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  1. Between Rojesterman Farris, Jake Funk, and Cameron Cheeseman, not sure which one I'd bet on for the name HOF
  2. Size wise, yes. DJax is obviously more of a go-route runner. But I'm comparing the two moreso on their frame.
  3. I remember DJax being super tiny coming out of college, maybe a little bigger than Smith. From what I recall, DJax never had an injury history that related to his small frame. It was mostly hamstrings and the groin issue. Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not really worried about Smith's size. As long as the team uses him right, he should be just fine.
  4. Yeboah to the Jets, Bushman to Raiders.
  5. Weird thing I've noticed about this draft - Teams are double and triple dipping into the same positions a little more than usual.
  6. Wait a minute. Camaron Cheeseman and Jake Funk have been drafted. I am so ecstatic.
  7. A man named Camaron Cheeseman has been drafted before Trey Smith and Marvin Wilson.
  8. More like, he'll play as our starting LB'r and get eaten by Chase Claypool.
  9. Brady Breeze is another one of my sleepers. Heat seeking missile, but needs to clean up his tackling in general, but he stuck well in coverage. Kind of needs to be in a zone scheme if he has any chance, though.
  10. We have kick returners left on the board? Don't know much about them.
  11. Marquez Stevenson is another one of these fast as hell receivers that has high upside. Of all the 'John Brown's' out there, this guy really does remind me of John Brown. Could be a decent player some day if he can stay healthy. Literally a guy you just ask to go deep, though.
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