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  1. The irony here is I probably have a better job than that loser does. My wife just happens to have made huge career leaps the past 4 or 5 years because she is brilliant and in the pharmaceutical industry (ironically she is currently with a start up making vaccines).
  2. Imagine chanting "blue lives matter" and "back the blue" nonstop for months, then changing your mind because a fat guy who was driven to a Florida exile told you to. Pathetic little people.
  3. Yeah I've been read some of his posts today while out by the pool drinking beer, while my wife toils away in her office to pay for it all. That dude really is an idiot.
  4. I doubt anyone alive actually respects you. I do have a pretty good job. Other than that you are just killing it in here man.
  5. She works from home. Usually she has the place clean before I get home. Kids are on vacation with their grandparents and she cut the lawn last Friday so I wouldn't have to. There are levels to this Kz. I would say one day you will get there, but I really doubt it's gonna happen for you.
  6. He mad. She gives amazing head as well. I just pile up wins daily.
  7. I do whatever I feel like doing because I got it like that. It is nice to have haters though.
  8. Someone is very upset he has no friends and nobody likes him on a message board. F'ing loser.
  9. He is always all over the place with his "the glass is completely smashed" act.
  10. My job already does this. You have to upload your card into our HR system, and then masks no longer required. They do weekly audits in the building to make sure the unvaxxed are still wearing masks. They also have a bonus set up for October so for the plants that hit 70 percent vaxxed, the employees who did get the shots will get a bonus.
  11. It says on my Twitter bio that I invented the act of doing Kzs mom.
  12. Ahh yes. The part where instead of "love thy neighbor" they changed it to "shoot thy neighbor if his politics differ from yours".
  13. I must not have read the part in the second amendment where it says to wave guns in the faces of people who simply knock on your door.
  14. Both of those slogans are nothing more than political devices, and their sheep just trot along in step.
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