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  1. Self-awareness is huge. When you are able to communicate things when you're not upset, when you're having a good day and set expectations that helps. I'm an introvert but can be extroverted and turn that side on when I need to, but too much social activity or business meetings will drain me. The one day I had back to back in person meetings, a team lunch, more meetings then a team happy hour. That week there were a bunch of people from our company in town for conferences so the happy hour to say goodbye to my boss who was leaving turned into like 30 people all on a rooftop bar. Me and 2 other introverts on our team had to leave early. I texted my wife on the way home that I was drained and needed time to decompress after. I think it's fair to tell someone you want to prioritize them, want to share and listen and connect with them but also set boundaries and expectations. Like, hey this is a bad night I'm drained but can we grab lunch tomorrow and connect? It shows you care and want to.
  2. Since we know Lurie won't fire Howie, the best we can hope for is back to the original post and the point: put him in the basement. Make him a Joe Banner type role again where he can continue to fleece teams in trades, negotiate contracts to balance out how to pay everyone, sign the free agents that the Personnel Director and coaches want, etc. Stay out of the draft and personnel evaluation. Only extend the players that the VP of Personnel wants to keep, so as not to hold onto aging players too long (partly because you can't draft). They had the right idea with bringing in Joe Douglas - someone from an organization that drafts well, isn't in their usual network so someone with fresh outsider ideas and someone to be over the personnel completely. They just need to keep trying that and let that person make the final call on draft picks.
  3. Generally I think the best approach is to do what's best for your team first, not worry about how you might hurt or help any other team. What is in the best interest of the Eagles?
  4. I didn't know he was like that, but he did work with Mel Gibson. Maybe his character in Deja Vu was a little close to home for him. When he was giving the speech from Braveheart, I was hoping it was a troll job like Dwight on The Office quoting dictators. Like just a string of movie quotes and the crowd doesn't notice. He quoted Braveheart, Jesus and Reagan that's a "Patriot" trifecta right there!
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