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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/patriots-bill-belichick-wins-2021-pfwa-nfl-executive-year-award%3famp Belichick wins Executive of the Year.
  2. We have an entire sub-forum for mock drafts: https://www.eaglesmessageboard.com/forum/19-mock-draftsoffseasons/
  3. @EagleJoe8 thanks for doing these all season, hope you get to do more this year!
  4. Alright mates, it's settled. The Colts pick that belongs to the Eagles is locked in at #16 (Dolphins pick is #15). https://www.nfl.com/news/2022-nfl-draft-order-2021-nfl-regular-season A. Discuss how the team will use those picks in other existing topics. B. If you want to keep arguing the same points about Carson Wentz or discuss his Colts career start a topic in Around the NFL forum. Note: obviously Wentz will make it into topics discussing him as a former Eagle or comparisons to Hurts. You don't need to nitpick and tell people you can't talk about Wentz at all in TATE. Just use some sense, if you want to talk at length about his current Colts career and his future do that in Around the NFL.
  5. Or is it a Howie thread disguised as a Wentz thread? Either way it's being merged.
  6. Unlocked early, can begin discussing who's playing and who's resting.
  7. Already a poll on this on the first page.
  8. 99.99% of all reports are from this blog. It's rare to get a report from literally any other topic or forum. And mostly it's for the dumbest things.
  9. I've pm'd some unofficial warnings to some (there's more than 1) who do that, and previous warning points have been given. I look at post content and see that there are also football related posts, and others giving insults back and forth. I banned the troll/clone Duckworth and all his clones awhile back. When needed I'll do that. We'll see how things go here.
  10. I have, but I'm such a nice guy and it's the holidays. 🎅
  11. I've seen that as well. @VaBeach_Eagle I know it's a busy time for you right now so whenever you have a chance: is there any info from Invision on this?
  12. Another reminder on reporting posts. Guys, you all report each other a lot. This place is like a sports bar, quit reporting every little thing. Use some sense. Especially when you all go at each other and report each other. Grow up, have some thick skin. It's the internet there's going to be some trash talk. At the same time, if you're replying to every football related post with an insult take it easy this isn't RnR. Use some sense. Revisit the pinned guidelines. By all means report posts you think cross the line.
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