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  1. Pretty much every generation thinks the ones that come behind it are lazy and entitled. It's a rite of passage.
  2. There are guidelines for committing a family member. So the framework is there. https://mentalillnesspolicy.org/ivc/involuntary-commitment-concepts.html
  3. Where? Green energy does not equate to innovation and creative destruction. Most western nations, especially in Europe, have protectionist domestic policies relative to the US. Yes, they have better public transportation and in some cases heavier state investment in green technology. But that's not the sum total of innovation; it's not even a LARGE factor.
  4. Our economy allows among the most creative destruction of any western nation. We have millions of people engaged in jobs whose entire industry was created in the last generation. This IS the new-age economy.
  5. More women are working today than previously. There have definitely been regions of the nation where the job market has hollowed out. You could probably say the same about almost any economy in transition. Areas most dependent on laboring on farms and in factories have seen jobs for 20-49 year old men dry up without a sufficient number of service-sector jobs to replace them. People need to migrate to where the jobs are. There are plenty of red states with large-ish metro areas where service sector jobs are available to replace low-skill labor jobs. If they're not capable of becoming high earners in a knowledge sector, there are jobs with decent wages to be found elsewhere. Plumbers, construction, hell even landscaping. When the upper middle class starts getting fat they start looking for places to spend their money.
  6. I generally do not agree with Krugman, but this is a good article: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/15/opinion/andrew-yang-automation.html I would go beyond his disagreement with Yang on productivity here and simply look at the job market. If automation was displacing workers at worrisome rates, both unemployment and labor participation rates would be dropping off. COVID aside, unemployment has has been historically low for much of the past decade. Labor participation peaked in the 90s at 67% or so, but had been below 60% in the 1950s and 1960s and pre-COVID was edging towards 64%. So one could look at labor participation, but there are a lot of reasons beyond automation I'd look to in order to explain reduction of labor force participation since 2000.
  7. @EaglesRocker97 I completely buy that black and brown minorities face challenges that whites do not, and that generations of racism and racist policies impact trust between these historically marginalized groups and "the state". but these articles and studies are jumping through insane hoops to stick to this narrative that minorities are somehow being underserved. if you want to argue that the general lack of trust is a factor, then I can get on board to a degree. but in 2021, there is nothing in how the distribution is being conducted that can be construed as being designed to prioritize white communities over those of color. but at some point this becomes a "lead a horse to water" situation.
  8. I still argue with my liberal buddies about this. Defund is a terrible word - if you're explaining you're losing. Defunding is stupid to begin with. Demilitarize would get popular support, but if you want a convincing argument connect things like demilitarization with increased training. Stupid-simple arguments like "We want to stop funding demilitarization of police, and put those resources towards better training and making sure body cameras are universal. In addition to helping foster accountability for bad actors in law enforcement, body cameras protect the good cops from the stigma of blowing the whistle and help highlight how dangerous being in law enforcement can be." But you can't reason with a mob.
  9. Oh I do know, just playing dumb to keep up the illusion. Besides, it doesn't actually matter if you're home or not.
  10. less than 100%? I'm gonna have to upgrade the cameras then.. when are you next out of town?
  11. interesting that you don't share the original report from above, from the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/04/14/jonathan-pentland-south-carolina/ are you afraid of sharing "liberal" news? anyway.. the reports from above came in after he was arrested. I'm a bit skeptical that this dude (kid? adult?) would engage in those above acts without some kind of police report, no?
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