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  1. Not too dangerous. Just that it's a defenseless receiver most likely. There are plenty of hard hits that are still legal and allowed
  2. Defenseless receiver. Didn't make a football move before getting laid out
  3. Says out of stock on my end on target. Thankfully I got one last year lol
  4. There are already people saying to give Hurts a mega deal
  5. Good drive by Browns even though they missed the PAT
  6. Hell of a catch Replay almost made it seem like a push off though
  7. Going to watch the next gen stats broadcast with this one. Not a fan that it's not full screen but maybe it'll grow on me First series from Browns was some odd playcalling lol
  8. I streamed it on the PS5 and it was great. My only complaint was I wish there were separate audio only broadcasts. I didn't care for the dude perfect or stats one because they weren't full screen
  9. I try to remember to click it every day as I also have subscriptions
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