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  1. He didnt post that to "get to people". He always posts the most negative perspective possible when it comes to the Eagles and Giants (from an Eagles POV obviously). So he pretty much loses daily in this regard, as do you. I tend to have the opposite POV, and the Giants have been a turd for about the past decade. I win.
  2. Not so much WTF, but a bit interesting. Plus it bumps the thread so definitely worth it.
  3. The power to keep a criminal or mentally ill person from possibly obtaining a gun? Odd take.
  4. Maybe. I tend to hope for the best most times lol.
  5. Same, although I still vote republican a lot down ballot/local, about 50/50.
  6. That looks just like the guy who took home last years World Series of Garage Poker grand prize of 36 dollars.
  7. Just a quick reminder for you, that Ipiggles is not a Trump supporter. 🤣
  8. Far cry from picking which votes to count. But you know that and the Trumplikin you are chooses to ignore it.
  9. This post explains why you are so lonely.
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