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  1. To which he could say "hey, I was in on the whole bit. It was all just a goof" They then get to retort with " nah- ah! "
  2. cool, they make ribbed cigars for men now.
  3. Sweet, so we install a track on the field that leads to the end zone, WRs only ?
  4. why does Smith sound like Tommy Davidson circa In Living Color ?
  5. let me finish my coffee or wait for noon and i'll join you with my first sip of cabo wabo.
  6. you are a good mother in law.
  7. she doesn't prefer the knob gobbler to the spring gobbler ??
  8. so did Jim Fixx; and he had an outstanding track record.
  9. i swear, until i checked the account for copizle, that it was e-rock doing a bit. they look like brothers. guessing every east coast team has a fan that looks like e-rock.
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