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  1. Most mock drafts I saw had Dickerson going mid to late second due to the injury risk. I just don't see the value. As you say there were lots of very good, very highly rated players left on the D at that spot and at positions of extreme need. Could even have traded down 10-12 spots and got that third back if offers were on the table.
  2. Correct - Dickerson could stay healthy for the rest of his career and a previously uninjured college player could get major issues. But quite simply a player who has had many injuries before is more likely to get injured again than a guy with a clean bill of health. Metcalf was a big miss in hindsight, but not picking him may have been the right decision at the time, given his injuries and relative lack of production. Will he be Metcalf or will he be Sidney Jones? Most likely somewhere in between. There is no hard and fast rules with picking players with injuries, but, as time2rock says, there was a lot of defensive talent on the board in the early second. A lot of guys who were rated as first rounders (Moehrig/JOK) and two who were rated high second rounders at by far our biggest position of need.
  3. Yeah they lucked into a great trade back, but I'm hoping the difference between Smith and Toney is so big, they still suffer from it. Howie did great jumping in for Smith.
  4. I actually think Smith will be our primary X receiver unless Fulgham shows a lot in camp/pre-season. He's tiny, but he killed press coverage in college. He was just really good at avoiding contact and if a corner misses jamming him, they are in major trouble. They will move him around a bit as well, but I think he can definitely play the X despite his size.
  5. Honestly - the majority of the EMB would be the current best option for CB2. (I'd expect McPhearson to beat out time2rock by mid-season, but not until then).
  6. Agreed completely. I was so excited when the pick was coming up - so many talented defensive players still on the board. Guess Howie didn't want to keep us happy for too long after the great work with the Smith pick.
  7. Best case scenario is the Super Bowl (nobody thought we had a legitimate shot in 2017 either). It's incredibly unlikely and a lot would need to go right, but it's not beyond belief. This O has top 5 potential. The D is a bit harder to buy being good this year, but if we get good years out of Slay, Cox, Graham etc and a couple of the young guys step up, I guess it's possible they could be above average. As UK says there are a lot unknowns (Hurts and the new coaching staff the most important). I think the most realistic outcome is somewhere between 6-11 and 8-9 - but I wouldn't be surprised if we either totally sucked or were really good.
  8. Schwartz was massively underrated here. I think it was probably time for a change, as he was looking weary and short of ideas in his last year, but he held together this D with minimal talent. 2017 was a really good D (Super Bowl apart). Even with the Super Bowl performance he averages conceding 17 points in the playoffs, which is incredible. That's better than Buddy or JJ in the playoffs. They were both great, but had far more talent to work with. Yes his scheme put pressure on the corners. It also shuts down the run most of the time and cuts off the easy pass. I want Gannan to do well, but it's hard to blitz when you are relying on players like Maddox and Michael Jacquet to hold up in man coverage against elite receivers. He needs more talent.
  9. This could also be titled "Why I had a major issue with the Dickerson pick". Apologies in advance for this rant. I do think Howie takes some unfair abuse for certain things. One thing I don't think he gets enough abuse for is completely ignoring the Defense in the draft. Last 6 years, Howie has used 1 first round pick, 1 second round pick and 1 third round proper pick (Taylor and Douglas were compensatory picks) on the D. That's almost certainly the least anyone has invested in the entire NFL. My concern is not necessarily next year (provided they get somebody at outside corner), we still have Cox, Hargrave, Graham, McLeod, Slay playing pretty well. But none of them will likely be here much longer and there is pretty much no young talent to replace them. I get the Smith pick. Surtain and Horn were both gone and to be fair I think Smith is probably a class above them anyway. He hopefully gives us a number 1 receiver for the next 10 years. But after that the second round pick needed to be on the D. Ideally a corner, but if not why not take the best safety in the draft? That's a need as well. There have been a number of arguments about why Dickerson was the right pick, or why people were okay with it: 1) Dickerson was a first rounder if not for the injuries - great value. That's like saying a wide receiver would be a first rounder if he could catch. The injuries are real. I truly hope Dickerson stays healthy, but some players are just injury prone. Dickerson hasn't finished 4 of the past 5 years due to injury. Maybe he stays healthy, but everything points to more issues down the line. Very few draft experts had Dickerson as a steal due to the injuries. 2) You don't draft for need - take the best player on your board. I agree with this to an extent, but I refer again to the complete lack of players drafted on the D over the past 6 years. Maybe Howie just prefers Offensive players, but at some point, you need to address positions of need. The D needed help and young talent all over. Could have taken Samuel JR or Kelvin Joseph. Both were highly rated. If you don't like them, how about Moehrig or Grant, the top 2 safeties. Or JOK who was rated by most as an impact first rounder. Or Barramore? Surely you can draft one of them over a talented O-Lineman who can't stay healthy. 3) O-Line was a need as well! Yes - we definitely needed to address the interior OL at some point in the draft. Kelce is getting older and could retire soon. Brooks has injury issues. But is the way to back them up drafting a guy who might not be ready until mid-season and who is a huge injury risk? The starting line is pretty good and both Driscoll and Herbig played pretty well last year. Why not draft Kendrick Green or Trey Smith later and let probably our best position coach develop them? 4) You can't address all the Eagles issues at once, we can address the D with our potential 3 firsts next year. That is true, but after being neglected for so long, the Eagles D needed some young talent right now. Our only truly good players are towards the end of their careers/on the decline (Cox/Graham/Slay etc). We have pretty much nothing in terms of young talent on the D. On the other hand the O has lots of young talent. Guards can usually start pretty quickly, so why not take one in a later round and if he doesn't work out, take one earlier next year.
  10. Samuel Jr, Kelvin Joseph and Moehrig will be the main ones as I strongly feel one of them should have been the pick over Dickerson. I also liked Basham and while I wouldn’t have taken him at 37, I would have potentially traded down 10/15 spots to pick up an extra 3rd and drafted him at end of second.
  11. They can clear enough space for a small cap hit on corner. They get 4 million back from Jeffery/Jackson in June. A couple more restructures and they should have up to 5 million if necessary after the draft picks are signed. I agree we probably can't afford Nelson. But all those guys you listed are better than what we have at CB2, including Mills. Even if it is a transition season we need to give Gannan at least a fighting chance of being able to stop teams like Dallas and Arizona and he doesn't have that right now with those corners.
  12. Lol - pretty much agree. I don’t know if they are actually idiots or just pandering to the worst parts of the fan base.
  13. Agreed - I'm not even a huge fan of Singleton, but we have 3 players who we know can at least start in the NFL at LB (and only 2 who will play regularly) and behind them we have a relatively high pick from 2020 who they were always looking at contributing in 2021 rather than last year. It's not good in any way, but we can live with it. Corner is a joke. We have a number 1 CB in Slay, but even Slay is ageing and started to get niggling injuries. After that? Maddox is just flat out bad on the outside. The others should all be lucky to be on a practice squad. McPherson by all accounts wasn't a bad pick in the 4th round, but 4th rounders are usually special team players and depth pieces. You don't throw them into a starting role by default.
  14. I think the Eagles can make it work to sign a CB stop gap who could start without cutting Ertz. A trade is definitely a possibility as well
  15. Caplan is a clown - he's the one who claimed Ertz would definitely be traded by the end of the draft "for sure". With the money freed up by Jeffery and Jackson, I think the Eagles have enough to sign draft picks and afford a corner on a reasonable deal.
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