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  1. ADA is going to present some interesting scenarios. Not vaccinated by choice, probably no protections. Vaccinated but immune compromised? Probably protected and the accommodation is not having to work next to an unvaccinated person. Unvaccinated but have proximity to coworkers or the public raises exposures for health care costs (huge for employers providing assistance with health insurance, sick time etc.) and liability exposures with customers as well as reputation exposure. Just like employers can require greater participation from obese employees and smoker employees. I see absolutely no accommodation for most vaccination refusers in at will positions.
  2. Basically a RS that fumbles too much with a year in the league and out of it last year. JAG.
  3. Dude, 11 on 11 with no contact is half speed at best. When they do that, it’s rarely more than about 10 plays at minicamp or OTAs. 7 on 7s are basically no touch touch football at best. I would argue it misleads both skill players and defensive players because of the separation required and tempts defensive players to be more physical than allowed because they get tired of getting beat. I know none of us will change your mind. I think skill drills teach better and more effective technique and muscle memory, you apparently don’t.
  4. Slay showed up for week two. Didn’t you see the video of him with the QBs or the info he stayed after practice to lend a top CB viewpoint to Smith and Ward or his meet with the media. I think Graham and Cox have earned a break from individual drills.
  5. I wonder if the offensive and defensive schemes are fully developed or if Sirianni and Gannon wanted to confirm some capabilities to determine who fits where in certain plays. I don’t want that interpreted as the Eagles not having a playbook. I just suspect it isn’t fully fleshed out yet. TB is trying for a repeat Super Bowl. The Eagles are probably trying for developing a base scheme this year.
  6. Hard to say. I really expect a balanced offense and there are going to be throws to the backs and tight ends. There are only so many touches to go around. Given recent history with this team around 1,350 yards between the two would be superior. So my response is a >65% catch rate with single digit drops, not yards, catches or TDs. And given the "love” Greg Ward gets in here, maybe a YAC average >2 yards.
  7. Exceptional speed helps a CB but it is overrated and the NFL draft busts are as littered with failed speed DBs as it is with failed speed WRs. Speed and unpenalized chucks and hands in college tend to result in CBs with bad technique. Add stiff hips and slow reactions and the speed CB must rely on catch up speed. If McPearson gives us a Sheldon Brown type of CB instead of a Lito Shepherd, that is a great bookend with Slay. McPherson and Maddox both have better mirror skills than a lot of CBs in the league. (Diggs, for example). I found it interesting that article said nothing about fluidity.
  8. Translation: Fulgham didn’t put the effort in to take the steps necessary to adjust his game and got sent to the bench. He believed his own press clippings. Seems to happen with some NFL players. So he can either take a lesson from it or fall out of the league.
  9. A blind nut finds an acorn. The USMNT has genuinely failed so much, I find it hard to celebrate.
  10. BS. MBA and a PhD in an unrelated subject.
  11. That’s just wrong. Many children don’t get adopted. So the woman pays for her "poor choice” but it takes sperm and an egg to conceive. The bottom line is that the the right to decide as to one’s own body is an unalienable right and preserved to the people under the 10th amendment. Strictly from a cost/benefit analysis, I would rather fund an abortion than 12 years of SNAP, CHIP or education for an unwanted child. I have really tried to stay out of this argument but the ignorance of your statement that plenty of people are looking to adopt is just unbearable to me. It simply isn’t true for all children. Women don’t have a lot of choice on birth control. A pill that adversely affects their health or an IUD which can also cause health issues. So "poor” choices should punish the woman only. That’s so f’in sexist and moronic. I would never condemn my daughter to loss of health or death that can result from female birth control. I bought my son condoms when he and his girlfriend got to a level where it might matter. But condoms break, IUDs fail and passion gets away from you. I did experience a condom breaking with a girlfriend and sweating out the result. If only we had the morning after pill back then. And you should care about a woman’s body as much as your own. You truly lived up to Beast with that post.
  12. Ah, Dorothy Parker. Some of the greatest quips ever. To have sat at the Algonquin Round Table. One of my favorites from Ms. Parker: "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to.”
  13. Lot of football on a string. Wish they had Hurts go through that fumble drill too. Is it crazy that I crave a year where the QB averages less than a fumble a game? With Hurts being 6’ 1” it is good to see they brought in some flyswatter devices.
  14. I think that may be a reflection on backup QBs throughout the league. It is kind of amazing who has longevity as back ups as opposed to who bombed. Fitzmagic is a journeyman too but he has stuck for a long time.
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