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  1. He is going to want anyone that throws him the ball the most. And that would be the right call. Kid is a baller. I just don't want to feel like the eagles are wasting his talent.
  2. This team is better just by removing Reagor. That and the first round pics and Eagles aren't in a bad position.
  3. Eagles aren't playing great but these calls are really just killing them. This is ridiculous.
  4. the Giants game in my opinion was worse. Jags > Giants
  5. swap Gainwell for Reagor and the eagles will be a better team. Line him up in the slot. Have him do the sweeps (or better yet don't do sweeps).
  6. Wonder if we can get Nick Foles to come and stand on the sideline. Just to rattle the GOAT.
  7. If anyone can't get the game yahoo sports usually has them. It is free but mobile only so you can't cast it. But if using an Android device on tv you can sideload it.
  8. So my son got an Oculus 2 from Santa. Other night I watched a game on it. It was pretty amazing. I just watched ESPN through it. So not like a full VR experience. More like being in a setting and having a movie theater size screen in better than HD quality right in front of you. I am going to watch tonight's meaningless game in VR again since I think it is on ESPN. Just curious if anyone else has been able to do this and what your experience was like? So far only ESPN I can do. I am looking for a way to connect my OTA to the Oculus. I might have found a way but haven't tested it yet.
  9. well apparently what I read was wrong and the NFL can just do whatever they want LOL.
  10. 39td to 11int in Gardner's career. The guy takes care of the football.
  11. apparently if you can't put a team together you forfeit. No more postponing games
  12. WFT keeps adding more and more players to the Covid list. Is this game in jeopardy of being postponed?
  13. Was this posted anywhere else on here? I saw it on the official fb page Roster Move: Eagles have placed WR Quez Watkins and RB Jason Huntley on the Reserve/COVID-19 list.
  14. Wonder if he would be better if he tried to catch the ball with his eyes open
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