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  1. I suspect we will see a focus on balanced offenses that utilize the run to set up the pass, both with the Eagles and throughout the NFL. As defenses become lighter and DEs and LBs don’t excel at guarding the edges and having the size to combat the run, OCs will exploit that opportunity. The nature of college ball is we are seeing a proliferation of shorter dual action QBs too. That doesn’t mean that the run will dominate the pass but rather offenses will take what is given. I believe given the diminished quality of defensive players that the Eagles exploited a run, ball control offense as much for the sake of the defense as Hurts. I no way did I see this as a winning record team, much less a playoff team. That doesn’t make me a believer that Hurts suddenly reads defenses and open players, learns pocket discipline and suddenly develops a quick trigger. But this idea he cannot pass or read at all is ludicrous. I fully expect he is the QB for 2022.
  2. I like Marcus Jones as a returner. Don’t really care for him as a CB or receiver (UH had him line up as both). Way too short.
  3. Well, I am a fan of a national marijuana law the Corey Booker and Ron Wyden proposed but I am not sure it can catch (on). I hate spending more resources there but it is probably necessary. Pascal in free agency is a real possibility.
  4. Point noted. I am not selling the virtue of making hard drugs legal (OxyContin already is), but on treating addiction over jailing folks for personal possession. That’s where we seem to differ.
  5. I am not sure that is a safe response. With slow Ss and LBs that struggled in coverage, the logical approach was to play a lot of zone, specifically Cover 2. I think his preference would be to be able to use multiple formats. He needs a bunch of players to get there. I suspect the greatest need in the secondary is at S. Notable that signed or traded for besides Harris, who was probably brought in for his experience with Gannon, are Chachere, Mayden and Vincent. What they all have in common is speed. But at CB, only Gowan has sub 4.5 speed. McPhearson and Nelson are both 4.5 guys. More speed and fluidity, tighter zones and ability to play man. I watch the combine for two things, the OL drills, especially footwork, and the DB drills. What I don’t want is a boundary corner.
  6. Well, I was an executive with one of those mega insurance companies, so I do have a little background in this area. I can assure you the legal department did none of what you suggest. The compliance group was very focused on making sure the underwriters and claim staff were in full compliance with the laws. We were subject to market conduct reviews by the insurance departments in every state we wrote in. No carrier wants to risk its license or a fine doing what you suggest. I am sure you are a fine personal lines agent and at selling the policies. You rely on the underwriters to price the policy. The carrier handles cancellations and nonrenewals, not you. Since you refer to your company, you appear to be what we referred to as a captive agent, meaning you represent one carrier, not unusual in personal lines. A comprehensive coverage is a property coverage. The insurance laws, as I pointed out with the statutes I cited (that is the "junk” you are unwilling to know), are very restrictive as to what allows a carrier to cancel or nonrenew a policy, especially a policy providing property coverage. Simply put, a comprehensive loss is not a basis for nonrenewal or cancellation. Such a claim is not a basis for a rate increase.
  7. I took a college course on Crime and Punishment back in the seventies. Back then we knew that jail or the death penalty really failed as a deterrent and that rehabilitation was practically nonexistent in US prisons. Almost fifty years later, we are still practicing the same failed approaches.
  8. Yet you will drink and smoke cigars, which can be very addictive and even fatal to some. Personal vulnerability to addiction varies on a lot aspects, biological and social. The crack addict may be an excellent father otherwise and the teetotaler could be an awful father. The crack addict has a disease. Making crack possession illegal doesn’t cure that disease. Where did I say I condoned it? What I have said is that treatment and addressing social needs is more effective, fiscally and societally, than jailing the father. Further, the stigma of a criminal record further causes a downward spiral because of work availability, which makes the situation worse. As I pointed out, Portugal discovered that addiction didn’t increase, and ultimately decreased by their model. Ours hasn’t decreased addiction or overdose deaths, to be sure. So you see a "bad father” and a criminal. I see an ill man and a family in need of help, not the burden of a criminal proceeding.
  9. A comprehensive claim is a property claim. The individual states have laws restricting the basis for cancellation or nonrenewal on property coverages. Not quite as simplistic as he suggests. @Bacarty2 If you truly want to get down in the weeds about the fallacies you spouted about cancellation and non renewal, read the following, including the case law citation footnotes from the PA statutes on cancellation and nonrenewal. https://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pacode?file=/secure/pacode/data/031/chapter59/chap59toc.html&d= https://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pacode?file=/secure/pacode/data/031/chapter61/chap61toc.html&d=
  10. Excellent response. So few people understand insurance. Plus, comprehensive insurance is pretty cheap. And it covers everything except collision. Falling objects, windshield (glass for us insurance geeks), animal hits, flooding, theft, windstorm, hail, fire, etc. A no fault coverage where loss doesn’t impact rates. In the US, vehicle thefts in the garaged area don’t impact rates because of FAIR (anti redlining) laws. What does impact rates as far as theft goes is the type of car and anti theft devices on it. Because The McCarran Ferguson Act exempts insurance companies from anti trust prohibitions of sharing loss information (not pricing), there is a boatload of information on types of losses for vehicles makes and models. (Insurance also support the organization that tests automotive safety. Some fascinating information out of that organization.) I see that your straight forward easy to understand answer confused one poster, who does seem easily confused.
  11. His addiction alone causes you to conclude he is a "bad father”. Note that the father is in the home in the example, so not just a reckless pro creator. So the solution for this father and to his addiction is to put him in jail? I don’t advocate the legal manufacture or sale of crack but rather the decriminalization of possession of an amount for personal use. Under the Portugal model, he would go in front of a tribunal of a social worker, a medical professional and a legal professional. The result can be no action,:a fine, medical treatment and/or addressing the social needs. The latter would fit with our crack addicted father and may not take the first time, just like with any addiction. It is compassionate and more fiscally responsible. Legislating morality by making use illegal is treating illness with punishment, which rarely works. The social needs would also address the needs of the family. Over 3/4s of Portugal’s addicts receive care. Less than 50% of the US’s do. Our method isn’t working.
  12. Franklin isn’t much of a watcher of college ball.
  13. He was pretty great. Completely different play than Munchak.
  14. Ignorance showing there on the subject, HE. Neither bonobos nor chimpanzees are monkeys.
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