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  1. It does frustrate the hell out of you when you see other teams that seem to always hit on WRs like Pittsburgh, NY Giants, Seattle ... and we can’t draft ONE to save our lives.
  2. I think just as much as it was on player development it was partly offensive scheme related and partly Wentz’s inaccuracy and partly the pass blocking of the OL (since they were changing lineup practically every week). I don’t know if the injury thing will improve but hopefully we see improvement in the other 3 areas to allow better WR play.
  3. That's pretty much exactly where I am at too. Ideally we add 2 (maybe 3?) starters in this draft and then another 3 (maybe 4?) starters in next year's draft (considering all the high picks we'll have). And hopefully a few of them pan out to be more than just "adequate" starters ... we really need to start adding pro bowl level talent to this roster.
  4. I suppose that might stop when Howie learns how to draft well. For every person that claims that was a good pick there are a dozen saying it was the wrong move. So feel free to have your opinion.
  5. Or Howie gets cute again and takes someone like Reagor over Jefferson because he is smarter than the average bear.
  6. I’ve almost come to hate watching the draft anymore ... we have these players on our wish lists that we think could really help (and I completely agree that would be a tremendous start to the draft) then watch Howie take Barmore and Cleveland with our first 2 picks and want to toss a brick through the TV.
  7. DJax was signed in 2019 and they did add 3 receivers in last year’s draft. But yeah I get it the talent acquisition (in particular through the draft) has been completely mismanaged.
  8. Point was, I don’t think his wanting to leave was because he was losing faith in the organization. I think it was the other way around and all started when they drafted Hurts ... I think he felt they lost faith in him. And technically he could have made an attempt to force his release by not signing the franchise tag.
  9. If he was having serious doubts about this organization and losing faith he never have should agreed to sign that extension.
  10. At 37 I’m running to the podium to hand in the card.
  11. I wondered about that after posting. I am guessing he’ll go early 20s ... not sure I want to give up what will me needed to move up that far (and doubtful this regime would consider that for a WR). If he fell to late 20s and we could give up minimal draft capital (like our 4th) or use Ertz as a trade chip to move up, then I’d be behind that move.
  12. Marquise Goodwin signs with the Bears. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/04/16/bears-sign-marquise-goodwin-to-a-one-year-deal/ Wasn't sure if I should post ... was he ever really an Eagle?
  13. He's gone ... some of you need to move on. This thread needs to be closed already.
  14. Move up from 12? It is as close to a 100% certainty he’ll be there at 12 as you can get. Heck I’d think we could trade back a few spots and still get him.
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