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  1. GD Russians He’s definitely a minority, he’s just not getting a GM job
  2. Howie would have gotten away with not doing it too if it weren't for those meddling coaches.
  3. Nathaniel is going to be under pressure to win in Denver. He has his work cut out for him, will be interesting to see if he can Hackett.
  4. I originally put no one but forgot you have been pounding the table to stick with Hurts instead of drafting or trading for anyone. Lucky enough to make the ninja edit without getting caught.
  5. Because barely anyone wants to build the roster around Hurts, so you build the roster in the meantime so it's ready for someone else.
  6. I thought he was just mocking Shannon Sharpe the whole time
  7. Cool it with the football questions. This is your only warning. Whatever they didn't use got rolled over into 2022.
  8. Decriminalizing public pooping Or veteran in free agency. Same thing.
  9. 2022 would have been his last season. Not sure if its fully guaranteed or not.
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