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  1. https://thehill.com/homenews/house/578784-anti-trump-republicans-target-mccarthy-scalise-other-high-profile-conservative A coalition of anti-Trump Republicans released a list of GOP lawmakers it plans to target in the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (La.) and other high-profile conservatives.
  2. Yeah we sorted all that out(the Greek God part and everything, it's all good) a little while ago. My bad.
  3. I take a 30mg edible almost every night. It's the one thing I have found that helps my insomnia which I have had my entire life. Every here and there when I know I'm not gonna be busy I will take two or three and put funny ish on the TV and laugh all night.
  4. Never been much of a smoker. I just don't like inhaling smoke of any type. I have actually never put a cigarette in my mouth in my entire life.
  5. That's almost as awesome as a grown man whose favorite two things in life are puppet shows and getting hammered before driving to work.
  6. So I took a second edible, hoping that in an hour or so this shoe conversation we got going on here will get juicy again. If not I'll watch a comedian or something, pass out and start my day early tomorrow. Do they have 10 pairs in stock so I can buy in bulk again?
  7. I said track shoes, not birthday suit.
  8. That's it. F this. I've had enough. Go get your track shoes. Ready? To the corner and back....GO!
  9. Lol. It was a joke along the lines of "try being less poor". Take an edible (I did like an hour ago, and I'm as chill as chill can be) and chill the f out. I thought this entire line of "shoe" conversation was just a bunch of guys F'ing around about nothing.
  10. Doubtful. I stand by what I said, I'd roast you in the 40 wearing slippers and I don't need to "get back into shape". I also don't use age or injury/sickness as an excuse. You can either do it or you can't.
  11. Well honestly they are not meant to be worn all day long every day. I wear mine to run out to the store and crap like that. I might have them on for 2 to 3 hours tops. I wouldn't use them to work in or anything.
  12. Unlikely. My slippers also have memory foam. I'll wear those so you won't look quite as foolish pulling up the rear while I watch and wait for you to finish.
  13. You actually beat the "be less poor" shtick to death (probably because nobody acknowledged your poor attempt at imitation). And I bet I could put those ishy sketchers on right now and absolutely roast you in the 40.
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