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  1. HE may love Sexton more than Sexton's own mother.
  2. I'm pretty sure Wiggins contact runs through 2023.
  3. Wiseman is kind of worthless to the Sixers except as an overpaid backup or an asset to flip. Is Wiggins negative value with his contract? Probably. Maybe some team thinks that package holds value but it looks like a tall pile of crap to me.
  4. This may be wishful thinking but I hope he has an offer he is willing to accept from one team and is seeing if he can get someone to bite on topping it before finalizing that deal. Again, that's an optimistic view but now that the leaks are coming from both sides, not just from the other teams, I have to think the Sixers wouldn't be talking about hoping to complete a deal today unless they have something they are OK with. That said, they need to get this right in the worst way. If they blow a deal for Ben without adding quality pieces around Joel, you are looking at another rebuild including moving Joel.
  5. I agree with the sentiment but Hinkie used to sell at least one every draft too. I always saw that as an edict coming down from ownership. I figure this is an indicator that Morey has the standing to push back against ownership for this kind of non-sense. It's a good sign on that level.
  6. Miami popping up as even a remotely possible destination for Ben is kind of shocking. I don’t see that unless maybe Joel and Butler are pushing to reunite. Seems terribly unlikely.
  7. Congrats to all the new parents. You may be tired now but just think, if you end up having more kids, you'll eventually look back at this as the old days when things were easier.
  8. It’s back! Now I spend the time between now and then hoping things don’t get so bad it gets cancelled again this year.
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