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  1. Maybe Saylor's best explanation ever. Carlson is pretty much stunned finding out that Bitcoin is probably the most important thing happening in the world
  2. I'm not having Hurts throw to him. I want Hurts gone
  3. It's egotistical to not go WR again simply because you've went there so many times recently and missed. It's a massive problem again, and there will be plenty of WRs likely worthy of one of our firsts or early 2nd round pick. I'm not passing on one I like because of recent misses. Also, Hurts can't throw. It's obvious
  4. The big stock market days Bitcoin seems to follow. But that's about it
  5. Our signature wins this season are against Trevor Siemian and the 0-9-1 Lions lol. We're not winning with this level of passing against any team that can actually score
  6. If people think Hurts has been anything better than a below average passer, they're in denial
  7. He can't throw. It's so obvious. People are in denial man
  8. My favorites are Bitcoin and Ethereum still. To me, they are still very very clearly the most likely to succeed. Solana is interesting and works. RUNE is a brilliant idea that still needs time to figure it out but could provide big upside. HEX as a smaller cap play I think is great, its protocol which is basically Proof of Stake Bitcoin is a good idea. And PulseChain when it launches has the most likely chance out of everything I mentioned to 100x still
  9. To date, it still doesn't have a single application. It hasn't even been able to implement smart contracts. That one is truly an idea rather than a working product. Maybe that will change eventually but there's better opportunities right now Many of the big investors I respect don't touch it either
  10. I don't hate Solana at all. It works and is probably gonna make people money and I'm not against anyone investing in it unlike trash like Cardano, Ripple or meme coins. But arguing it's faster and that's where the money is are really poor arguments Solana seems more like a company than a crypto. Which might be fine for many use cases that really don't require any actual level of censorship resistance But again, the actual money is in Ethereum and Ethereum is significantly more decentralized
  11. Both Trump and Hillary hate it. Everyone should be for crypto if they understand it
  12. Ethereum is where the overwhelming majority of the developers are at. I'd expect Ethereum 2.0 at this point to launch and work just fine
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