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  1. I think I am the minority, but I think Super League would have been a whole lot of fun. Oh well.
  2. Read the bill? Congress has funded NMDP for 30 years. They've had 30 years to get acquainted with the program! They're clueless. That's what they are!
  3. The Smiths? Quintessential 80's music. Probably their most famous song: Anyway, why are male British musicians such pretentious ****? He's like the previous generation's Robbie Williams.
  4. Old news from over the weekend, but who votes against the National Marrow Donor registry? Who says: "We are pro-cancer!"; "Screw cancer patients, they don't need any funding"...? These two idiots I guess. Then they claim it's everyone else who doesn't understand the bill; it was rushed through. LINK The National Marrow Donor Program has been around 30 years. LINK I give up with these two.
  5. Nuge had symptoms for the last 10 days before he finally got tested; he could have been shedding virus for days before that. I wonder how many people he infected? No wonder we can't get control of this virus. https://fb.watch/4_LKBBSc4p/
  6. Anti-masker shares this "science” with us. Vaccinated women are communicably spreading blood clotting disorders? What? Of course it is being reported on a Facebook page.
  7. Mike claims he was speaking on his own behalf, not the company MyPillow. That’s his merit of his company’s counter-lawsuit. Then Dominion should counter-sue Mike Lindell personally for defamation for $1.9 billion.
  8. Disclaimer: I don't claim to be a legal expert. I understand 1st degree in Minnesota requires intent to kill. 2nd degree is both, it does or does not require intent in certain cases. 3rd degree does not require intent. But prosecution will be required to furnish specific proof of 2nd degree that would not be required for 3rd. I agree with you. The officer made a fatal mistake. She did not intend to shoot Wright, but she did because of gross negligence. They should go after charges that will in no question result in conviction. Not try to drum up more serious charges that she may get away with it.
  9. Damned if they do. Damned if they don't. A conviction of 3rd degree manslaughter carries what, max 10 years in prison? They'd say it's too lenient. A 2nd degree charge would result in a longer prison sentence, but requires more burden of proof. So many times it is too difficult to get a conviction.
  10. When I saw the video of Chauvin choking George Floyd to death, I wondered how police could standby and do nothing. Perhaps this is why? Police are retaliated against when regulating their own.
  11. Too much drama! If they're winning, you never hear anything like this. When they have a bad season, they rub it in. Sportswriters know how to play the fanbase.
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