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  1. As UK says though we are not an elite QB away from being a contender. The QB draft class is poor. Rodgers, Wilson and Watson (and I wouldn’t want Watson here anyway) would cost a ton in terms of draft picks and limit our salary cap severely. It may well be that they are not sold on Hurts and would like to upgrade. But they can’t force it and the best option may be to roll with Hurts/Minshew next year.
  2. I don’t see Hurts as a showboat. He’s not Newton. It will be interesting how he plays if he’s limited by his ankle. In all likelihood he will be up and down the rest of the season. We won’t have a definite answer. Half the board will swear he needs to be replaced. A handful will proclaim him the Franchise guy and the rest of us will be somewhere in between. But the Eagles can’t force the situation. Wilson would cost a ton and take up a lot of the cap. I don’t think we would be able to surround him with much talent. He’s also been pretty bad this year.
  3. Yeah that’s fair. He’ll have to adapt to that. Lamar has learned to cope.
  4. You may very well be right, but one thing I’m not buying is that the Giants had any kind of blueprint to stop him. He ran for 77 yards and it should have been over 100 if Herbig didn’t have a stupid holding penalty. Hurts and the Eagles beat themselves, there was no great blue print from the Giants. I do think he has showed some development from the pocket, but I agree it may not be enough. He has 5 games left. Let’s see how he does.
  5. I respect that, I’m slightly more optimistic than you but I share a lot of the concerns. As you say, if he can improve and be viable then that really helps the franchise.
  6. I hated the Hurts pick. I was crying out for help on D. But I wasn’t naive enough to think that it was just to give the Eagles a high end back up. Hurts was clearly a plan B and Wentz knew it and reacted really badly to it. I like Hurts, I like the energy he brings to the team, I want him to be the guy, but have serious concerns he isn’t. I want him to have the rest of the season. But if you can’t see that there are posters who are clearly biased against Hurts (I don’t include either of you in this) then I’m not sure what more I can say other than read the last 15 pages of the Wentz thread.
  7. I’m sorry but I don’t believe that. And I’m not saying that’s your view either or that everyone who criticises Hurts is a Wentz fanboy. It’s not just about Wentz. It was the same with Foles when he was traded. There are a lot of people who think Wentz should be the guy here still and whether they admit or not, they will be harsher on Hurts than they should, because they feel that the drafting of Hurts was a major factor in pushing Wentz out.
  8. I disagree with the Wentz part. There is a sizeable minority on this board who wish Wentz was still our QB and that definitely influences their view on Hurts.
  9. This is rubbish. The Giants did an okay job on D, but Hurts would have had over a hundred yards rushing if it wasn’t for another needless Herbig penalty. Eagles beat the Eagles, not the Giants.
  10. I hope not. I can see Minshew beating up on the Jets then people demanding he starts for the rest of the year.
  11. I would definitely be interested, particularly if we could use our second and change (then maybe move down with one of the other firsts.) A stud DE would make such a big difference. As good as Graham is we’ve not had a 10 sack guy for a while. I think this guy could be.
  12. Exactly how I feel. I’m not convinced but there is potential for sure and it’s funny how everyone is jumping off the bandwagon after he has been trending upwards.
  13. Hurts was legitimately bad yesterday, but it wasn’t a silly balance. He’s had games where he has thrown it more and done a lot better. But yes the Eagles are currently a lot better when they focus on the run. But Hurts running and the threat of Hurts running is a big part of that. He had also made strides with his accuracy and pocket movement. He was awful yesterday but people are too quick to say he sucks after a really good run. Let’s see how he responds.
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