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  1. The listing by CBS of Corners. Many Eags fans aren’t happy with being snubbed. I’m not sure I can really complain though. Those ten guys are really good corners.
  2. Jalen Ramsey, L.A. Rams Xavien Howard, Miami Dolphins J.C. Jackson, L.A. Chargers Marshon Lattimore, New Orleans Saints Trevon Diggs, Dallas Cowboys Denzel Ward, Cleveland Browns Kenny Moore II, Indianapolis Colts Tre’Davious White, Buffalo Bills A.J. Terrell, Atlanta Falcons Marlon Humphrey, Baltimore Ravens
  3. Allen threw for 2,074 yards with 10 TDs with 12 interceptions his first season
  4. San Diego Zoo is incredible. Polar Bear ate somebody the week after I was there many years ago. Well attacked them…not completely ate them hahaha
  5. Our Oline had some struggles pass blocking but thrived when we unleashed them run blocking. Well that and just experience…along with Lane getting his head straight. Or some fans believe our opponents just got so easy it made our Oline look good.
  6. I do follow. I see your point. Believe they are the best anyway. Hard for anybody to have everything in today’s NFL. A point more fans need to realize.
  7. Those dang running QBs just kill a team though
  8. Still doesn’t explain the dominant defense
  9. Jets drafted Apple Sauce Gardner, WR Wilson arguably the top pass catcher and Jermaine Johnson in the first and still got arguably the best RB Breece Hall in the second. I mean….what a draft for the JETS!
  10. They made some key additions to arguably the most talented team. Drafted RB Cook and CB Elam. Von Miller brought in. AFC East got better though. Miami obviously stepped things up big time expecting to add Brady. Jets have clearly improved.
  11. They averaged 4.8 yards a carry. We averaged 5.0 for comparison.
  12. Can Howell overtake Heinkie for the backup role with Wash? Will Howell play this season?
  13. Buffalo was sixth in rushing last season Sixth in rushing and the best defense….poor QB
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