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  1. Bragging to a Super Bowl winner about beating them once when it didn’t matter it a weird flex I’m willing to deal with.
  2. Was mostly posting because I thought someone testifying it was Snyder who leaked out the emails that got Gruden fired was the interesting part.
  3. Good ones are worth the hype. Problem is vacation spots sell crap at a marked up price because American vacationers will spend the money on it.
  4. Eagles should do an all white uniform as an alternate jersey with yellow face masks so they look like bald eagles.
  5. This is the first time it's been said he actually did tear his ACL, because he just said it during a PC.
  6. Rams: 3 Raiders: 6 Bonus: Baker Mayfield and Derrek Carr overly embrace after the game as they figure out what their next career will be @TorontoEagle
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