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  1. Goes to show you, mediocre quarterback play can be managed with drafting elite talent surrounding them. Geno mothfing Smith.
  2. He could of ran that in with Reagor and Smith chained to his back.
  3. Why god couldn't you of let us have DK Metcalf. Why!? 😩😥 What did we do to deserve this..
  4. It's not Sirianni's fault this owner basically handed the keys of a Ferrari to a guy that never drove before. Well maybe not Ferrari more of a Prius..
  5. There was reports he got stepped on. Came out for precautionary reasons since it was on his surgically repaired ankle.
  6. Asking himself if he should retire at the end of this game or if he can stand waiting for the season to end.
  7. I've seen all I need to of Hurts. He's not the one, nor is this moron of a coach. Hey Hurts how are you going to flush it when the Fing toilet bowl is overflowing?
  8. For what? To pick talented players for Howie Jeffery and this imbasal of a coach to ruin?
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