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  1. Nothing is written in stone. They still may drop this guy and pick someone also closer to camp.
  2. Very weird. Such a quick release..without any explanation.
  3. I sincerely hope Gannon mentioned a starting CB.
  4. We got nowhere to go..But Up from 2020.
  5. At 1936 Olympics they also did not discuss... just Sports. We need a new section on this board: La La La!!! Nothing but football. Irrelevant of what the masses outside are doing.
  6. These social comments do not belong on TATE. The whole reason why I am here is so I can discuss football and ignore the insanity outside.
  7. It also almost looks Breaking Bad. Mr Heisenberg.
  8. One of the reasons is he was an unknown who played and dominated a weaker CB. After he became a known commodity and D coordinators assigned better coverage..his production was sharply reduced. But now we have a new scheme. Last year's mess is behind us. We have Smith. It is entirely possible that Fulgham can and will step up. He certainly has physical traits.
  9. The only issue with signing Nelson..is he is in high demand and can choose to play for a winning team, given that Eagles are in rebuild. But who knows ??? If He tests the market and Eagles have enough dough to make a deal..Maybe he will choose to go for the money and sign with the Eagles. Eagle fans would welcome him with open arms.
  10. Howie is an actor who plays multiple roles. Forget about relating to him..but instead try to understand his functionality. #1 He is the bagman for the owner #2 He is an enforcer of analytics, and everything that that means..each player time on the field, coaches decisions..etc... #3 He has a trait of the gambler, especially during the draft, preferring high risk and possible higher ceiling to safer bets #4 He is a bully, who intimidates others around him..as in:" I picked this guy... Don't you like him? Why don't like him? ..Do you like him? Do you like him now?...." #5 He has survivability instincts second only to Satan #6 He understands football..but not enough to ever join the best 10 NFL GMs of the decade list #7 He is a mascot, whose job is to fist bump everyone, until unity is achieved #8 LOL
  11. I can make a very long list of players I would have preferred at the top of the second round ahead of Dickerson. Statistically at least several of them may turn out a lot better than Dickerson. But what's the point? The draft is over and we Have Dickerson for good or for bad. I will never understand the dichotomy of using analytics to micromanage players during the season and taking gambling high risks during the draft. Two opposite extremes. Very frustrating. Thanks.
  12. You do not have to have great CB for cover 2. Just play 5 slot Cb and one high safety on every down..and you will make the backfield so dense..you will reduce the opposition to being one sided. I can see Howie's strategy..
  13. Let's not argue about who was the bigger risk. They both were suspects during the draft. Several teams did take Dickerson off their boards for medical reasons. But what bothers me the most is the VALUE. Why take the risk at the top of the second round? If someone can PLEASE explain to me why take a risk at the top of the second round, while you need defensive players and plenty of quality defensive players are available on the board. ?>!?!?!? If this was a selection in the later rounds...Sure I can see the potential outweighing the risk. But at the top of the second...The Value wasted is driving me insane. If this was a 5th round I would be praising the pick. But having such a need at CB and not addressing this need until a 4th round does not make any sense to me.
  14. Injury Reserve list From 2015-2020 : Dickerson 4 out of 5. Metcalf 2 out of 5. I wish Dickerson does recover and plays at a high level. But if I was a GM....and I did miss on Metcalf...I would not be crying about it by taking on an even bigger risk.
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