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  1. Somewhere around 1996-1997 was terrible. The Sixers were bad enough to get the first pick. The Phillies were in the Desi Relaford and Bobby Estalella era. The Eagles had Bobby Hoying. The lone exception was the Flyers, who got swept in the Stanley Cup Finals.
  2. Are Black people allowed to open up breweries? Or is that appropriation of German or Irish culture? Or how about letting people do what they want? So what if a Black man brews IPAs, or a Hispanic man owns a whiskey distillery, or a White man owns a tequila distillery?
  3. I do curbside at BJ's. It's pretty good, but there are drawbacks. They originally were pretty slow, or if you go when it's crowded, you can wait 15-20 minutes. I've had them bring stuff out in as little as 5 minutes if there aren't too many people waiting. I also will not buy fresh food or food by weight online for curbside pick-up, either. I like picking the fresh stuff out myself, and I like to pick the exact weight. Plus, with the food by weight, they charge a general price up front, so I don't want to play around with possibly paying more than the weight price by getting a smaller item that an employee picked out. I mainly get stuff shipped from other places, like Target, Kohl's, etc. It's almost always free shipping, so why bother even driving somewhere?
  4. I don't have a problem with the first part of what you said, but the bolded part doesn't make sense. They had it before, so why not just show up at his house with a warrant and arrest him before the stop? If they weren't sure when he would be there, then you have to try and get him at another place and/or time. The traffic stop was it. If you need to get him, and he is right there in front of you with that traffic stop, why would you let him go and then try to get him later? What's the point of getting him at all then? What if he committed a violent crime after letting him go from the traffic stop and before getting him at his house?
  5. When you look at a composite from the past 14 months, like you posted, you can see a general month-long trend and say that it's a surge or one of the waves that is referenced. But news sources using "surge" so much gets on my nerves. It's overly simplistic and it's quite frankly shoddy reporting because there is no context connected to it. Plus, it is an emotionally-charged word that can instill fear in people, which may be unintentional, but may also be deliberate on the part of the writer in some instances. "Wave" is a better term to use, just to start off, because it implies the sharp increase in cases, the plateau in cases, and the accompanying decrease in cases until you reach the lull. It is also less emotionally-charged, in my opinion. Better yet, quantifying increases and decreases with some simple numbers, like "cases have gone from x per 100,000 to 3x per 100,000 in the 7-day rolling average" would allow people to process the information rationally. Sorry that you happen to be the one that's getting the rant, since it is just about reporting in general, but it has been bothering me more and more as the months go on. I would've thought that some better context would have been applied by now, since we have more than a year of data and can compare the present with last winter, last fall, last summer, and last spring.
  6. Okay, thanks. This isn't directed at you, but I see "surge" thrown around all the time by the media and scientists, but have yet to see any kind of consensus on when rises in cases are a surge. Is an increase of 1 case per 100,000 people a surge? 10 cases per 100,000? 25? 50? 100? Unless it gets defined, I wish people would use less emotionally-charged words and simply say increase or decrease. Otherwise, people can use emotionally-charged words the other way, and call any type of decrease in cases a "freefall".
  7. The Seed looks like they have some good beers. It looks like they are going the somewhat-pretentious route that Tired Hands blazed. But that doesn't matter if they make good beer.
  8. That defines a "surge"? Or was this just a general comment or for something else?
  9. They are behind in vaccinations, for sure. The same people I know that looked south at us and saw higher case numbers per capita and were glad they were in Canada now wish they were more like the US. I don't know if their cases are surging, though. I don't really know what defines a "surge" in the first place.
  10. I heard from a friend in Toronto that Montreal is going into another lockdown, with an 8 PM curfew, beginning tomorrow. I guess Canada is employing the lockdown-until-no-one-tests-positive strategy.
  11. What about the people that say that they are triggered when they hear "master" used in another context, like if someone has mastered a task? There are some people out there like that, and supposedly they want the word banned entirely.
  12. The one where the woman is trying not to drop her phone and there's that jibberish music gets on my nerves. Also, the Coca Cola commercial with the werewolf girl and goat boy is like nails on a chalkboard.
  13. I got my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this morning. I did not want to wait too long after it became available to anyone 16 & over here in Delaware. I had a chance to schedule an appointment in Dover earlier this week, but it was gone when I went to book it. But I got an appointment today down in Lewes. The jab was a little pinprick, and after the initial penetration of the skin, you don't feel a single thing. I had no side effects for the first 6-7 hours; right now, my arm is sore in the area that I got the shot.
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