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  1. In process of selling a house on Canyon Lake. Grew up in Texas but not going back. Too hot and too many backwards thinking folk for my taste. My sister lived in Bryan for,twenty some od years. Retired to the land of Chip Roy. You really want that? My nuclear family was all there in Texas but as all have passed, no thank you, I’m not going back. Now living in the land of the traitor, Scott Perry, isn’t ideal but at least no mosquitos or burrs. Fetterman seems a legit libertarian rebel. Think I will stick with PA. The Austin I loved died before it was truly born with Sissy’s loss and Molly’s death. Jerry Jeff, Waylon, Guy Clark, Towns Van Zandt all gone and Willie pulling stakes. No place for a Cosmic Cowboy anymore as silicon rules now. Albuquerque is dying too. Maybe Taos?
  2. Watkins? Seems qualified as a late round gem. Maddox? Possibly Driscoll? Gainwell shows promise. Calcaterra would be my guess for this year. I also like poached late round players like Boston Scott and Marcus Epps. UDFAs too. Hitting late and free is always nice.
  3. Targeting settling for an increase but he will want to avoid the NFLPA’s lawsuit. If he gets the target of an indefinite with possibility for reconsideration after a year, when the NFLPA sues, he’ll target that year in negotiations but settle for less. Smartest thing a true arbitrator could do is split the baby but given the kangaroo court nature of the appeal process, it really isn’t a true arbitrator. My guess is the NFLPA, possibly joined by others like the coaches union, argues this isn’t a true arbitration and thus not subject to the US Arbitration Act. Real risk to the NFL. So my guess is Goodell and Watson settle. Watson should open the bidding by offering to accept the six week suspension. Suspect that offer is on the table.
  4. My expectation is Smith has similar numbers as last year, probably over 1,000 yards this year. I expect Brown will have similar numbers. Quez was improving in his route running as the season went on and I hope he takes that next step. If Reagor is really having a good camp as suggested by the beats, I expect he and Quez both see time in the slot but that the Eagles are able to interchange the first four WRs. I expect Pascal to contribute and his number may depend on whether Brown, Quez and Reagor can block. Drops will be an issue as only Smith rarely drops makeable catches. Goedert and some other TE will get some catches and I expect more check downs to RB this year. I pray we see more use of motion. Shane and Nick make the calls so they will determine the distribution.
  5. Right now Hurts is concentrating on Brown because Smtih, Quez, Ward, and Pascal have missed some practice. Pascal is working his way back.
  6. Well, those all HOF WRs and some of the best I ever saw. I remember watching Harrison run a route and commenting that I don’t see how any DB could cover him. His change of direction was unique. But the closest I have seen in recent years was some of Devonta Smith’s moves at Alabama. Agility matters almost as much as hands at WR.
  7. The most successful defense in college ball against the spread type offenses was Gary Patterson’s 4/2/5 which was a modification of Johnson’s 4/3 over. The coverages were interesting with modifications of Cover 2 including one they called Cover Blue. Some great reads on this if you Google. As the spread offenses reacted, Patterson morphed to his 3/3/5. Beast ( @Original Sin ) and I discussed this several times in the old Blog. I suspect that Gannon has some aspects of Patterson’s defenses in his. That’s the combination of a 4/3 alignment (even some Wide 9), a 4i alignment and some 3/3/5 with some almost a 3/2/6 using that kind of hybrid LB/S that Patterson incorporated. An interesting aspect of Patterson’s coverages is they usually started with two high Ss but there was a read response needed by the Ss that include rushing down to support the run defense. We saw a lot of that type of S play last year from Harris and Epps. I think that shows why Wallace struggles in the defense come from. His weakness at Clemson was read and react as he tends to get caught in moving. It may also explain the trade for Vincent and using Scott at S some. I suspect they want a nickel/outside/S hybrid that can swing high. We’ve seen Maddox do that and Vincent did it at LSU. Patterson liked blitzes and I expect Gannon to call more this season. It’s a chess game and with a year and some pieces, it will be interesting what Gannon calls during the season. I expect to see vanilla calls during preseason but alignments on the DL may give some hints. I also expect more movement presnap and at the snap on both defense and offense.
  8. Too cerebral for one poster that always seems confused nowadays but otherwise a lot of likes. Good stuff, Franklin. As one of the better Special Teams pillars, I am curious how special teams play comes into play for you with positions like DB, LB, WR, TE and even OL. You mentioned STs in considering Chachere. (Second most ST snaps last year and seems to be playing well at S in TC).I think that comes into play with the third S as well. I confess, I don’t know much about Tartt’s play on STs. Both Vincent and apparently Scott offer some S versatility. Both can play nickel and outside. I think it is a tossup between them. Scott got the snaps on STs last year. I noted a bit of a surprise on the PS depth chart posted the other day in that Jobe was listed above Gowan. Whoever sticks needs to be able to play STs. McPhearson led the team with ST snaps. Vincent’s speed is attractive at gunner. Curious about how they feel about size. Stoll played up back on KOR and he and JJAW were amongst the leaders in STs snaps from offense. Huntley may be a great KOR but 4th RB is seldom active. If Calcaterra isn’t ready for the season, might JJAW make it as a third TE? (At least until Jackson is ready to go.) I doubt they go with 2. I think Covey making it at 5 as a WR is damaged by Reagor as the #4. I think he makes it to the PS. I would go with Pascal, who plays well on STs and could replace JJAW’s snaps. At LB, Bradley is a solid ST player (Third most snaps). Some LB has to stand up and take Singleton’s snaps and performance on STs. (He actually scored well on STs). Dean? Is this the year Taylor plays STs? I have been disappointed by his lack of ST snaps. (Heck, Jacoby Stevens got more ST snaps last year.). I wonder if the lack of ST snaps is impacting his future. Patrick Johnson played well and a lot on STs. He did seem to get into Gannon’s doghouse although I wonder if that reflected overall disappointment by Gannon at SAM. Kyron Johnson has to beat out Patrick Johnson on STs. Now, I don’t watch the lines that much on STs. I will leave commentary there for folks like you or @justrelax I did note from defense that Tarron Jackson showed up on coverage teams. Ridgeway was playing ST snaps more than I thought although I can’t remember him doing so.
  9. Fant is their LT. Becton is their RT. Are you sure they will want Dillard for RT?
  10. All I have found so far is the games and condensed games. No coaches tape from past years. Really can’t be worse than GamePass, can it?
  11. I can access off my PC in "tablet” mode. Then use a HDMI cable to use my TV as a "monitor”. Now, I rarely watched games live with GamePass so I don’t know if I can stream games live with NFL+. I use it for condensed games a lot but mainly have for the All 22. Rather than use 3 hours to watch the HOF game, for example, I spent 35 minutes watching it.
  12. Last night was a show for the fans. We can’t ignore that aspect. Sure looked like a couple,of Hurts’ runs were RO to freeze the rush on the LT (also shows Dillard’s value at this,point because the LT performance was a bit lacking last night). Eagles were down four Ts last night (Mailata, Dillard, Clark and Toth.) Guess that’s why they resigned Williams. I was encouraged to see Hurts throwing over the middle a few times. I believe some of the snaps in the 7 v 7 and 11 v 11 were defensive snaps to showcase for the fans some diverse looks.
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