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  1. Yup, he knows he is screwed. Once you admit to that which we all knew it happened (who the hell flys out Instagram girls for massages) you are fudged.
  2. if we trade back to like 16-18 sure but better players will be there at 12.
  3. Waddle I do agree with I would like Waddle at 12 but not feeling smith at 12.
  4. i would be 100% with this and wouldn't hate it. Though Howie will find a way to REEEACCH with the 12th and not take a stud LB
  5. Honestly my first reaction was to slam a table to lose out on Chase or Pitt but after it sit in for a while I think it was the right move, looking at it next year having that extra pick means a lot more. Here is something else to consider too. When you have 5 teams picking before us and everyone keeps changing their mock draft because NO ONE knows who is taking who you don't really know what kind of player you gonna get. Falcons might take Pitt and Bengals might take Chase..opps we lose out on both at 6th and can't find a trade back partner. Honestly.. not a bad trade.
  6. I wasn't calling it out like that, I was calling you out for saying we should "trust you" as you speak of having personal knowledge of the choices in his head.
  7. You are ignorant if you don't think owners have influence on a teams coach.
  8. So you have personally knowledge of him? You his Cousin?
  9. Fields is just a tiny upgrade on Hurts. I like Fields but I like Hurts too. Eh. No QB really wows me this draft. Just get BPA at 12 and just dont try to get cute or don't over reach and I am 100% happy. Just get me a damn starter for a position of need thats it.
  10. dont worry ill see you there
  11. special place in hell for grammar na**
  12. Np, gladly its very enjoyable right now with VR! You can enjoy being a ****
  13. minimum is implied that it can be done still at that price. Next time rephrase it better. This is the EMB
  14. or he shitz the bed AND it turns into a higher pick. The dude just needs to have a 6-6 record for us to cash in then crash and burn last few games. If it is the Carson we know gonna be a top 15 pick.
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