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  1. Pretty sure everybody pounding their chests on gun safety have never worked on an action movie where you are getting handed guns, NONE of which are supposed to be loaded, a dozen times over the course of the day while trying to do their job which is, you know, acting. This is ALL on the person who's literal job is to handle those props while a million other things are happening simultaneously on set. But don't worry Baldwin haters, he will get soaked for this on multiple levels, he's a producer for a movie that might not get finished and will be sued through every orifice.
  2. It's pretty incredible that such an old movie still did a handful of things better than this 10/10 masterpiece we have now. I still like Lynch's treatment of the Harkonnen and especially the mentats more.
  3. It's a masterpiece. This is Villanueve's finest work by a mile. It's Zimmer's best work also, i do think it edges out Batman Returns and it was used better than Dunkirk. There are two types of cuck that are complaining: the ones who wimped out and saw it on their silly little TV's at home and the illiterate snowflakes who need instant gratification when subverting the white savior narrative. Both of those people can F off. I saw it on IMAX and can't recommend it enough.
  4. They aren't using him, they won't resign him and his value only going to go down with more invisble games. Ravens get: Sanders & a 6th Eagles get: Ty'son williams & a 4th (Ravens have like 4 of them to choose from) Ty'son has juice and has fallen out of favor in B-More for no apparent reason (yes he does block well)
  5. Oh man, now that I have seen piggy poop balls and can't unsee it; I just might die laughing in the knowledge that Donald Trump right now cannot unsee it either.
  6. Awesome. And its not even a top 20 most embarrassing post from him.
  7. You know its been a while since we had a new conspiracy theory about SOROS-spelled-backwards-is-SOROS. You just KNOW they'll put him back in the rotation by the end of the year.
  8. FFS. See this is how your "rationality" unravels so easily. Pull one thread and the whole shirt combusts into the yarn that it is. The root philosophy laid bare and naked: Trump was right, and the libs were wrong. It's all that matters in this new fangled religion.
  9. Your behavior increases the chances of death of my elderly loved ones, including my mother who is actually allergic to the vaccines. This is the war your side has been clamoring for for years now. it's here and your side is dying 10-1. In war there is no good guys. -The Good guys.
  10. Yes, LET THEM DIE. It's not like WE are killing them. We are giving them the right to commit suicide on their own terms because they have proven beyond any doubt that it's what they really want and are willing to fight for.
  11. Oh F off. Rational has never been a priority for you, it's a fake high ground you run to after exasperating people who are actually rational. The vax has side effects, tthere are people (like my own mother) who have shown allergic reactions to the vax as well. Cool, we can take care of those as lond as the rest of us, MAN UP and take it. people who eat 100 Big Macs a year are hypocrits to be dodging the vax. You are a hypocrite, your rationality is a weak ploy. your concern is fake. All you really care about is "being right from the start" and finding an angle no mater how distorted where dear leader Trump owns the pandemic.
  12. Dude why do you bother? This is the same crowd that said it wasn't serious, the same crowd that to this day leans into stats that make it seem like we are not even in a pandemic that has killed millions world wide. They don't want the vaccine, They don't want lockdowns or even masks! They literally believe in doing nothing to save themselves or help their neighbors from dying even though every corner of the world has reported that 10 of them dying for every vaxed. There is no reasoning, no statistic, no pleading or cojolling. The global economy grinds like grounded ship because people won't vax and they blame it on...entitlements? the green economy? Who gives a F! To hell with these suicide murdering, draft dodging, scorched earth lib owners. Let them die, let their families die, let their friends die, and hopefully when enough of them DIE, we can protect the weak and old and our loved ones as we have been trying to do.
  13. S'kay mate. 10 of you for every 1 of us. You make it more worth it every day.
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