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  1. Reagor chip blocked Bosa on his ass….so nice
  2. If that throw from Hurts out of our own endzone with pressure in his face doesn’t help you realize what Hurts brings to the table….you just a hater.
  3. NCAA doesn’t schedule it the individual schools do.
  4. Pretty huge. Glad for him. Super talented and just getting started I feel. On the other hand….gotta hope for a quality comp pick from losing Barnett….if he’s not traded.
  5. Our OC Steichen called out Bosa and WArner as the gameplan revolving around. Not sure what you can do to combat those two. Warner can do everything. Do you run at him and try to get a blocker like Kelce on him or…run away from him? He’s got the speed and is great in pursuit. He’s not the matchup in the passing game at all. Wonder how much he matches up with Goedert? Definitely change our team not utilizing the TE.
  6. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/ncaa-football/news/bo-jackson-oral-history-auburn-bo-knows/n3252abzyfp1rcon0etddl30
  7. But we could go two CB a S and a LB. Thought it was the plan to bring in Siri to develop our WR. And Gannon is a Secondary expert. Draft and develop those. That way if the coaches are only here a short while we take care of those areas at least developing.
  8. Maybe go for a T. Lane is on the backside now.
  9. I’m expecting this young team to be a little up and down. Media and non hardcore fans always put everything on the QB. But we know the truth is much more complicated. If the coaches have a terrible gameplan…then we’ll get punished. Happens to all coaches. Not too mention the whole rest of the team. But I fully expect us to lay some egg games. We just aren’t that good a team to be looking good every week. Youth also adds to that consistency
  10. Don’t forget Quez. I’m liking that cat.
  11. Maddox already hurt. Can’t be small and wounded. Things just don’t seem to be working out with him.
  12. Problem is they probably go for a rush LB to give 3-4 looks. Not sure that’s best for our bigger picture. If Gannon sticks around for awhile it could be alright. It’s almost like we are semi transitioning from 4-3 to 3-4. Just not sacrificing this season by doing the full switch in one off season. The draft picks you could see leaning towards this thinking. Bradham was a huge addition and transformed the D…for what? Two years there.
  13. Taking one of our stud Dline off for Avery seems dumb. The 3-4 just doesn’t make a ton of sense for this personnel. They really stretching it to force the multiple looks it seems.
  14. Thought Bradley came in and had a pretty good game.
  15. Not sure why you think the two QBs are similar. Eli didn’t run. Jones best asset seems to be him scrambling out of trouble. He rushed for like 95 yards. When did Eli ever run that much? Totally different style guys IMO
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