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  1. Saw the first 3 episodes and its pretty cool. It mirrors the video game a lot so if you played that it will be extra fun.
  2. I'm all in after episode 5. All 4 storylines are interesting, have a mystery to be solved, have amazing sights of Middle earth to behold and at least one character I'm invested in. They all portend to something absolutely huge going on, with maybe the Harfoots and the stranger being the key to it all. The favorite has to be Elrond & Durin though, what a joy they are, even better than the Gimli-Legolas banter of the books and movies (yes the books I said). And those gorgeous set pieces of the first age are just bonkers beautiful, this time with the tree of the Valar and the Balrog. Galadriel v.s. Numenor v.s. Rising Evil. Adar v.s. Arondir. Nori & The Stranger v.s the White Cloaks. Elrond, Durin & the mystery of Mithril. Sauron lurking way in the background as he should be. It started out a bit uneven but this is looking like a roaring success now. Even the maligned script has taken a distinctly more Tolkien turn (episode 5 has a good half dozen lines I could 100% believe were dropped by the pipe smoking master himself) and finally injected consistent humor. And that song. Feel good fantasy at its best.
  3. Chiefs are +5.5 I'm taking: Bucs over Packers Falcons over Seahawks
  4. Everybody please read this to yourselves in a Jim Gaffigan voice.
  5. Yeah its a 2nd or 3rd place team in an average division.
  6. That was a prologue. Time jumps mid season, much less every episode, is pretty whack. Especially when the entire 5 episodes feel like they could have been covered by Littlefinger in 5 minutes with 3 dancing prostitutes in the background.
  7. I don't know who sold you bad acid in college but I hope that person has their comeuppance.
  8. But wait, there's more...the British Crown is in turn run by ...Aliens.
  9. This is the geopolitical equivalent of a shotgun wedding.
  10. Last comment for now, if there is one actor in either show that I think has absolutely slayed it, it has to be Paddy Considine's Viserys. How that man takes a character with so many obvious weaknesses and still emanates such power and dominates every scene is a marvel.
  11. Each show has "won the week" a couple times imo. I've got HoD at about 6.5/10 & RoP at about 7/10 so far. I just think RoP has clearly set up a lot more exciting things to look forward to. Neither show is better than The Witcher yet, but then again neither was the Witcher at this juncture.
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