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  1. They've got less deaths per 100K than New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts, so they're doing pretty good if they've achieved herd immunity.
  2. Didn't expect to hear an endorsement for herd immunity, but that's great.
  3. Libertarian supports government mandated vaccination. Shocking!
  4. It's the year 2021 and this dude is pretending not to know what woke means. I think we've identified a potential Munson.
  5. You've got it completely backwards. You're the one lamenting the death of a child rapist (and attempted arsonist) in the Floyd thread, not me.
  6. Don't be jealous. Your biggest internet accomplishment is spiking the football over Elizabeth Warren's DNA test. Like I said, I do alright.
  7. I'm the person that got him to admit he would have sex with a biological man. Yeah, you could say I'm pretty good at the internet.
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