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  1. https://www.wkrn.com/news/pfizer-vaccine-effectiveness-declines-after-4-months-study-says/ Least you got that solid 4 months. Those were good months, I'm sure.
  2. Haha, yeah, I'm just jelly. If I could live without the respect of my wife, family, and friends, I'd probably try the jobless thing myself.
  3. Just make sure you straighten up before she gets home.
  4. Haha, nah, my reply guy is just a mooch who lives off his breadwinner spouse. I just hope his wife sets some boundaries and reduces his internet time.
  5. Does your wife give you chores to do while she's out making a living or are you allowed to post all day in here?
  6. Back on the old boards he was considered a far left wacko. Now you could literally copy and paste his stuff to one of about 10 different posters in here and no one would bat an eye.
  7. Munson coming back and instantly becoming a CVON darling is a perfect analogy for how far left the overton window has shifted.
  8. This Robert Malone dude is the inventor of mRNA vaccines (says that on his twitter bio):
  9. Tucker with a great takedown of a woke general who engages in partisan battles on Twitter. Our military leaders truly are pathetic. Not only are they pigs, they're stupid.
  10. Who is going to send us there? Your elderly ass?
  11. We need answers from the feds. Just how many were involved in the planning and were present at the capitol that day?
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