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  1. If Doug wants to work again in the NFL as a head coach he has to speak on the new rumor about not talking. If that is true that looks really bad on Doug and Wentz. Wentz will get another job as we can tell but Doug will need to explain this. This looks like Doug lost the locker room. Then you had reports in the last game people being held back from confronting Doug on the sidelines. Sounds like Doug let things get way out of control. I am glad both are gone it is time to move on. Speaking of moving on we need to just move on from anyone with any kind of value. Cox - Johnson - Brooks - Graham - Ertz - Slay - ETC. Pull the band aid off and rip it apart.
  2. I don't care what we gave up to get Wentz and what it costs to move him. I view his era in Philadelphia a success and while it was way shorter than most would have liked it was still a success. If you told me we would trade all those picks and have the biggest cap hit ever for a SB win I would take it 100 times out of 100 without thinking twice. And don't get it twisted Wentz was a major factor as to why the Eagles won that Super Bowl....
  3. I dont think he will succeed regardless. I just dont think he is a QB you build around. So I would rather tear it all down and get assests for everyone we can to speed up the rebuild.
  4. Trade everyone Brooks, Johnson, Graham, Cox, Ertz, Slay anything that can get rid of salary and add picks or young talent. We need to tear this down and build it up before we invest in a QB. Roll with Hurts through the rebuild and then draft a QB when the team is ready.
  5. Interesting to see the player reaction and the trades that following. I imagine we try and break it all down and trade the Vets that supported Wentz.
  6. I was told the big shift in the odds on betting sites didn't matter ????
  7. Seeing how he is now in the AFC and our pick hinges on him I will be paying attention to Indy next year.
  8. Well I am guessing alot of these people are hearing the same whispers that the Vegas odds makers have heard. My guess is deal is done Vegas wouldn't risk those odds for a chance,
  9. A ton of non blue checkmark twitter warriors are claiming Wentz to Colts is done
  10. It has been building up to this all day. With the shift in the betting odds and the whispers on twitter.
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