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  1. Who did we draft after Miller? Oh yeah....our QB of the Future ....Thorton
  2. DT is actually where we have failed complimenting Cox. Jernigan almost helped. Got injured off field. Never worked. Ridgeway traded for. Always injured. Malik payed big bucks for. Bust! Hargrave.....kind of a forced move. Sure didn’t get the bang for the buck. So I’d say DT would have made much more since than Miller.
  3. Our Dline was third in sacks last season. Not sure where you are coming from? It would always be great to have more....but come on
  4. Singleton was MVP of the CFL and won the Grey Cup. He’s just that guy people like you continue to naysay....but he keeps overcoming and proving you wrong!
  5. Yeah he just slipped into those 120 tackles. Much more important to draft Miller and hold on to him instead of a player that showed in 2019 preseason he could play.
  6. Wasn’t Miller on the 53 while Singleton was on the PS? Yeah that’s another reason it was a bad pick. Had to roster him without using him. Missed out on opportunities with others.
  7. We can’t afford to mess around with the cap. I’m also disappointed in Barnett. Mostly been injury related though. But we lower his 10 mil cap hit by extending him. It’s one of the easier moves to make. Brought in his old Dline coach. He needs to improve on the durability. Needs to cutdown on the dumb mistakes. Take his rush to the next level. Like we had at LB with Singleton
  8. But how much opportunity was there for Miller to succeed? Minimal reps that kept him not even dressing on gamedays. Soooooooo many other positions we could have added to the competition at instead.
  9. Michael Bennet was here(that’s who it was) We ranked in the top five in pressuring the QB last season from the Dline
  10. Wasn’t the Seattle pass rusher here as well Barnett is the opposite...EXTEND
  11. Vinny curry, Brandon Graham, Josh Sweat, Derek Barnett still been our guys. Avery is moving to LB.
  12. Let me guess...you call this poem....Rumor Is
  13. Actually we had so many DE there wasn’t room for him to dress. So yeah....the whole idea with that timing was bad. Very low percentage.
  14. Peters is gone. DJax. Gone. Alshon gone. Ertz gone. Howard gone. Those are done deals. Kelce is contemplating retirement. Brooks you could expect to come back dominant. The double big injuries is concerning. Lane has been injured for years now. Really hoping he isn’t washed up. Hoping he gets himself straight now going into this season. If that’s the case he could be good for some years.
  15. Obviously I was correct that picking Miller was dumb.
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