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  1. I love it, it's easy to cook, easy to clean, cook a whole meal on it so no smell inside & less dishes & cleanup. And it's fun. Lots of different recipes out there too. I wanted one anyway, but my propane grill broke so i haven't bothered getting a new one. Just been cooking on blackstone a lot.
  2. These "next gen stats" get into silly territory. So this stat somehow connects the time to drop back, assigns point values of expected outcome to teams (based on what?) and comes up with this metric. Does it factor in number of attempts? We all know that Hurts isn't a great passer and that he tucks and runs a lot, he led the team in rushing. Of course his time to throw is quick, when he's not keeping it to run he's making one read and throwing. The article notes a stat that matters more for QBs:
  3. Just had a conversation with a friend about the droids in Star Wars. I recall a long time ago when they did one of the anniversary specials on TV they went through the history of SW, and in one segment Lucas talked about the droids in the original trilogy. He talked about R2 and 3PO being vital characters to the story, something about them holding up a mirror to human behavior and providing commentary while also being participants. Kind of like how a lot of sci-fi use aliens visiting Earth to comment on human behavior (3rd Rock from the Sun sitcom for example). Eventually, Lucas went away from that. The droids became super heroes, ex machina to save the day, gimmicks or accessories. One exception I can think of since the OG trilogy: K2SO in Rogue One was a great character and commented on human behavior. The sarcasm and humor were well done and you actually felt something when he was destroyed. Another interesting angle is in The Mandalorian how he doesn't like/trust droids and how he deals with the bounty hunter droid reprogrammed to protect Baby Yoda. I did like BB-8 at first but then he became a ridiculous action hero in The Last Jedi. Thoughts on droids post-ROTJ?
  4. Yeah it's open-ended where you can pick something you'd enjoy or not be too difficult. If the deal were something less appealing making that 3-4 months hell then it's a tougher choice. Plus apparently you get a raise that lasts your career, not like a one-time bonus. Not very well thought out. But since it's open ended: Assistant Coach for women's beach volleyball team. Easy.
  5. NOTW


    Vaginal Farts was the name of your college garage band wasn't it?
  6. @iladelphxx Ms. Marvel is the highest rated MCU show on Disney+ by critics at 96%. The audience score is 83%. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/ms_marvel Other shows scores, critic/audience WandaVision: 91/88 Falcon/Winter: 83/84 Loki: 92/91 Hawkeye: 92/91 Moon Knight: 87/91
  7. NOTW


    Speaking of potential, using a word like "blossom" has potential to be the gayest thing posted in here in a while, and that's with @GA4M and @olsilverhair posting in here.
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