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  1. Signs are pointing toward MAGA is running out of money. Does this mean it's the beginning of the end?
  2. No, we are not mandated to wear masks, vaccinated or not. (But we are certainly encouraged to get vaxxed and given paid time off too.) But I do see more people wearing facemasks each day. I think they will be coming back for a while, especially after schools reopen and the number of infections surge.
  3. Trump urged DOJ to declare 2020 election "corrupt", whatever that means. Obviously DOJ couldn't just follow Trump's directions, because they have to abide by laws and stuff.
  4. Eagles will get a 2nd round pick.
  5. Mike Lindell pulled his ads from FoxNews: He's so hot, he even started dropping truth bombs!
  6. Proving once again, the GOP is jealous of what they don't have. They're terrified of AOC the way they evoke her. It is comical!
  7. 2nd Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, not wave them in others faces. But if you want to tell doorknockers to get lost, that's your right too.... Anyway, so what's the point again, to declare your rights as a way to intimidate doorknockers? They're just going to tell you to get a vaccine. MTG isn't the only one surprised she works in the House of Reps!
  8. I believe we will see a lot more vaccine mandates once they get full FDA approval - to travel, to do business, to go to work, to enroll in school... There is no easer time to get vaccinated than now! Beat the rush!
  9. Congratulations! Welcome to the club! Better late than never. Make sure to go back for the second dose to get the full effect: So you can pick up 5G signals and stick car keys to your head!
  10. Yes, vaccination protects against serious illness, which is great! But the vaccinated are still going to spread the virus. As long as it spreads it may mutate, perhaps causing our vaccines to be less effective, requiring us to get even more boosters... Masking helps control the spread. It's safe, it's easy to do, and it's effective. It works if we're all in it together.
  11. Masking will protect both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. It's easy to do and it's harmless. Let's stop acting like it's some kind of punishment for not vaccinating.
  12. Vaccines and masks are the best we've got to mitigate the virus. Otherwise your carelessness and unhealthiness is making yourself and others ill. Yes. But the problem is we are not in control. The virus is. If we need to bring back temporary measures to mitigate spread, like facemasks, then that's what we must do. Nonvaccinated are just going to have to catch up. There is plenty of vaccine in the USA to get vaccinated.
  13. I see that. The problem is the vaccinated tend to be congregated together in the same place, discussing the same issues, talking right past the nonvaccinated as if they don't matter. The nonvaccinated aren't necessarily anti-vax, most are just questioning. They are listening to both the pro- and anti-vaccination crowds, but the vaccinated are discussing the issues right over their heads. Of course the science will change. We observe, and as we learn more, we adjust. Get the vaccine. And wear a mask if the virus is circulating in your area.
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