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  1. An arguement could be made that committing crimes in Iraq while at the same time serving in our military actually makes him worse lol.
  2. Question for the military people here. If a Marine receives a "bad conduct discharge", is he still considered a Marine? Tried to look it up but was getting mixed answers.
  3. I'd personally much rather read your posts, laugh at them, and then tell you to STFU.
  4. @matchew88 is the only person on this board who really understands what's going on in this country.
  5. L Dude, you should really post more often over here, at least you get it.
  6. That's just an assumption by you and not in any of her scouting reports.
  7. Everyone who is saying we lost this trade obviously hasn't seen Griners drop step. This Russian clown cant even hit a free throw consistently.
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