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  1. Are the Giants still holding tryouts off the streets for starting offensive linemen?
  2. How about the Browns coach? If they tread water with Mayfield, the Browns may want to see if someone else can get Mayfield and the offense to the next level.
  3. The Big 12 will be adding BYU, Houston, Cininnati, and Central Florida.
  4. It's also why the New England states came close to seceding before the South actually did.
  5. Certainly. I think everyone paid much less in Federal taxes back then. But someone had to pay the biggest share of taxes. Was it the landowners? Was it the merchants? Was it someone else?
  6. There are many components that are so different today than was back then. Politicians are different now than they were then; being a politician was not as much of a lifelong career as it is now. Politicians were more connected with their constituency back then. So maybe compensating slaveowners would've been feasible, because they may have come across them personally in day-to-day activity. Plus, there was no income tax back then, so who paid the most taxes was different. Did slaveowners, who were rich, pay more in taxes than the poor who struggled on the land? Was their share more then than it is now? Industrialization had not taken off completely yet, so you didn't have the very wealthy like the Vanderbilts and Rockefellers and all as well, so large landowners probably were the biggest taxpayers. You can continue on and on down the rabbit hole debating if compensation made sense or not.
  7. Interesting. I wouldn't have expected slaveowners to have been compensated anywhere. But it makes sense given the time, and as Elder alluded to, slaves were legal property until they weren't. As for Elder, I think any suggestion of compensating slaveowners or their descendants is tongue-in-cheek to show how ridiculous and difficult it would be to give reparations for descendants of slaves. A Black man is not going to actually want to give reparations to slaveowners. On another note, Delaware had the largest population of Free Blacks of any state. There were very few slaves in Delaware by the time of the Civil War. I think 90% of Blacks in Delaware were free in 1860.
  8. Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri didn't fight a war against the US
  9. Marzens >>> pumpkin beers
  10. You really need to post the links to articles that you post. Then people can decide how credible of a source it is, for good or bad, or can share it elsewhere if they want.
  11. Disclaimer: the girl in the picture above is NOT the coach. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3381748/sex-scandal-in-the-sec-ole-miss-softball-coach-is-in-hot-water-for-secretly-hooking-up-with-one-of-her-players
  12. When she says "circle back", does she really mean reach around?
  13. My sister suggested the same thing over the weekend. I'm not opposed.
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