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  1. I’m a fan of Armstrong, nice arm. Think he has a shot in NFL.
  2. We should grab another lineman in Rd 3. Getting a little thin along the lines.
  3. He’s a good player. Just doesn’t have the measurable’s. Way better at Georgia then teammate drafted ahead of him.
  4. Picking good players does. Please forward to Howie.
  5. Charles Davis talks in his F’ing sleep.
  6. I’m all for Chandler Jones. Need a dominant pass rusher among other things.
  7. If they draft really good talent stayed by previous poster than it’s on Coaching. My point was maybe we should’ve drafted the guy staring us in the face (JJefferson) that was a Stud but per usual we overthunk it.
  8. And they’re smart enough to draft them, imagine that!
  9. He’s a mid 20’s kid who wanted women to touch his crank. Assault is a strong word. When my girl even touches me these days it stands at attention. Not excusing what he did. But if it only takes 1 first rounder and Hurts for him … sayonara Jalen. We’ll get Watson some help.
  10. What a load of s—-. Like get F’ing real. 4 years later. Move the F___ on.
  11. Wow. Pro-Bowl? Anyone with a body temperature over 90 and/or a heartbeat wanting to play- You’ve made the Pro Bowl. scrap the damn game - nobody cares
  12. Nuke LaLoosh … "in addition he hit the mascot twice, also, new league records”
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