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  1. Check out this website, you can put Bernie anywhere! https://bernie-sits.herokuapp.com/ Bernie at 1 lincoln financial field, philadelphia, pa: Bernie at independence hall: Bernie at liberty bell:
  2. The mayor of Pittsburgh responded to Ted Cruz: Here is what he said about the Paris Agreement in 2017: https://twitter.com/billpeduto/status/870370288344674304?s=20 Ted Cruz is clueless.
  3. Ted Cruz is such an idiot. Does anybody even listen to him?
  4. WTF Ted? This doesn't make any sense. So the Treaty of Paris means more to French citizens?
  5. Sadly this stain is left on many Federal agencies. God willing the new administration can sort it all out.
  6. The guidance I know of is avoid tylenol/NSAIDs before taking the shot (unless you already take them daily). Afterwards is ok to relieve any symptoms post-vaccine. Maybe this changed? There is new information being learned all the time. The sense is you need your body to produce an immune response, not suppress it. Where if you are experiencing pain/fever/aches afterwards your body has already produced a response.
  7. Uh-oh. Biden starts his presidency tomorrow with a scandal. He owns a Peloton.
  8. Not intentionally trying to beat a dead horse here... Ah, who am I kidding? I wonder which FLOTUS never bothered to make a trip to Sesame Street?
  9. Yeah, I don't understand the secret pardon hysteria. If Trump has to record it somewhere, the list will be released. Or what? Once a case gets to court, the defense attorney calls Trump plus a witness to the stand to say "nah, nevermind, he was PARDONED!"? It seems practically impossible to me.
  10. Beschloss sums it up correctly. Say what you want about Biden.... He might be the only guy who could serve in the White House, with any semblance of what it was, after Trump messed up the place.
  11. Guess what? Trump and Biden are going to swap faces, so when it looks like Biden is inaugurated tomorrow it's really Trump's 2nd term. And when it looks like Trump is on trial in the next few weeks, it's really Biden who is going to jail. Q told me: This is actually brilliant. How many Trumpers can we get to believe it?
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