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  1. @we_gotta_believe, with all due respect (and I mean it), didn't I say something along these lines recently about viral evolution in response to vaccinated populations as available resevoirs? I'm not sure if I'm using every term appropriately there, but give me your thoughts on this: Look, I'm not an epidemiologist, but I do understand basic evolutionary biology, and all along, it's seemed pretty obvious to me that, unless you get virtually everyone vaccinated in a quick time frame, you won't be able to snuff the virus out and, in fact, it will evolve to infect the vaccinated. You provided a link to a research article at the time, which I admittedly did not read, but I honestly meant to go back and do so when I had the appropriate time. I don't necessarily agree with the conclusions here, but I do think the hypothesis is correct insofar as we did not vaccinate fast enough. If we had vaccinated larger numbers more rapidly, resistant strains would still have emerged, but their emergence would've been limited/isolated enough to contain the spread. In these circumstances, what we've done is provided both a substantial unvaccinated population along with a substantial vaccinated population, so you get this evolutionary feedback loop that just hastens the development of more virulent variants.
  2. PA surpassed 1,000 cases in the latest numbers released yesterday. It's been over two months since it was that high.
  3. They. Cant. Be. Wrong. About. Anything. Ever. They. Are. Mentally. Weak. Emotionally. Insecure. Children.
  4. I'm with you, but ultimately, I think it will end up in litigation, and SCOTUS would seem to be anything but amenable to it, either in the form of a mandate or legislation. The latter route would probably be the most effective, but it couldn't be passed until 2022 at the earliest.
  5. It's a start, but it will be pretty easy to evade. First of all, if I need to carry that original card anywhere, there needs to be a way for me to quickly replace it in the event it is lost or damaged. As of now, I don't take that thing anywhere and have it locked in a firesafe box, along with my birth certificate, S.S. card, etc. In the event that a photocopy is acceptible, then it becomes way too easy to counterfeit or distribute to unvaccinated people. The only way to make it work is a national registry that can be easily accessed by businesses and employers, which would be a whole other can of worms because, ya know, "muh freedums!!"
  6. For sure, but that is a somewhat nuanced position that is way too complicated for our idiot populace to consume.
  7. These people are completely dug in, and the one thing they fear more than anything is being wrong and admitting fault.
  8. Unvaccinated people are braindead morons who are likely to remain unvaccinated in any circumstance, and they are the main reason why everyone needs to go back to wearing masks in the first place. If the options are "wear a mask to limit the spread" or "protect unvaccinated people's feelings," I'll choose the former. I know what you're trying to say here, but I don't think keeping our masks off is going to do one iota of convincing unvaccinated morons to give up their incredibly stupid positions if they haven't already. It will just encourage the evolution of the virus.
  9. Who knows. Is that the topic of conversation? It seemed like you were more concerned about protecting yourself.
  10. If you're in a business, wear a mask. If you're outdoors and not masked, keep your distance.
  11. I'm usually pretty good about not letting drunks get right up in my grill. It's not too hard, people have just gotten lazy. I'm not sure if that guy was vaccinated or not, but the point I was making was basically that people have let their guard down, and they think that masks or vaccination is a substitute for distancing, but it's not. You should still be distancing whenever possible. I never said anything about "forever," but people have been acting like the pandemic has been over for awhile now.
  12. Yeah, I just saw that, too (I have watched that channel too much today, but BBC News was delayed 'til 11:30, so I was killing time). I thought about you when I heard that, because I guess I missed it the first time. It's totally believable if they were in close quarters. You ever been at a party where someone comes up close and is talking to you really loud right in front of your face, and you think "man, that guy's breath really smelled like alcohol." Well, that's basically how you get COVID. If someone is close enough to you that you're breathing in their breath, it really doesn't take much at all to be infected. That's why social distancing should always be practiced.
  13. Damn, my fantasy football "set it and forget it" posts will never be the same.
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