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  1. Caesars bought a 20 year naming rights deal over the summer. It sounds horrible.
  2. That's 90% of the fan base, at least the vocal ones on social media. There was a huge swing when the reports of Wentz wanting out went behind Hurts, as a "well we don't need you anyway".
  3. I think the 49ers have a chance to be good over the course of the season, but to call them good on Sunday is incorrect. They weren't good. They also were missing their two starting CB's, starting LB, RB1 and RB2, some depth guys at WR, and other guys on their DL that were limited all week in practice. Eagles didn't take advantage of a game they had a chance to win by their own doing. It wasn't a "moral victory".
  4. I know. But the Sixers tried to play nice and get him on board and he's reiterating it. Whatever, he's a loser.
  5. Said he's not reporting to TC and vowed to never play another game for the organization
  6. Ben Simmons is Deshaun Watson'ing his way out of Philly
  7. Looking forward to arguing about clutchness and no 4QC or GWD instead of arm strength.
  8. That’s what I’m looking at. It says 22 total flags, 2 declined and one offset
  9. Actually, I misread the chart. He has 19 accepted penalties, 2 declined, and 1 offset. So 22 penalties to 19 sacks. @e-a-g-l-e-s eagles!
  10. It’s a neck to neck race. He has 19 penalties so far.
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