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  1. Atlanta is right there. They aren't as bad as we thought they were.
  2. Anyone else watching Redzone and the audio keeps cutting out every 15-20 seconds?
  3. I wouldn't give up a 2nd for Watson right now. He isn't worth it.
  4. Eagles played poorly on offense and still made a game out of it. They really need to clean up the penalties. The blocked FG and going for it on 4th neglecting to take the 3 could have tied the game. I hate going for it on 4th especially early in the game. Unless it's 4th and inches take the 3.
  5. His deep ball seems to be good. It's the intermediate, medium throws he struggles with.
  6. How many times we have to go over this. Watson has a no trade clause and he doesn't want to come here. It won't happen.
  7. Try telling that to the people on here who think we should score on every play and never lose a game.
  8. I feel like Shanahan is a little over rated as a HC. Good coach but not a great one. I don't see us winning today's game but it will be a good test to see where they are.
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