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  1. no, you just presumed that "BLM and antifa's riots" were supported by anyone here.
  2. He's a moron. Most of the deaths are concentrated in the older population where the vaccination rate is much higher than the general population rate. Well, I might venture this guy knows he's being disingenuous. You're showing yourself again to be the moron by sharing it.
  3. Something is wrong with that math. Unless it was a clumsy attempt to say 1 in 500 died.
  4. I said there's lots of players one could make a counter argument with, but take a look at those QBs that stick around as starters for a long time and you don't see many that you could call running QBs. Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Wilson, and Tarkenton are about it. Favre I guess you could argue as well, but even among this list you're not looking at QBs that are considered "running QBs", they're mobile. Russell isn't great because he can run. He's great because he is both an excellent passer and runner. He's a threat to throw for 4000+ yards any season while throwing in 500-800 yard rushing. He's also very smart when he runs, he's one of the most intelligent QBs I've seen play the game. What you don't see on these career lists - most wins, most games, most consecutive games played - are guys like Vick, Cam, etc. The lists are full of guys like Peyton, Brady, Brees, Elway, Marino, even Rivers is up there. And like I said, even among the QBs here I listed that could run most aren't considered "running QBs" in the same vein as say a Cam Newton. Running QBs bring a tremendous dimension to the game for an offense. But there is a wear and tear factor there.
  5. The main downside to having a mobile quarterback is longevity. Guys like McNabb, Vick, & Cam who made running a bigger part of their game (at least early career) had shortened careers. Guys like Wilson & Rodgers who have mobility but run more out of need or to evade the rush long enough for a play to develop hold up longer. There's plenty of players one could make counter arguments with, but I think overall it's hard to argue that the list of QBs that run like a Cam or Vick did stick around as long as QBs who can make a play with their feet but whose style of play allows them to avoid too many hits.
  6. The Untold Story of How Afghanistan's Fighting Female Governor Salima Mazari Escaped the Taliban She's now safe in an undisclosed location in the US after a rescue forces from Afghans, Americans, and Canadians.
  7. Republicans just don't want to explain all the irregularities coming out of Alabama. Entire towns of people with the same last names voting for Trump.
  8. https://www.wsfa.com/2021/09/16/alabama-health-officials-give-covid-19-update-friday/ Alabama saw more deaths than births in 2020 The state health officer said records dating back a century showed it was a first MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - For the first time in recorded history, the state of Alabama in 2020 saw the number of deaths surpass the number of births "and actually by quite a bit,” said State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris. There were 64,714 deaths and 57,641 births in 2020. Harris, holding his weekly update on the state’s efforts against the COVID-19 pandemic, said data going back more than a century showed it was the first year in which the births and deaths data was flipped. He added it could happen again in 2021 if the state continues with its current trend. "The numbers of deaths have, unfortunately, not declined at this point,” Harris stated of Alabama’s death rate, which includes at least seven pregnant women.
  9. I honestly can't tell if you're criticizing Biden or lauding him.
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