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  1. Why would anyone give up anything for Reagor… people just simply throw out names without thinking
  2. Day 1 of the offseason and we’re talking about crouching… Brees and Wilson are HOFers… Hurts just doesn’t have the arm talent or processing skills to be a franchise QB. Anyone who thinks he does can’t be reasoned with at this point.
  3. #2/#1B WR. As of right now, I believe McLeod is a better player than Watkins.
  4. Yeah it’s best to have a 1A and 1B at WR. The 2017 version of Alshon would be great.
  5. Think of position importance in today’s nfl… WR >>>> Safety
  6. Right now Watkins is #2 and Ward is #3. In a league that gets more and more pass heavy, WR needs to get better.
  7. When you need to pass but have a QB with below average passing ability, you dial up lots of screens
  8. Oh "FYP” so slick. God I hate those. Reagor will be on the roster next season.
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