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  1. He was a rising coach and being a QB coach in the NFL is a step up from OC at Florida, at least in my opinion. The relationship angle is so over blown. Hurts dad coached him in high school. Ok. A small college program he was a part of unsuccessfully recruited a 4 star prospect. That’s it. It’s more of a coincidence than anything.
  2. I mean he at least makes a few points about how it’s a bad idea with their cap, the assets it would take to get him, and it would stall a rebuild. Now I present you with this
  3. Probably this. I think it's going to be the main thing that would prevent a trade.
  4. No, Wentz stinks now and it was Dougs fault. When Howie had that Wentz fathead up though, watch out!
  5. But you aren't factoring in the guy they are pushing off the top 51. For example, right now Quez Watkins is #51 and his cap number is $822k. So when you sign your second round pick whose cap number is $1.2M, you are pushing Watkins to #52 and his $822k comes off the cap. So its a net $400k to sign your second round rookie. Picks from the fourth round on probably won't even crack the top 51. Going across the chart is the cash its going to take to sign the entire class, but that's not the same as the cap.
  6. Should just be $3.3M for #6. https://overthecap.com/draft/ The rookie pool is going to fall from last year because the salary cap is falling.
  7. Basically. It's not going to be ripping off a band aid like the Eagles and others suggest. More like a scab that eventually heals over time
  8. You have to remember with the top 51 rule not all those picks are going to count against the cap and the ones that do will push someone else off. It should be about $5 to $6M to sign all the rookies as is.
  9. Maybe I misinterpreted it. But anyway, they are going to have to get under, and its not going to be pretty. They will probably have to restructure and extend Cox, or at the least add another dummy year or two on there. Same thing with other players. Graham, Johnson, Hargrave, Brooks + doing something with Barnett + whatever you do with Ertz gets them under with some money to sign some cheap vets. They just have to do it, they don't have a choice. You can't be over the cap. I said it before, trading Wentz severely affects their cap situation and not just the dead money. He was THE guy they were banking on restricting this offseason and that’s off the table.
  10. You can extend him. He's not going to restructure/take a paycut.
  11. They can't though. You cannot go over the cap and just take a penalty. You will have to get compliant at some point otherwise they wont be able to sign anyone including their rookie draft picks. Dallas and Washington didn't get penalized for just being over, it's because they did improper things in the uncapped year of 2011 when the new CBA was being negotiated. The second part of your post would be pretty unprecedented. I don't see how they would bend the rules just for the Eagles and not any other team.
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