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  1. It makes you wonder who Manchin is listening to and working for. Clearly not his constituents.
  2. Ted Cruz openly admits parents complaining to school boards about CRT and mask mandates are using the schools for politics. He's so good at the self-own.
  3. The Pope may or may not be a moral authority depending on your beliefs... But I feel he's much better suited to that role than a comedian. Hey guys. @Kz! thinks he's woke!
  4. Which RBs would you start this week? Chubb is returning from a calf injury. So I'm thinking I may bench him to see if he's healthy.... J. Williams runs hard, but he is TD or bust while sharing carries with Melvin Gordon. Seahawks RB timeshare is a mess, so no to Collins even though it looks like a favorable matchup (I also have Carson stashed on IR). Would I be silly starting Taylor and Harris?
  5. What does 'woke' even mean? I'm still confused. Like, in the past I was once ignorant of racial injustice, but lately I've realized we have a race problem? Huh? There are people who have just recently started to figure this out?
  6. Yang makes the point: Who gives Chapelle, or Maher, or any other entertainer the moral authority to decide what is right or wrong? If I laugh at a Chapelle joke it doesn't mean I have to follow everything he says. He's just a comedian cracking jokes! I can decide if it is funny or not. I choose what I believe, not some comedian on TV. I feel like Maher is covering for the crowd that refuses to change. He accepts their stubbornness and that's not really helping... On the other hand I get what the trans community wants; they want acceptance. But I don't know how you force somebody to accept something they refuse. Acceptance has to come naturally. If they're forced into acceptance, they'll never really come to terms with it.
  7. He ain't right.... Is he on amphetamines? Dude, slow down!
  8. If variant A.30 spreads, this means we go back to preventive measures we used before vaccination: facemasks, physical distancing, hygiene, shutdowns, etc.
  9. Having kids are a drain on the system? Alright then, everybody stop having kids. Let's sterilize everyone. Let's see how that works out 10, 20, 30+ years from now. Kids are expensive. Parents are raising the future generations. I believe we should encourage parents to have kids. Give them a tax break.
  10. Madison Cawthorn is asked why he keeps peddling lies destroying democracy. It appears he didn't like the question.
  11. Don't be a jerk. Wear the mask. It isn't worth doing something stupid and going to jail for.
  12. Crazy QAnon actor Jim Caviezel gives impassioned speech at a conference. Then they all wonder why they are being marginalized... They're all a bunch of crazies!!!
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