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  1. I heard if you troll Broad Street after midnight the night before flashing several hundred dollar bills you can find a good deal.
  2. I wrote in John Wick for my school board.
  3. I've never had a flu shot and probably never will. Been doing pretty good these past 58 years no reason to change now.
  4. Did the title get cut off or did he not say what 'makes the Eagles special'
  5. I live in the NY viewing area and I can watch the Jet's or the Giant's on regular TV Monday or Thursday whether or not the game is on ESPN or NFL Network.
  6. The theme this week should have been "tackling" instead of "connecting"
  7. Wow, can't believe that. Even when the games where on the NFL Network or ESPN they would still broadcast on the local channel.
  8. Good article, very accurate assessment of the Eagles.
  9. I don't have Amazon so I couldn't watch it. I would imagine in the teams home city it has to be broadcast on regular tv, no?
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