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  1. I was talking to one of my brothers over Thanksgiving about it and he watches the ratings and said this this season is one of the lowest rated seasons so far.
  2. Yes, but one season of this is like half of a season of a sitcom or drama. One season lasts from say September to December. Then February to May is a new season. So there's been two seasons per year since 2001 (2000 had a single season).
  3. I liked the rendition by the Navy vet from 2017, I'd vote to have him do it any time we can get him to Philly, along with Challenger the Eagle.
  4. I loved the Butterfingers ice cream bars, unfortunately, they stopped making them.
  5. I haven't followed his progress, when do we expect him to be back on the field?
  6. So if I understand it (I didn't read 100% of it yet), they are encouraged to seek conventional medical treatment. This all sparked a memory of another, maybe lesser known actress that died and didn't seek medical treatment. Georgia Engel. She played Georgette on the Mary Tylor Moore Show and she was also Shirley Burleigh on Coach. She died in 2019 (cause unknown). She was a Christian Scientist, and while it's not forbidden to seek medical help, it's not encouraged and she didn't and wound up dying of something that may have been treatable.
  7. Is this the one? PE.COM doesn't allow embedding videos, but you can click below and watch it on YouTube.
  8. As a regular people, that helped me tremendously! lol On the other thing, I hadn't heard of it. To post a YouTube video, just go to the video on YouTube and copy the URL. Then come here and paste it into a post. It should automatically put the video into the post.
  9. I had forgotten that she was a Scientologist, do they not believe in medical treatment? I know that there's some religions that don't.
  10. Speaking of the trade, if you haven't seen Shango's reaction to it on draft day, it'll bring a smile to your face: The original thread: The video:
  11. Here you go, I cry every time I see it too... (Because of the NFL, it only plays on YouTube so you have to click 'watch on YouTube')
  12. Apparently, she had just very recently been diagnosed. I don't know when, but there apparently wasn't a lot of time between the discovery and her death.
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