. Facts govern the reality that you are seeing play out.
  4. 😆 enjoy the soft training camps. nothing you can do about it bish and moan man.
  5. You still crying poser? 😭 Did you start your change.org petition yet? Make Training Camp Great Again.... sniff sniff
  6. Here's a fact since you're whining the most about camps. IT'S NOT GOING BACK TO "WEST CHESTER DAYS". What you see is what you get. Times change and the players have more power over their health and well being. Deal with it and stop ****ing about it. Camps aren't tough enough booo hoooo. You can 😭 cry until your run out of tears... conclusion will still be the same. So yeah.... stop being a boomer talking about yesteryear like your little EMB post changes something. All it does is expose you as a poser wanna be macho nacho swinging your peen in a forum full of dudes.
  7. Nor should boomers who want to relive the 80s.
  8. I'm pretty certain you wouldn't last 2 seconds in an NFL camp :) Hell... pop warner would have you winded lol.
  9. You're the one calling modern day gladiators pansies and I'm the keyboard warrior? lmao. Don't feel sorry for me feel sorry for yourself. You're a sociopathic clown with no care or empathy for others. I feel sorry for you and whoever is around you. Good luck with that 8 pack 🤣
  10. 50% chance you're a fat ass or skinny fat. 8 pack of lagers maybe 🤔. 100% positive you're not a professional athlete and never came close so you're no authority on the matter. Hell pretty sure you likely haven't played any D1 sports either so just STFU and work on having some empathy and compassion for guys like Demariyus Thomas who practically gave his life for our entertainment and fantasy football leagues. These dudes can barely walk when they're done and life spans are drastically cut. If the NFLPA thinks it's for the better of the players to reduce the off-season contact, then so be it.
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