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  1. lmao liberals and crime demographics discussion. Should be productive and not result in people wetting themselves.
  2. Not many people think it be like that, but it do.
  3. Only around 10% of Americans have gotten the new bivalent booster. So honestly, if you are "up to date" on your shots you are in the extreme minority. On a long enough timeline, everyone is an "anti-vaxxer."
  4. Liberals are disgusting part 1 million:
  5. Piece on Tucker about the clothing company that recently came out as pro pedo:
  6. Yes, we've known the vaccines are completely useless after a short period of time. Thanks for the update, though, Admiral Alzheimer's.
  7. I love how quickly sh**lib narratives have been falling apart recently. They wanted this they them to be a right winger so bad.
  8. I'm stupid because you misunderstood the difference between calling someone a nitwit and saying someone is "acting like a nitwit?" Carry on.
  9. Admiral Alzheimer's didn't say he's acting like a nitwit, nitwit.
  10. CVON is a special corner of the internet where an elderly man experiencing noticeable cognitive decline is comfortable calling the world's richest man and developer of several multi-billion dollar companies a nitwit.
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