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  1. It was garners first game as he had been hurt with a hamstring prior to that game.
  2. I was surprised Boston Scott didn't get any snaps especially after having a good camp and Pre season I imagine at done point hell get some touches,seems the coaches really like Gainwell and Gainwell did, well.
  3. Best cheeseburger I've ever had in my life was at an Irish pub in Paris🤷‍♂️
  4. When I lived in California there was a place called, Philly cheese steaks. I've never been to Philly so don't really have a frame of reference and admittedly cheese steaks aren't really my jam maybe because I've never had a real one but at Philly cheese steak in N. Cali it was onions red bell peppers steak and some kind of white cheese, I'm guessing American. I'm not sure if that's how a " real" Philly cheese steak is supposed to be done but it was all right.
  5. Seems the exact opposite of basically the last 20+ years under Reid Kelly and Pederson.
  6. Yup I could see them letting both walk as well and rolling with Jackson stoll and a couple other cheaper guys.
  7. If Ertz blocked Id have zero problem with re upping him to a friendlier team deal than one would get with goedert but he doesn't block and he's not an elite receiver any more either so I just don't see the value other than whatever value keeping an all-time franchise guy brings. Will be interesting to see what happens end of year at TE.
  8. Being sandwiched between Mailata and Kelce who played great can't hurt, but yeah seumalo played well. Key for him is being consistent, he's had good games in the past followed up by complete stinkers and a really bad game followed up by a really good game. He got totally embarrassed last time he played the falcons so it was nice that he bounced back.
  9. Yup, guys like Kelce and kittle getting big bucks at TE set the market, problem is guys like hooper and Jonnu aren't any where near guys like Kelce and kittle. Kelce is really just a big WR hes not a good in line blocker but is rarely asked to in line block, but instead of being listed as what he is, a big slot receiver he's listed as a TE making number one WR money. If I'm paying my TE top money he better be a focal point of my offense or a really good blocker and receiver. Hooper and Smith aren't there but still benefit in contract negotiations because of the market Kelce a big WR set for TEs. Ertz would benefit as well if he were 5 years younger but at this point he's a regressing player and no one is going to pay him for past production.
  10. Yup, Ertz has never been a good blocker, he's not going to be phased out as a pass catcher like Celek and be a really good blocker. If he doesn't block and has regressed as a pass catcher then what value does he have. I thought he played ok against the falcons, he was useless as a blocker per usual he got wide open on the one long pass and I'm not sure he did anything special or it was just a blown coverage, better throw and he probably scores buy other than that he didn't really do much.
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