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  1. You can make a case for Pitts and/or the Bama wr's making it to #12. Chase will definitely not be there.
  2. Neither is Henry. They are both very athletic, nice complimentary pieces. But a bunch of complimentary pieces doesn't make a passing game unless you have a really good Qb.
  3. I'm watching it 2nd time through since I only caught spot episodes while wifey binged it the first time. Moira, to me, is the brightest star of a constellation of great characters actors. Her overly dramatic fatalisms are punchline daggers that take me from laughing to howling. And yes absolutely, the 2nd time through really lets you appreciate the fantastic work of supporting characters like Roland and Bob. The back and forth between Levy and Elliot is some of the craftiest comedy tandem work i have ever seen.
  4. Brilliant show. Honestly might be the best sitcom since Married with children.
  5. Best news this offseason for eagles fans. At least Washington will also still suck.
  6. If anything I would take Trubisky over Flacco. Flacco is not like Andy Dalton. Dalton's skills haven't really diminished, the Bengals were simply fed up with his averageness and had a chance to get somebody better. Flacco's skills have diminished. With Eli retired Flacco is now the league least mobile Qb, his big arm is a less big and it's not like he was ever a chessmaster on the gridiron. Trubisky is a young guy with excellent physical tools who is still young enough to grow and can scramble his way to a couple scoring drives in a pinch.
  7. The Football Gods won't allow the whole division to be terrible again.
  8. i got the G-Men at 10/11 wins and the rest at .500 or below.
  9. Yea of little faith. No I'm not. I think the Giants should be disappointed in what they are building as a whole, but this group is about to peak and they are built to win in 2021 more than the rest of division. WFT doesn't have a Qb or much of anything to hang their hat on offensively. The Cowboys O-Line is in worse shape than the Eagles and their defense will be below average at best. Giants have the least projection needs and the most balance. In a weak division they should win 10-11.
  10. I've got a backhanded compliment view on the G-men next year. It really is their division to win, this team is on yr 4 of a rebuild. They have a young Qb with experience, the defense is emerging and hitting it's peak. The arsenal of weapons is pretty damn impressive. The O-Line was awful last year, but with Solder back they really just need a bounce back year from Hernandez to at least be decent. In a division with 3 other teams in full rebuild mode that should be enough for 10-11 wins.
  11. Only way Pitts is worth a pick that high is if you actually think this guy can split out and play X on a significant amount of snaps. It appears the consensus is growing that he can. Would be cool to see him in green just for the Harold Carmichael comparisons
  12. Giants should cruise to an NFc east title in 2021.
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