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  1. Jake Tapper literally retweeted the same report via this tweet: I can't believe some of you idiots believe Posobiec. The guy is a scumbag who embodies all the negative qualities you project on the MSM.
  2. I mean, even standing on a soap box he can't reach the podium.
  3. LOL 7 deaths per million. Population is half a million. So like, 3 deaths from unvaccinated and you get that chart. PLEASE never stop showing how incredibly stupid you are.
  4. That's some serious pearl clutching. Attitudes like that are as much why kids are pansies and ignorant as whatever woke crap is going on.
  5. The issue early on was the unknowns. We didn't know with reasonable confidence how much risk this virus was for different demographics, and even knowing that the elderly and those with pulmonary related preexisting conditions were the highest risk there were deaths across the spectrum with the original variants. We had some idea of what we were dealing with, but not nearly enough to surgically employ quarantines/etc. And then you have the real world issues of the elderly/etc complaining of unequal and unfair treatment, which surely would have become some kind of political movement. FWIW, my boss - young guy, just turned 39 - just lost a friend. Same age, bodybuilder, great health. Unvaccinated. Two others were in with him with the same risk profile, one they thought for sure was a goner because he developed some kind of lung condition that's 99% fatal in these cases but both of them survived. You never want to build policy around outliers, but that doesn't mean they aren't our there in numbers.
  6. If this wasn't so crushing to the healthcare providers I'd have a "if they're not vaccinated by now frack em" mentality. Which is why I'd like to see vaccination status as a consideration when triaging and prioritizing care.
  7. Performative BS. Performative BS everywhere. Why? Because rubes eat it up. For four years we had a moron LARPing as president, and idiots bought into his schtick as representing some kind of progress. The guy's only real achievement was throwing cash at pharmaceuticals and short circuiting the approvals process for vaccines. OWS was good, but it was basically the "well yeah, duh" solution - it's what any president would have done. (Meanwhile he spent the rest of his idle time during the pandemic hawking hydroxychloroquine and making suggestions on treatments that would have earned him a laugh track on Cheers). But hey, he "told it like it is," right? That's what qualifies as "Presidential" for his supporters.
  8. People are too stupid on average to have as many choices for media (including news) consumption as we have. We're now at a place where social media is now manufacturing the news and it's being picked up by Fox/MSNBC etc.
  9. The big downside of social media is everybody's viewpoint, no matter how bat-crap insane it is, can find validation somewhere.
  10. Politics is in large part driven by society here. Nakedly partisan media has contributed to a more partisan society, which is reflected in more partisan government, which reinforces the media cycle. There's some chicken and egg arguments that could be had, but the major contributor to the heat being turned up here is how people get their "news" now vs 30 years ago. Fox is but one player; traditional media is losing share to crackpots on social media.
  11. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2022/01/26/russia-ukraine-putin-experts-00000019 Long read, but a lot of interesting informed takes.
  12. Well when you have half the media devoting hours of the day to undermining the other half, that's what you get. But ratings, right?
  13. Omicron is for most not a big deal to deal with. But a cavalier attitude towards it is why hospitals are being overrun and healthcare workers are quitting. This is why vaccinations are so important. Israel has been cited, and while plenty of vaccinated and boosted are ending up hospitalized the rates of hospitalization for unvaccinated are still much much higher. The over 60 population is 85% boosted, but only 60% of those over 60 who end up hospitalized are boosted. This is cited of course by morons who think it bolsters their argument that vaccines aren't worth it, bit the huge gap there shows that it is: 40% of hospitalizations are coming from 15% of the population. That's a huge number.
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