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  1. lol, not with the keystone cop army your country has. 😆 f'ng wannabe power rangers.
  2. next it will be parachute pants. the madness must be stopped.
  3. some folks need to let go of the 80's. its not a good look. although, the styles of the 80's seem to be making a comeback. i just had to have an intervention with my 15yr old after he said he wanted to grow a mullet.
  4. 🤣 the US could literally fart in the wind to wipe out russian forces. their pathetic 3rd world military has been exposed for all to see.
  5. the automatic assumption of a bootlicker. FWIW helmet boy, - im not voting for either if we get the same choices.
  6. others have said he was very negative, a never trump guy.
  7. you are on the level of a flat earther if you still support this pissbucket.
  8. trump deflection 101 - i hardly knew this person.
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