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  1. A lot of this is possible due to Hurts being on a rookie contract. The Eagles loaded up the roster while they have the $$. If Hurts becomes very good this year, it's a win. If he still sucks, they can go look for someone else soon enough. I was hoping they loaded up the roster this year, and not go get a Russell Wilson and blow all that $$. Good, if not great job- by Howie this year.
  2. I called this one a looong time ago. He went to Pittsboig. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/eagles/eagles-losing-andy-weidl-assistant-gm-job-steelers
  3. I have been saying the same thing all over social media. I like how things have gone, but you have to play the games to know if your coaches, players and schemes are good or not. One writer even mentioned a comparison to the Dream Team. NEVER SAY Dream Team- ever.... in Philly. Play the f ing games and let that be the measuring stick. 🏈
  4. Local media is like most media- hype machines. This team made the playoffs and got bounced in round 1. Fine. Improvement this year? Make the playoffs and get past the 1st round. That's improvement. If they go further- like we all want, fine. To to say the Eagles MUST win it all this year is pure BS.
  5. Why a team would trade a cornerstone piece, a player who is becoming a star faster than anyone in the league, is VERY young and would be great for over a decade... is beyond me. Maxey is un-tradable, if one has an ounce of sanity. You always keep a special player. Toby, Thybulle and other- go right ahead. Maxey is a cornerstone to keep building upon and you keep him, no matter what. He is also fearless in the playoffs at this very young age, and THAT is priceless. Not every player is cut out for the playoffs. Maxey is going to thrive in future playoffs. Gotta have that.
  6. C'mon Howie, you know we are on a safety watch.
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