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  1. Yeah I think they just showed him shooting his machine gun real quick
  2. If I remember he only flashed on the screen during the battle once or twice.
  3. I am a lead chemical operator in a chemical plant.
  4. You are embarrassing yourself at this point. Such a sad little fella you are. But if following me from thread to thread like a little puppy that no one loves gets you through the day, do what you need to do.
  5. Just got a concept2 rower. Very nice smooth machine. Since I moved I stopped going to the gym and started working out at home as I have a lot more space. I have been doing a moderate 20 minutes right after I wake up, and 30 minutes at a more intense pace on Sunday mornings. Going to pick up some kettlebells soon, and along with my TRX, do some HIIT sessions twice a week after work.
  6. I feel you. I wake at 4am every day. By Friday I'm toast. And since I get up so early every day, even on the weekend I cannot sleep in and am up my 6 at the latest.
  7. Now he is doing the old "change the quoted text" trick lol. So when is this site going to start charging anyway? They could make a fortune with content like this.
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