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  1. Jerry’s like 79. Taking that much money from old people like that when you know you’re just going to get injured could be seen as elder abuse. Not sure id do that for millions
  2. At least when the trust fund runs out, you could still argue it can pay 70% of what was promised out of current workers paychecks, but eventually I have to imagine our kids will realize how dumb this is and then we really do get 0%
  3. Except not all of it is given to old people. I’ll show you: here give me some of your money and I’ll make sure your old people are taken care of
  4. And all of this to support the idea we should respect the law on classified documents?
  5. Explanations shall be voted on or they are not laws
  6. Well then let’s just make the classified document law be unenforceable
  7. None of that crap you quoted is part of the constitution anyway, but I humored you anyway, so run along
  8. And in DC it’s illegal to steal classified documents. As to Michigan, or any other state, their citizens should be throwing their government out for the stupidity of their laws, but that’s their prerogative, but until then yes those are all laws
  9. And yet here we are, and States aren’t accepting gold and silver coin. You know the framers could have added that the states could accept bank notes as payment
  10. Ok there is one law that’s being broken right now No state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a payment for debts (paraphrase of course) Today, right now, states are making federal reserve paper a tender in the payment of state taxes. This is illegal So until we start following all laws, I will be defending Trump
  11. This is what you’re saying with a different scenario. Today I want to throw one of your family members in jail, and I don’t want to have to make any binding promises that my family members would face the same punishment if they committed the same acts in the future
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