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  1. wow wiggling widgets....your intelligence never ceases to amaze me.. Jones wins, Dak burned them up, Hurts padded his stats in 2 games after game was way over.....Ecen Diddinger said the game was over at 30-7, and anything afterwards was "garbage" stats. Oh yes, Smith was supposed to scorch coverage...Has he caught anything long and worthwhile yet, LIKE Chase, but, yet again, Chase has a REAL QB throwing to him 202 total yards by Chase
  2. LET’S CONTINUE THE TOPIC BUT THROW IN DAK ALSO and refrain from put downs. It is SO unbecoming to make future fans read them
  3. Do my posts suck as much as the Birds? How about DAK, AGAIN! Beat Jones BUT Mr Jones did not embarrass himself on TV the way Hurts did vs Dallas. GO BILLS PLEASE more put downs by the almighty enablers. Really think about how FAR our Eagles have to go
  4. WHY in God's name would he want to come to Philly. he has money, probablyly only really wants another ring before retiring, and he ain't gonna get it here......Build a team with draft picks like Dallas did, and then look at QB options...maybe DAK down the road:)
  5. well the Pats record is the same as the eagles, Jones QBR is higher than Hurts, although not great, but his stats are not padded by running a bunch of times each game. And Jones will not get annihilated by the Cowboys like Hurts was...tune in next week.....
  6. Since I get excoriated for starting new topics I will add on here. BUT IS DAK BACK or what!!! Destroyed the Eagles. Is winning and the stats r great. Btw Mac is very consistent. Will be better than Hurts. And I remember people on this site saying wants has more upside than DAK. What a sh$& show in philly
  7. MAC...MAC....MAC. NO I am not defending the HURTS pick....He is NOT the answer...Mac might have been...And U just keep watching the L column getting bigger......Your answer calling people are dbags must stem from a childhood issue....:) seriously enjoy your few wins here and there AND get excited and then get ready for the same old....same old next year....Go Bills!!!!
  8. Game over Now it’s time to pad your stats Hurts so the enablers can say u are the answer. Is Smith. I think the consensus will be in a few more weeks that Smith is too small for NFL. AND Mac was there waiting…And he may not be the next Brady but he will be better than Hurts
  9. Oh really, ‘Smith is this years Jefferson’. Gotta be kidding me. Maybe you meant "Chase”. But then again he has a real QB. SAD SITUATION!!!
  10. Enough now. One of the faults of Hurts was besides not looking around was lack of arm strength. He just doesn’t have a strong arm, plain and simple. He can run like Lamar BUT does not have Lamar’s arm strength. If Lamar will never get the big one, then don’t expect Hurts to take Eagles to the promised land.
  11. MAC JONES Poor Hurts. Take away the 91 yarder and he throws for 100 yards. Where was the Savior-Davonta Shame about Graham. How bad is Brooks injury seriously whether it’s only 2 games in, how can anyone think Hurts is the long term answer.
  12. GO TarHeels.....Another JOKE. WOW STFU is the extent of your vocabulary...Sounds like someone I heard for 4 years, that was also a loser 🙂 Will you be around when Mac Jones has a great game, or will you HIDE in the bunker?
  13. And you guys are all over me for mentioning Mac Jones will be successful, and maybe the Eagles should have drafted him. At least he got a lot of playing time and was good enough for Belichick to name him as a starter. And what did Smith play/ like 5 or 6 snaps. Don't get me wrong I do love the Eagles ever since listening to the 1960 championship game on the radio, but their bad drafting sets me off. Eagles 23, Falcons 17, and Hurts Will have a good game. Smith, I just hope doesn't get broken in half and its on a nice show.
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