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  1. Honestly can’t believe our 3 point specialist who doesn’t play defense air balled three 3 pointers in the 4th quarter.
  2. I think the difference here is the players who have run the show in the past were actually good and had value.
  3. I think they know. They’re not stupid. They obviously need to have this position publicly though.
  4. Yeah I watched zero preseason coverage so only have last night to go on so far. Anyone see the statement during the flyers game by broadcasters about Ben Simmons?
  5. I thought the content of what she was saying was decent. And her energy was just different than Zumoff. I also felt like maybe her volume was too low or something? Just seemed off, maybe they have to dial it in or something. I dunno, I'm willing to give her a few games until I give a fair reaction.
  6. I didnt even know Dish Network still existed.... I switched to youtube tv from basic cable maybe 6 months ago and it has been amazing.
  7. BirdsFanBill

    The Flu

    I got the flu shot this week. I’ve never had a reaction to one and I get it every year. This year I was def tired and run down next day. I have a 4 month old though and just bought a house so maybe I’m just tired and run down all the time.
  8. Disagree. It brought out Wentz' true colors and accelerated his inevitable decline. If anything, it was the perfect move to expose Wentz and allow us to move on, get value for him and get out of his gigantic contract.
  9. Im certainly not sold on Hurts. But saying after 6 games or whatever that he cant throw deep as well as McNabb, a borderline HOFer, or Michael Vick, one of the strongest throwing arms maybe ever, is kind of crazy.
  10. Is hurts so bad that they refuse to call anything but bubble screens?
  11. Can confirm I was just at PHL airport and I saw Larry Fitzgerald, Brian Urlacher and Lane Johnson so it’s looking pretty good:
  12. Going to put some sort of door over it that matches the wall and doesn’t stick out so much. Still working on ideas. Couldn’t use the original wall covering that was there because the electrician cut open that open more to fit a bigger box when he upgraded the electric service.
  13. Looks like An average game from Ben. Good to see he’s in mid season form with 0 shots taken
  14. Done most of my intensive labor projects at the new house. Completely redid this den. Here’s a before and after. Not bad for a guy who rented the last 10 years and never did anything. Only thing I did not do in this room is install the recessed lighting. Still have some minor things to finish (door threshold, new baseboard trim, new stairs going up to kitchen, cover for electrical box, etc). The wall on the right (not pictured) was a gigantic wall covered in the same dark wood paneling. All painted as well now.
  15. I had fun. Sorry I was so inactive. We had a baby and then bought a house so this totally went even beyond the back burner.
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