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  1. Maybe Tucker was experimenting with crack at the time? Looking for a dealer?
  2. Haha, but it actually was. Ishlibs are just so retarded that if the national media doesn't talk about something, they can't acknowledge it exists.
  3. The laptop was all confirmed.
  4. Good bump, I've been wanting a place to put the Tucker stuff I find on twitter. Hilarious segment with the GOAT and Jesse Kelly, one of my favorite twitter follows: "Whoopi in a pool of marshmallow cream"
  5. So a mother wants to abort her child a day before he due date and you're ok with this. You're sick, dude. The cult you belong to has completely fried your brain.
  6. Sputnik vaccine is better than all American made ones.
  7. Damn, he sounds awful. Wouldn't surprise me if he kicked the bucket soon.
  8. Holy crap. At what point do you realize you're the bad guy. Yikes.
  9. lol at Deagle having a meltdown because mike posted something about Dr. Levine 12 months ago. This is the content I come back for.
  10. Between the awful twist and the hardcore SJW-fest at tribal, this one was tough to watch.
  11. Consequences... https://www.8newsnow.com/news/local-news/woman-threatens-to-shoot-some-white-people-before-arrest/
  12. tldr NOTW wants the US to be remade in the image of the Handmaid's Tale and supports attacks against abortion clinics!
  13. Golf is amazing if you don't take the game so seriously that you can't enjoy it if you suck. Four hours outdoors with the boys drinking beer. I like to enjoy the occasional cigar when I play too. The key is to hit just enough good shots to convince yourself you're making progress or give yourself something to build off of.
  14. Wow, I had no idea the American Heart Association was anti-science. Who knew?
  15. Well, yeah, Biden just lowered it by two cents. Of course everyone is out there living it up!
  16. Man, it's the head kicks to the downed person that really get me. Always with the head kicks.
  17. Did you conduct a survey of who was driving for non-essential purposes while there?
  18. It's literally happening all over the country. Retarded liberals have completely destroyed the criminal justice system in the name of social justice and predictably caused murder rates to explode. I don't really blame the average dem voter because they're too stupid/brainwashed to know any better, but the scumbags they elect are truly evil people.
  19. The twitter thread and ratio on this one is gold, Jerry! Gold! It really is the dumbest cult on the planet. Edit: guess I should have checked the thread first. Worth reposting, though.
  20. My employer is constantly reminding employees to submit their vaccination records for official office re-opening purposes and has released a bunch of statements saying they're reviewing Biden's order and will provide updates when they know more.
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