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  1. Talk about anything? Ok, today's the 34th anniversary of the day that a 19 year old me, left for Army Basic Training. Friday, May 27th, 1988. Fun times, Basic was! Hard work, but fun.
  2. What instances (currently) are there where background checks are not performed when purchasing a firearm? Aside from purchasing something like a black powder firearm, where it's not required, of course.
  3. I've bought guns at gun shows and I've bought from dealers, I've even bought guns from the Federal Government (sort of, the CMP) and every single gun that I've ever purchased, required a background check. I even gifted a gun to one of my brothers and he had to go through a background check in order to be able to legally take possession of it. So, what would be different?
  4. Wow, just saw this. 67 is way too young. My father was 67 when he passed away in 2004.
  5. Australia just did a Blood vs. Water. Sandra (from U.S. Survivor) was on it with her daughter. I haven't watched the season yet, so I don't know how well or poorly she did.
  6. I didn't. So I'll pass on the new show. I've seen all of the TOS and TNG movies, then the first new cast movie along with about 15 minutes of the second one and that was enough. But I've seen every episode of TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager.
  7. C+ QB? I don't want a "C+" QB, I want a "B" or above. But I suppose C+ is at least better than below average.
  8. It's a shame. Stupid, idiotic decisions can lead to your own (or others) death, and that seems to be what happened here.
  9. 10 or maybe 15 years ago, it would have made two of my brothers very happy. They're 100% done with the NFL at this point, though. So he could be forced to sell the team and they likely wouldn't even know it happened unless I told them. Nor would they care, and they used to be 100% diehard Redskins fans, lifelong diehard fans. Until Snyder, that is.
  10. Getting to the NFCCG would be fun, having Hurts get us there with legit QB skills (all around QB skills), would be awesome. But losing the NFCCG? I've been there and done that too many times. I'd almost rather miss the playoffs than to get that close and fail. It's a fun ride while you're zooming along... But hitting the bottom of the canyon hurts too badly when it ends.
  11. That's really the only length of time that we can afford to ignore the position. I hope Hurts turns out to be our future, or even our 'positive present', but I fear he's only going to be our 'transitional regret'. I really hope he proves my fears wrong and a Lombardi is in our very near future.
  12. Thinking back, Top Gun and Star Trek IV were the first movies I saw after going into the Army. I arrived at Fort Jackson for Basic Training over Memorial Day weekend, so on Memorial Day, they played movies all day in the Day Room. Those were the two movies that I watched that day... then I got detailed to take someone to the post hospital and wound up sitting in the waiting room for a few hours for him to come back out. The next day, we met our drill sergeants. Fun times!
  13. I know the site is a parking lot now, but if there's something within the site itself, (in the ground), they could still detect it. If it's turf related, I'm sure a good bit of that turf still exists in the form of souvenirs or in Eagles/Phillies archives or whatever. They could definitely investigate, but whether it could be successful in finding anything (or not), I don't know. They'd probably be able to do some core sampling throughout the parking lot, rather than digging it up.
  14. I would think that it would seem unlikely to be something specific to The Vet or (I'd think) there'd be a number of Eagles players with this situation over the years. But I suppose the Phillies played far more games per season there than the Eagles. So if it is 'Vet specific', Eagles players had much less exposure to whatever it would be that caused this. A study would definitely be called for, I would think.
  15. Brain cancer deaths of six former Phillies players must be investigated, says Dr. Siegel Death of David West leads to questions about Veterans Stadium
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