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  1. I called this as a loss in my season projection and in my prediction for the score this week. I expected it to be relatively close and it was.
  2. I am sure there was a deep route on each of those. Whether the primary route is speculative but I suspect so.
  3. Overall, I am not surprised by the end result today. I thought that Sirianni called too many deep throws today and not enough intermediate throws. Maybe attacked with the run a bit much. Eagles linebackers aren’t very good. Plenty of back ups and no starters but they held SF more than I expected. If Graham is lost for a long period, that hurts. Dickerson settled down after a rough start. Hopefully though Brooks injury isn’t serious. Where is Kerrigan? Saw more Tarron Jackson than I would have liked.
  4. 49ers get their first third down conversion followed by a two yard run and they are getting their rhythm. Interesting color commentary there.
  5. Dickerson looking like a rookie. Hopefully just butterflies.
  6. In background on second tab. Be sure to like and comment.
  7. He actually got more defensive snaps last week than Tarron Jackson. Interesting that against a running team like the 49ers, they make him inactive.
  8. Watch that communication between Brandon and Jason on that Goedert TD right before the snap.
  9. Heck, Matt. You have been around long enough to know some posters, me included, are invested all the way to the bottom rounds and through UDFA. I suspect some of us thought any inexperienced rugby player would be available in UDFA. So yeah, probably initial disbelief as the pick was made and then immediately researching the why over the next few days.
  10. Frankly, I can’t remember if people still objected to the pick after the first few days. So maybe "everyone” was an overstatement but a bunch did do their homework post draft.
  11. Yes, I do. I don’t think Howie told Sirianni that he was keeping Stoll so he had better play some 13 personnel. Now, do I think Pederson told Howie to draft Goedert, a bit of a gamble considering the team and league he played for? No. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pederson was surprised that in fleshing out the TE depth, Howie went that high for a TE to replace Celek. But they clearly needed a TE that could in line block. They had just won the Super Bowl in part because Celek’s blocking assists hid the huge decrease from Peters to big V. Someone said, why do we need Ward, we have Ertz. Well there is a bit of truth that Ertz is like a slot receiver more than a true TE. I believe after they got Goedert in and he did well in his first camp that Pederson installed some more 12 into the playbook. But Howie or Lurie moving toward 12, nah, I doubt that.
  12. Maybe a bit of disbelief initially that Howie traded up for a big Aussie rugby. Player but then everyone did their homework and concluded if anyone could turn him into a football player it was Stoutland and we saw the tapes of him playing rugby.
  13. Howie wanted to build the offense around 12? Now we have Howie such a control freak that he is designing the offense. I am not a fan of the accountant but that is a bridge too far.
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