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  1. Nice! What kind of beans did you use?
  2. Phillies up 11-0 right now. I just feel like if when they lose their first two spring training games and you think they are the worst team in baseball, you should at least proclaim them the greatest team to ever play since they are up 11-0 against the vaunted Yankees in game 4 of Spring Training.
  3. Loser. They got owned. Embiid decided they were winning and thats what happened.
  4. I'm surprised you don't watch game 6 over and over again.
  5. Yeah that's pretty much it, its quite simple. I've always used one of these cold brew filter pitcher things but yeah you should be able to just steep them in water for 12-24 hours and then filter it. I guess filtering it could be a pain depending on how you do it. Cold brewing uses an ish ton of beans it seems like compared to other hot brewing methods fyi. Which makes sense since you're making a concentrate. First time I made it I was like holy F this is a lot of beans.
  6. It does. Definitely less acidic and a bit smoother than a typical drip machine brew. How do you make your cold brew?
  7. Tea drinkers are welcome too. I had been drinking this maple tea I bought last time I was in Montreal, it was so good. Unfortunately I have run out and this place does not ship to the US. I tried ordering some maple tea from Vermont but it wasn't even close to as good.
  8. Saw him at Helium in Philly a few years ago, he was quite funny.
  9. So you're saying you dont drink coffee?
  10. To be fair it looks like you get less than 10 seconds to read that. So most of these morons who think everything is banned wont be able to read and comprehend that many words in the allotted time.
  11. I just feel like there's a huge difference between deciding to not spend a week celebrating this specific guy, which seems to be what's actually happening, and the government going door to door and burning all Dr. Seuss books, which is what crazy people think is actually happening.
  12. I'm glad its warming up so outdoor running will be much more enjoyable. Doing this 10k trail race I've done the last few years in two weeks, really looking forward to it. Will just be nice to do something active outside like this. Also I don't mind running without music. I also like running with music too, either kind of works for me for different reasons.
  13. I don't mind starbucks for what it is. For plain coffee though they are terrible. They make good enough espresso drinks but are overpriced. They've kind of become just more of a convenience because there are so many, but given the option of basically any local coffee shop vs starbucks you'll pretty much always be better off quality and price wise with a local place. Also the convenience of being able to do work in a starbucks while travelling pretty much anywhere in North America is nice. It seems Starbucks introduced better coffee than the 7/11, wawa, fast food options to the country but kind of flattened out and now more and more local places are popping up serving very good coffee. I have seen some decent regional coffee chain places while travelling in Canada like Second Cup or Aroma which lie somewhere between SBUX and mom and pop coffee shops. in my opinion.
  14. Went ahead and ordered the Erlita Baca Arce, a bag of the Nicaragua Selva **** Estate, and their Organic Espresso. The free code worked, thanks.
  15. Awesome will do. I like their little bios and the fact that they are meeting and interested in the actual farmers is cool. I like that more money goes directly to these farmers in these countries rather than crazy middlemen.
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