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  1. Not sure about Vera Tucker but I've heard Slater can play several positions on the O-line. I can maybe see him at 12 but not the Trojan.
  2. Is it even practice though? I always thought it was just working out, doing some running, lifting weights, etc. to get guys in shape. Is there actual coaching, scheming, game planning going on during these voluntary workouts?
  3. BPA......only thing we shouldn't be drafting in the 1st is QB, RB and TE. We can use pretty much anything else. It's really not difficult this year.
  4. There's better things to complain about.....
  5. No big deal. This isnt the 80's and 90's anymore. It's a different era. Most of the players already workout, stay in shape, improve their skills, etc on their own time during the offseason. They don't need voluntary workouts. Most of the teams will be doing the same anyways.
  6. I agree with most of that. I'm hoping Howie has learned from the past few years. We can say all we want about Howie isnt going anywhere and no matter what he does he's Lurie's guy.......bottom line is if he continues to do what he's been doing for another 2-3 years and the team is bad, Lurie will have no choice but to fire him. Not only from the fans but the media will make sure Lurie hears and knows what a terrible job Howie is doing, if the trend continues of course.
  7. I think if Carson plays really well in Indy not many will think this way but it'll look bad on Doug.
  8. Dont forget Lurie told Wentz to fumble at least once a game and hold the ball for as long as you can.
  9. Sorry, I dont believe that at all. I dont think even Howie and Lurie are that stupid.
  10. Just checking..... It's hard for any team to succeed when they're relying on backups especially the O-line. Some of the backup guys showed some promise like Driscoll and Mailaita. Problem is they had so many O-line combinations that they never had any chemistry.
  11. Both are dirty players. Hey....that's a good name for them, The Dirty Duo.
  12. I'm no Howie fan but I'm going to give him a chance to turn things around. They go another couple seasons with a losing record then changes will be made.
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