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  1. true, but it's not like he has anything to fall back on in his career. hell, just staying healthy would be a HUGE improvement.
  2. you deal with a few posters here that would be part of the targeted audience. does this surprise you ?
  3. "She will fight a circular saw in a phone book for the good of this country," Moore said, adding that House Democrats "have an AOC, but we have an MTG wow, what a great selling point.
  4. who could in the GOP at this point ? amash left.
  5. easy there gramps. step to me and i'll pull your ball sack up and shove your balls down your throat. oh wait, you would enjoy that.
  6. greene has taken the most punchable face title from eli manning.
  7. that's a bit of a stretch to the subject at hand, but i still had to chuckle.
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