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  1. I should have qualified. I think that's the case for now. I think if his cases get resolved the Eagles may have interest and are probably hoping he lasts until next year so that they can have a bit of certainty on his cases and a chance to take a look at Hurts. Ultimately Watson puts the Eagles in a big hole in terms of turning over an aging roster and he would be a nightmare, particularly this year under the salary cap.
  2. The recent I thought Lurie might be against it is that he is well known movie producer. With all the Weinstein stuff, I would have thought he would have wanted to stay completely away from making Watson the face of his franchise.
  3. For me these are the right 5, but not necessarily in that order. Vincent was really good for the Eagles for a long period of time. Runyan brought a nastiness and consistency to the team. He didn’t get the pro-bowl recognition because other teams and their fans hated him, but he was really good. Jenkins and Brooks didn’t have quite as long/good spells with the Eagles, but they were both integral to the Super Bowl, so I can understand why you have them ahead.
  4. I agree with pretty much everything you say about this setting us back, but although Howie has a lot of faults, I don't think he's stupid enough to make this deal and if he was, I don't think there is any way Lurie lets him with these allegations still live.
  5. This is why I didn’t agree with giving Wentz that contract. Dude just can’t stay healthy. Also why I didn’t agree with the Dickerson pick in the early second. Just hope we get really lucky with him.
  6. 1 Steven ("Steve") Nelson 2 Anthony Harris 3 Ryan Kerrigan 4 Eric Wilson 5 Nick Foles
  7. Uh oh. And somebody picked him for the first to be mentioned as being "in the best shape of his life"
  8. I have seen nothing concrete from anybody reputable to suggest that the Eagles are doing anything other than monitoring the situation, which they should. They should be monitoring the Aaron Rodgers situation as well. But I've not seen anybody suggesting the Eagles have made a serious offer. I just don't see how you can give up serious draft capital for a guy facing the allegations he is facing (And remember Lurie is big in the media - I just can't see him wanting that headache). Add in our cap situation and our desperate need to restock the D and the move just doesn't make sense for us. I would be truly shocked if we did trade for Watson (at least this year) and would happily eat crow if they did. Plus Hurts might actually be good. And if he is the Eagles are in a great position to surround him with talent and potentially make a last run with our 30 plus players over the next couple of years. No to Watson.
  9. People keep telling me I'm nuts, but I still expect and believe we will get at least a conditional 3rd for Ertz. People are too influenced by some of the Philly hacks who claim we should just release him. He's an asset and we need to treat him as such, not throw him away because our cap is tight or he's a bit unhappy about not getting a new contract.
  10. To be fair on Taylor, he was always projected as a project who probably wouldn't do anything until year 2. I take the general point though. Be interesting to see if the coaching staff do a better job, especially with the likes of Wallace, Reagor and JJAW etc.
  11. Unless there are any trades there are 9 guys I view as locks on the OL. I can't see them keeping more than 10, so this guy would need to beat out Opeta, Juriga and Clark. I think it's likely they find a way to redshirt him. Clark will probably start on PUP as well.
  12. In my view it's between JJAW and Hightower for the last WR spot. Ward is limited but as TB says he is consistent and productive and all of the other receivers are unproven at this level. If I had to predict now, I reckon JJAW gets another chance and they try and stash Hightower on the practice squad. But Ward makes it.
  13. A skills package of Smith, Reagor, Goedert, Ertz and Sanders could be pretty tasty. If we don't get offered at least a conditional 3rd for Ertz, I'm starting the season with him. If he gets back to his 2017-2019 form - he's worth a 3rd at the deadline absolutely.
  14. Yeah, I'm wondering what they would do if they are say 5-7. Wentz is pretty fragile, but if they tell him benching him is to screw the Eagles over, maybe he's on board. The issue is that the Colts D is pretty good, so for the Colts to really struggle, then either Wentz has to suck or be hurt. Either of which puts the first rounder in jeopardy. Best realistic case as you say is probably 15-19 range, but I think the Colts are probably at least a wildcard team. Miami I think have more of a chance to suck. Can't see them getting past the Bills which is good. Hopefully the Pats can also cause them issues after their free agency splurge. I don't think their D will be quite as good this year. As you say a lot depends on Tua. Thanks - yeah agreed, I think in all probability Eagles are somewhere between 6-9 wins. But there is a not totally outlandish route to the Eagles being really good next year. (Note I avoided the JJAW turns into an allpro! Gainwell is the new Barry Sanders! etc). A lot rests on Hurts. I just think some people are writing him off way too quickly.
  15. Honestly, I think Hurts did really well considering the mess of a situation he was put in. He was never meant to be ready in year 1, but gave the offense a jolt and looked like a playmaker. He made some really nice throws at times. He has plenty to work on, but with a more stable line and Devonta Smith, I'm really excited about what Hurts can do and I'm surprised so many Eagles fans have pretty much given up on him already. No to Watson, at least for now. Let's see what Hurts can do.
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