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  1. Already an Ertz topic, and no link to the source.
  2. would these be alternate available themes users could select, like they can now with the generic? Or changing for everyone?
  3. Thanks Joe. Thinking this year we'll unlock earlier on game day to get the E-A-G-L-E-S chants and what not going.
  4. We have a Hurts topic, a topic about bad drafting, the EMB Blog for discussing anything. Yet you post a new topic to whine.
  5. I know you guys want to be the first to break news and start a topic, but for the love of god post a link or tweet with evidence. It takes 10 seconds to google an article and post a link at least. Here: https://www.nfl.com/news/eagles-qb-jalen-hurts-out-vs-patriots-because-of-illness-not-covid-19-related
  6. Thanks @EagleJoe8. I've unlocked so people can get started talking about this exciting preseason game! How much Jalen Hurts will we see tonight?
  7. The reaction limit has been doubled to 200. If you like more posts than that per day, get a life loser! j/k not really
  8. I didn't post or remove anything. I merged your topic with the existing Carson Wentz topic. Your posts are in this topic dummy. You get to have your special snowflake trophy for posting about the history of Carson's foot, right here in the Carson Wentz topic. He's no longer an Eagle, I'm allowing ONE topic on Carson Wentz here because it relates to the conditional pick, which looks like will be a 2nd anyway. Someone also posted about Wentz in the Around the NFL forum, this all might get moved soon as we prepare for more topics about the current Eagles. Now, quit complaining or you're getting a timeout.
  9. 2 replies? Calm yourself down. This is the Carson Wentz topic tracking his injury, vaccine, the effect on the conditional pick. I merged your topic with it.
  10. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/devonta-smith-injury-eagles-wr-week-week-knee-sprain
  11. For the love of God, stop starting topics with no information or links.
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