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  1. And it has anyway. Russell Wilson was a running QB for his first 2/3 years including the Super Bowl year
  2. Well it wasn’t a choice, more just two scenarios that don’t fit with his narrative. If we are choosing though I’d probably take Scenario A if it was winning it all and not just getting there. But yeah B would set us up well for the future and mean we could use 2 firsts on the team rather than a QB.
  3. What about the following: Scenario A - Eagles get to/win the Super Bowl. Defense turns into a top 5 unit and Eagles get hot at the right time and ride the D and a strong running game to the Super Bowl. Hurts doesn't really progress but does enough with his legs and his arms (with the help of Smith, Brown and Goedert) to get the job done. It becomes clear that Hurts can win with elite talent, but if the Eagles pay him, they won't be able to maintain the necessary talent around him. Scenario B - the lines are plagued by injuries. The D goes backwards and now can't stop Daniel Jones or Wentz. The Eagles can't run the ball. But Hurts steps up, improves his reading, decision making and accuracy and throws for 4000 plus yards 30 TDs and 8 picks. Eagles win only 8 games and miss the playoffs. Gannon is sacked after season.
  4. Just to clear this up - Swoop is saying, correctly, that a good to elite QB usually makes a big difference in a game. This is correct. It's the most important position and QB play makes a significant difference. I think you are arguing against the point made by DUMike and Eagles45 that Hurts has only beaten poor/practice squad QBs and therefore he should be judged on that/he sucks. I agree with you on this in that: 1) It's a small sample size, he has only had one full season starting. 2) I wouldn't call Ryan or Bridgewater bottom of the barrel QBs. 3) The D was so poor against good QBs last year, Hurts would have had to play top 10 level QB play at least against them to beat them. He's not there yet. I expect Hurts to beat some good QBs this year as I expect the D to be a lot better and I expect AJ Brown to make a difference. That won't mean that Hurts is the guy moving forward. He needs to take a jump, but a few of us, like the Eagles, want to see if he can.
  5. So you just contradicted your own argument, by listing several times where the Eagles did not face a deficit at the QB position. Pretty much every respected QB ranking tool/analyst had Hurts around 15-20. So average/below average starting QB. Yet you are right they are wrong? Ultimately you need to accept that the Eagles are giving Hurts another year and giving him the tools to succeed. He may or may not, but he’s going to get that opportunity.
  6. I mostly agree with you. I would just say in the Chargers game, Hurts didn’t do a lot wrong on running or passing. In fact his QBR was 90 for that game. I get that he didn’t pass much though. He had a better statistical game against KC, but couldn’t get that close as Mahomes lit us up. The Eagles weren’t good enough against good teams last year. Hurts was part of that, but I just think the "Hurts can’t beat a good to mediocre QB” narrative is misleading. If the D improves this year, I’m sure he will beat a couple of good QBs. That won’t mean he is the guy. I agree, he needs to take a fair step forward with his passing. AJ Brown will help, but won’t in himself be enough. I’m rooting for him, but honestly don’t know if he can get to the necessary level
  7. Honestly, the way the Hurts haters seize upon a stat without putting it in context. Gannon has not shown he can beat a good QB yet. This should be a Gannon/Eagles D thread. Hurts was last year a average to below average starting QB. He was not going to win games where Gannon allows 80 per cent completion rates and teams to control the ball and score pretty much every time. Netherless, Hurts got the Eagles back level against Herbert and within 6 points of Brady. But the D couldn’t get a stop again either time to give him a chance to win the game.
  8. Partly on Hurts, partly on Gannon, wouldn’t you agree?
  9. Perfectly put. This team is talented but has proven nothing yet. Can Gannon stop a good QB? He hasn’t been able to yet.
  10. In Eazy’s defense, the majority of the ringleaders of the Hurts haters were huge Wentz fans/apologists. (Not you Vileborg). Whether they admit it or not (and they won’t), it’s clear their love of Wentz influences their absolute view on Hurts. Seth Joyner said basically the same after the Bucs game. That said - I do agree it’s time to move on from Wentz comparisons/arguments. Also agree with what you say Vileborg. Hurts needs to step up in those areas.
  11. Mostly agree, but a couple of things I would pick up on. The linebacker crew in 2017 wasn’t bad at all. Hicks (before he got hurt), Bradham and Kendricks were all solid linebackers. The 2022 crew have more talent, but Dean is an unproven rookie and White is still relatively unproven. Wentz and Foles were both great in 2017, but both have been mostly pretty mediocre before and after. I expect Hurts to elevate his game given another year in the system and the surrounding and growing talent. It would seem unlikely he can get in the MVP conversation, but not impossible. He is at this stage an unknown for 2022.
  12. I think you could make arguments for the two modern Super Bowl appearance teams and you never quite know how a team will perform before the season. But generally I agree. Hurts has been given an incredible opportunity. He needs to seize it.
  13. Obviously Hurts’s performance will be key to how the Eagles perform next year, but to say he alone is the question is nonesensical: 1) Gannon. A lot of people claim that Hurts couldn’t beat good teams. But it wasn’t just him. Against any borderline top 10 QB, Gannon was giving up a close to 80% completion percentage and letting them march down the field at will. Can he change this with the new talent? 2) Safety is incredibly weak still 3) Siriani had a promising first season, but he needs to show he can adapt his offense to a balanced offense incorporating Brown and handle big games. He is far from proven.
  14. I’m not sure any of the young corners were good options at starter. It’s rare that a 4th round pick or below becomes an effective starter at CB. Hoped to get a corner in the draft, but this signing makes a lot of sense.
  15. Huge move. The Defense is a safety away from being potentially elite. Eagles should contend for NFC East. If Hurts takes a fair step up, we could be legit contenders full stop.
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