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  1. Seriously. You don't "develop" NFL coaches, you develop NFL players. Siri isn't an NFL head coach. Lurie/Howie failure. Next.
  2. Or.... Hurts shortly becomes the #2, Minshew the new #1 test, and one of the #1 picks next year is for.... another freekin QB.
  3. Hurts is going to be on the bench soon. Siri is as guilty as Hurts is as far as this shi_t_t_y offense goes. Siri gets to blame the QB and make a change, then prays his butt off Mr. M can run this pee wee football offense. It's a lose lose situation.
  4. Why Lurie and Howie drafted a QB who clearly isn't an NFL starter is a disgrace. All that damage with Wentz, and now Minshew is looking like he will be starting soon enough. Howie and Lurie are secret lovers.
  5. So, Minshew is now breathing down Hurt's neck, even though Lurie and Howie are at fault for hiring all these idiot coaches, who would bad coaching pee wee football.
  6. I respect your point of view, even though you are wrong. ANY D coord could do better with this group of D players than Gannon is doing.
  7. Siri's new viral trending offense- zero running backs. An all passing offense for 2021 and beeeeeeyyyyooooooonnnnnnddddd!!!!
  8. I am talking about Gannon not knowing what he is doing- at ALL.
  9. Sad, but true. Except if you want an owners attention, that's the only real way.
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