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  1. They were all there last year when they didn’t win the playoff game. How did contracts stop that? Loaded team. Considered best league wide by many much of last season. Yet your conclusion is they just didn’t have enough talent to win one playoff game? Oh…ok…sure.
  2. McCarthy just pissed ARod off endlessly because he’s so freaking stupid. But most saw Dallas as the best team in the entire league last year at some point. Many power rankings and crap had them tops for more than the first half of the season. But sure they just couldn’t win a playoff game last year because they didn’t have enough talent. Best team in the league….but couldn’t win a single playoff game. Coach completely sucks. Just that obvious. I love it. Him and Garrett been wasting away that franchise fir a long time. Been good for me. Unfortunately even with terrible HC they’ve had a better record than us from 2018 to 2021.
  3. I’ve done it time and time again. Pretty tired of your stupid a** crap now. Persistent name calling and attitude just doesn’t interest me anymore. You just bore me now. Same questions. I answer. Then you go on and on about how I didn’t answer….even though I repeatedly already did. Clearly I did because you’ve been arguing against him ever since. Have a good day.
  4. Again for fifty times. Dallas HC been terrible. They were the best team in the league for a good portion of the season. Yet didn’t win a playoff game. Is that A) because contract writing is so terrible or B) because their HC is terrible. The rest of the world knows this answer. But blame the lack of personnel in Dallas last year for zero postseason victories. They just weren’t good enough to possibly win a single playoff game. All because they stink at contracts.
  5. But your point also,No Mas, is we aren’t going to let any players go this offseason? Our superior contract writing will enable us to keep everybody? Or are we going to lose good players this offseason? Like that crap Dallas team.
  6. So No Mas you are absolute we shouldn’t pay Sanders and should draft a RB in round two. Why couldn’t we have traded back from 19 and drafted that RB this draft?
  7. I’ve done this for both of you now multiple times. If it still hasn’t stick it never will. Oh well. Key was get a top ten pick in 2023 out of the deal. Saints need to close that deal for us.
  8. Wrote a hole list also backing up my belief in the strength of the 2022 draft of all the good choices that fell to round two.
  9. Why have you endlessly attacked me about the S I named then? You know if I never said his name.
  10. They did terrible because they were busy with a good team winning more than us. But we could spend tomorrow’s money better to achieve less wins. That’s seems to be the results I see. They just been held back by terrible HC. Still won more games during that time frame even still. But we have more money now since we dumped Wentz and they are paying Dak. Is that your point?
  11. QBs getting injured. Jerome passing. Reggie leaving as first FA. On and on….I’d what it is….but feels like we’ve gotten more than our fair share of tough breaks. Been hard being a Eagles fan.
  12. So we should have all our top guys hit full contact as much as possible starting in TC, right? Don’t need another jersey for QBs even. It’s just never considered of thought of.
  13. Regular season and postseason are not the same. Need guys to go all out in postseason to win the big games that matter.
  14. A young player that didn’t get but one year of experience in college is just now playing at a much higher level year four being healthy….hmmm shocker. Such a rare concept for guys to improve with experience. He looks real good this year. The rest of our RBs are decent third string level guys.
  15. No idea what point your making. Who ever said execution didn’t matter?
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