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  1. lol Ewers is not starting in front of Archie unless he has a killer year this year. My inside sources at Ohio State told me that Ewers did not impress at Ohio State. Also, some at the high school he attended, did not think much of him. This doesnt mean he will be bad but he got an uphill climb
  2. Basically. People are questioning a lot about him you can read it online. I am not falling for it and seems like you are not either. How CJ Strout is universally seen as the best going into the season is beyond words. CJ Strout basically crumbled in the two biggest games of the season vs Oregon and Michigan. Young is my QB1 regardless. He is just a winner
  3. Lol ya they have been on sale for a while now
  4. Eagles coming out to the desert! We always take over that stadium even though we are on the big losing streak there lol I already purchased tickets for the game. Lets plan out a Eagles tailgate so we can all be in the same area, grill, chant and walk in together!
  5. Remember these 2nd year guys couldn't beat out steven nelson. So now that he is gone, we should be highly concerned that our 5 CBs going into the season will be Slay, Maddox and 3 more corners (McPherson, Gowan, Goodrich, Jobe, and Craig james) Ideally, I move Josh Jobe to safety because he may be a better projection at safety in the NFL than corner imo. Then get a veteran CB like Fuller or King. Now you have Slay & Fuller on the outside, Maddox as the nickel, McPherson as the backup that can play outside and nickel, then let Gowan and Goodrich battle it out for that last spot. I think we know what Craig James is so I left him out. Eagles would be doing themselves a disservice not getting a respectable #2 CB for at least one year.
  6. Dang didn’t know that haha. Then I would lean Fuller then Moreau. But I wouldn’t wait too long. McPherson and Gowan as a #2 is not exactly promising. Expecting an UDFA rookie to be a good #2 in their first year is also a false hope. Another vet will only help elevate the young guys play/competition.
  7. Injury concerns but it’s worth bringing him in to compete. Personally would bring in Patrick Peterson on a one year deal instead, even at his older age
  8. True lol nothing would make me happier than if Hurts was the guy but I just dont see it
  9. There are a few reason why I think Bryce Young will be success in the NFL: He is not a running QB. He is one of the best in college football when it comes to getting rid of the ball and not taking unnecessary hits. Will they hit him in the NFL yes but it doesnt matter who is at QB it is going to hurt. I can almost guarantee he will be more healthy in the NFL than a Wentz who is a huge Qb. Kyler Murray is a running QB and that takes a toll on his body as the season progresses. His arm talent and anticipation is underrated. If teams can look pass his size, they will see the most talented QB in the class by far. He has played at the highest level at every level he played at and hasnt missed a game. Mater Dei played a national schedule and Alabama plays in the SEC. He is highly experienced and understands what he is and how to succeed at the highest level. Didn't they say the size thing with Devonta Smith also? If you look at things in a vacuum then Bryce Young as of right now is the best QB in the class and a better prospect than any other QB that has come out from Alabama. Yall will see this season. Alabama does not have those same names at WR they have had in previous years. Lastly, they said the same thing when he was going to Alabama. You have to see him in person to be a believer. TV doesn't do him justice.
  10. I believe so. I think worse case is top 15. He is a better RB prospect than Najee and Najee went 20th
  11. I take back my initial statement. Eagles did give Reagor’s agent permission to seek a trade. Adam Caplan just confirmed report on Inside the Birds podcast
  12. Exactly! I am not seeing anything on this. This is a bad topic name and needs to be changed
  13. Beat me to it lol but yes I think he ends up being a top 10 pick. I think best prospect at RB in a long time
  14. I will go ahead and lead the way on this one. As of right now, Young and Stroud are the consensus 1-2 QBs for next year. I am pounding the table for Bryce Young. I know NFL execs and scouts over evaluate these guys but I know what I see in Bryce Young. He is small but he is a leader and a winner. He can make all the throws and is not uncomfortable in big moments dating back to his time at Mater Dei. Super elusive, quick release and great improv skills. what sets him apart from Stroud in my opinion is his performances in big time games. Stroud did not look great and lost against Michigan or Oregon which were the two biggest games of the season for OSU. Meanwhile Bryce Young had his bad performances against Auburn and Georgia (National Championship Game). But in the Auburn game he led them back and won the game and vs Georgia he was not only missing his top 2 WRs but the back ups could not catch a damn cold. I think we all know Hurts is not the Guy and the Eagles know that too. Don’t be fooled if the QB crop in 2022 was like it is in 2023 the Eagles would have drafted a QB in this draft. They were clearly in on Russell Wilson and Watson and they did not want to come to Philly. Eagles will replace Hurts after the season barring a deep playoff run.
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