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  1. Who would you rather bone? Meg Ryan or Jack Nicholson. RIP Norm
  2. Sames.. played him over Goeddert in my money. But still won all my matchups this week Me and Eagles = CHAMPIONSHIP
  3. I mean I still had to push the button and choose those players brah
  4. We want to go to Ireland next year too. When I say we I mean me and my sisters are trying to convince the hubbies that we should do a big family trip there.
  5. Also take out that mirror and put something more decorative in with a frame around it. That will make a big difference. Actually I’d rip out that entire vanity and replace it with something more updated too - marble top, under mount sink, new faucet - depending on your budget.
  6. crap I’m a bad wife. I always start this thread. Happy Birthday paco Your girls all adore you 💗
  7. You also said he isn’t a creep and was just trying to be cool.. so…
  8. He didn’t "intend” to harass anyone or be a creep - even though he was warned and knew better.. not sure why you are trying to both give him a pass and make him accountable. He IS a creep - guy was groping women’s asses and breasts. Repeatedly. He was making multiple women uncomfortable with constant inappropriate comments and actions. I can’t believe you are minimizing it by saying he was just trying to be cool like wut?
  9. If he had an ounce of decency he wouldn’t have been kissing, groping and harassing women he worked with to begin with. It boggles my mind that some men still do this especially at work.
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