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  1. Has anyone here had any serious side effects to the vaccine? doubt it but know of people having serious problems after getting covid
  2. Not even 12:30 and I have about 3 more people to block, gonna be a good day
  3. In DC you can smoke crack as mayor and it does not matter
  4. Biden saying more restrictions coming. I hope that means on the unvaxxed
  5. Ok I was wrong this organization is great, they traded for Freddy galvis
  6. Alaso get Hans Crouse, guess that is better
  7. Did I mention this organization is garbage?
  8. Garbage organization Gibson 0-3 and over 7 ERA as of late
  9. You really are an idiot "The study also showed that though declining, the vaccine was 97% effective against severe disease for at least six months. "
  10. My blocked twitter list is getting huge. Great news the vaccine is 99% effective at keeping people out of the hospital, thanks for the info and many of those symptoms were just a cold......wow wow wow
  11. They really should not be given that much time, it is so easy to get the vaccine at Walmart, they have all 3 options
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