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  1. What If Jack Black was Tony Stark in an even shi**ier episode. writers are missing the easy way to introduce ANY comic book hero/villain into the MCU.
  2. oldest 35 youngest two are 5 & 2.
  3. do you still go by 'Mrs. Habbershabber' ?
  4. almost turned the trailer off when the first few notes of white rabbit came on, it's what bad to the bone is to middle aged road trips but for movies about someone's mental state.
  5. throw in some Bobby Bird and list is even better.
  6. ^made me think of whatshername on here (sorry, whatsyourname) that was married to the old guy.
  7. You already said it, the school handled it to the full extent. Who are you to exact vengeance? Teach your daughter to be at peace with a final decision. Otherwise she'll never learn to get over Clete Blakeman's bad calls.
  8. UPDATE: my *****ing package (last seen in greensboro, NC) made it back to Hutchins, TX yesterday (south of Dallas) and is now in................HOUSTON. rescheduled delivery date, 9/15.
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