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  1. Attention all Cheeto enthusiasts. The time is 7:19 on January 22, in the year of our Lord 2021, and Trump is likely crying in a pile of half-eaten big macs, orange goo, and hooker piss. Please be aware that as of this date and for the indefinite future..... BIDEN IS YOUR PRESIDENT
  2. Thank God PA can finally claim a President besides James f***ing Buchanan.
  3. I haven't come to a conclusion. I'm asking for input. The injuries are starting to pile up, but the scoring has generally been there in spite of it. They seemed to fall off kind of early in the playoffs last year, too. It's seemed like most of their woes have be related to defense.
  4. Why do all these alt-right "real men" types always drink like pu$sies?
  5. At least this guy is a tried-and-true offensive mind. When Doug came out of KC, you knew that AR was the real brains behind that scheme. I don't even think Doug did a lot of playcalling when he was there. Really, more than anything, though, I'll be happy just to know that this guy is going to coach Wentz hard. Light a fire under his ass.
  6. True, but I think his point was just that Psaki completely bungled her response and could've at least approached the question more delicately. As a PR person, she essentially has to deflect or downplay, but she did not do so effectively.
  7. Isn't the expression "rub one oooout?" (Can't believe the board censored that)
  8. I'm already sick of these, but I couldn't resist this one...
  9. Yes, but it doesn't seem realistic. They're going to find every video of President Biden on YouTube and erase the dislikes? Stupid if true but it seems outlandish.
  10. Is AV a problem? I was very 'meh' on the hire initially, but did warm up to him over the course of last season. I'm starting to wonder if my initial instincts were correct, though, and we've seen his peak as a good but not great coach who can get you into the playoffs and maybe win a round or two but doesn't have the stuff to take them the distance. It seems like these issues would be more scheme-related since the talent seems to be there.
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