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  1. The Philly sports writers are a bunch of idiots. They're unprofessional and bash the team constantly. They are negative click bait thirsty glorified fan bloggers.
  2. On vacation in Florida. There is a wedding in the courtyard of the resort here. The band is playing poison by bell biv devoe. Interesting song for a wedding that girl is poison lol. I'm drinking and smoking cigar on patio with free live music 😎
  3. My friend got Moderna and he's 6'6" huge guy, he got bad fatigue and slept all day after his 2nd shot. Otherwise no effects. Seems the effects vary.
  4. Drink up brotha! I'm on my 4th drink and a cigar, enjoy!
  5. Yes that's what I said lol. He also said he wanted to get younger then extended injury prone vets, said he doesn't want to risk injury prone players that hope is not a strategy then drafted very injury prone Dickerson and said he hopes he'll be healthy.
  6. Trump 2020 (and 2024) merch full price in Florida. Notice the sticker: "He won, get over it!"
  7. Most of the movies after Empire are like that. Some pieces there, but would've been better if..
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