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  1. Please get this topic back on track (not your fault). Surely there are updates from the beat writers or something to share?
  2. All @PackerNation trolling posts and replies have been removed. This topic is about updates and excitement for the E-A-G-L-E-S training camp. We welcome fans from other teams, trash talk, etc. The places for that are: Around the NFL Rant 'N Rave If you keep derailing Eagles related topics with Packers garbage and trolling you'll be banned. Also, you reported people here for comments to you, you thin-skinned little bish. Don't come here and try to talk trash then put people on ignore and report them when they give it back to you.
  3. You boys are placing bets huh?
  4. There is a BBQ/grilling topic in the What's Up forum which is for non-football items. This forum is for Eagles football. Merging.
  5. Handled. The idea behind ignore is you don't want to hear from that poster and don't want anything to do with them, so don't put someone on ignore and then go and talk about them. Or be a man and take them off ignore and debate them.
  6. I can tell you I didn't move that topic, I just moved it back to IWTETG, but can't promise someone won't move it. It's pretty clear the Eagles QB room is full. But hey that forum is a wish list for available players. I hadn't been on to see this topic until it had been open a while. He complains about his topics being moved, this one not a single person agrees with him and other topics will push it down eventually.
  7. Traded up from 15 + a 4th and two 5ths this year.
  8. I got you mate, I set it to automatically lock just before the draft begins.
  9. It's a post once in awhile that gets dealt with, not a need to make changes to board settings. Just my opinion.
  10. I think posting ideas here is fine. We don't have many technical issues anyway. The initial goal was to mimic the old boards as much as possible. Then we evolved a little bit. Limits on starting topics discourages engagement. We have a lot less posters here and more a community of long time members. We don't really get that many new people starting topics, and as you've seen we merge duplicates or move trash to RnR. People generally stick to existing topics or the blog. I think it's working fine, and I've even let some more topics stay in TATE during offseason without much happening.
  11. Your topic had absolutely nothing original, and we already had a topic for Howie's approach to free agency. Get over yourself. We have plenty of people here, we are a lot more lenient since creating the new board, plenty of new topics all the time. You're not a special snowflake. If you don't like it, leave. Go post on reddit or Facebook.
  12. No trolls. I merged your duplicate topic about free agency to the one already created. You create duplicate topics a lot. So, you know, stop doing that.
  13. @Bacarty2 replying to posts with relevant on-topic replies isn't stalking. Use the ignore feature. Everyone in here stop whining and being dramatic like 12 year old girls. It's a football forum, on the internet. Grow up and get some thick skin.
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