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  1. His injury history is worrisome but at least he should be fresh and he's a pretty good special teamer.
  2. Looks to have good patience vision through the hole,good lean as well. He doesn't look like a burner or like he's going to make a lot of guys miss but seems he gets into high gear quick and doesn't lose that speed when changing direction.
  3. Yup, I'm almost convinced now as well that Baramore will be the pick because it's such a Howie move. This DT class is extremely weak and while Baramore is athletic there's a reason he's not a consensus top ten pick, because he sucks against the run and has a questionable motor. Seems whenever a draft is strong at a position Howie ignores that position and opts instead to draft the weakest position in the draft with his first pick. I've consistently said I'm pretty much fine with whoever at 12 cuz I felt like either way there's going to be a good player at 12 and I don't think Baramore is included in that statement. I just see nick Fairley, athletic DL useless against the run weak at the point and lazy motor, I wouldn't draft a guy like that in the first or second round.
  4. Hopefully it's some kind of smoke screen. Baramore reminds me of Nick Fairley, good inside pass rusher when he cares, sucks against the run.
  5. I was flat out wrong about jefferson I didn't think he'd project to outside WR like he did, and I really like Chinn I thought he was the pick for sure, Having said that Hurts and Reagor will get their chance to shut everyone up this year, I hope they do though not so sure, I have more hope for reagor than hurts. I really like hurts just not sure his passing skills match all his Intangibles.
  6. If I remember the scouts liked jefferson and Chinn and Lowie went reagor hurts. ☹️
  7. Schwartz has always done well with LBs. Difference here was minus 2017 didn't really have any LBs. Jenkins and mcleod have done well in jim's system so I imagine He would have been able to work with chinn. Now CB I think is s different story, seems Jim is clueless when it comes to corner.
  8. This is one of the weakest DT drafts in a long time, there's nothing at the top and not much throughout, so of course this would be the draft Howie goes DT😒
  9. Yup always amazed me what Schwartz was able to do with nothing at LB or CB
  10. Howie isn't going to take LB in the first round so that was wishful thinking for Schwartz. I'm not sure who murray is I'm drawing a blank?
  11. Yup. If I'm drafting a DT at 12 he better be aaron donald as a pass rusher or be able to play the run. Baramore can be a good Inside pass rusher when he wants to be but he sucks against the run and at the point. Hopefully some team will seethe 8 sacks and get a chub and draft him before Howie has a chance to mull it over. I could get on board with a number of players In this draft but guys like Baramore who are more style than substance with weak motors I'll pass.
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