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  1. Maybe Eric is tired of being the stupidist Trump.
  2. 🤣 it's not about retaining access you moron. it's about retaining the actual classified material.
  3. what the hell do you think has been going on for 18 mos? the DOJ met with Trump multiple times about the missing classified documents and he didn't do anything. classified material can be absolutely used as leverage if you're a guy whose interaction with the world around him is purely transactional.
  4. For 2024 I would tend to agree. But it's also a risk I'm loathe to take ... Trump running and losing again could make Jan 6 look like a quaint gathering ... Trump winning? Not sure the nation would survive another Trump presidency.
  5. No. The affidavit supporting the warrant is under seal. Trump has a copy of the warrant. He's entitled to it, and he has it. He also has an itemized list of what was taken. My bet is he'll never release it. Because it will show he's no victim.
  6. so in your warped mind, is there any crime Trump could commit that the DoJ should try to prosecute? or is he just above the law?
  7. No. When you are served a warrant you get a copy of the warrant. The warrant and the receipt given to Trump's legal team (from what I understand Trump wasn't even there, he was in NYC, which is assuredly by design) indicating what was removed could be produced by Trump himself. He won't though, because it was 100% by the book. I say that because there's no way Garland and the DoJ are going to leave any space for the right to drive the wedge deeper than their reflexive lies already have. He has.
  8. when Trump is seen as some infallible leader blessed by God, critical thinking is not necessary.
  9. "On a monthly basis, the CPI is estimated to have increased by 0.2% in July after rising 1.3% the prior month, the result of falling energy prices such as gasoline." -WSJ That is a good thing. It's only one month though. We had a good month earlier in the year but that didn't become a trend. Year over year inflation is going to stay high until we start getting a few months of low inflation like this. One data point is not a trend but every trend starts with one. The question of whether this is the beginning of the of high inflation won't be answered for months.
  10. I rest my case on the useful idiots @ToastJenkins.
  11. I was responding to the morons who think this was purely political. Of course there's going to be a political benefit. Conventional wisdom would suggest that when the de facto leader of one of the major political parties steps on a rake and gets raided by the FBI, that it would help the opposition party. In The Trump era I have no idea how to read this sort of situation. The mewling useful idiots who ride or die with Trump, who now include most of the right wing media, are going to interpret this as further evidence that Trump is just a victim. It may well help solidify support for Trump in some mindless really around the maga flag effect. I'm not anywhere near ready to declare this a political win for the Democrats.
  12. You think this search was politically motivated? The guy was holding in to classified material he didn't have a right to, was told over and over that he needed to return it all and did not. Any other US citizen commits that and their searched months ago. It's only the deference given to a former president that prevented that, but the DOJ is only going to wait so long. As far as I know, Trump has not revealed the details of the warrant nor has he released the receipt of what was taken away, which would very quickly make or break the claim that this was politically motivated. Garland is not going to authorize this sort of search unless they're damn sure they have every justification for it.
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