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  1. Wow, Flyers take it right backs nd score with about 1/2 a second left.
  2. And then Edmonton takes one right back off a pretty slick goal by Barrie. Maybe Hart could've been a little more patient.
  3. NAK makes it 2-0 from behind the net off a misplay by the goaltender.
  4. Nice pickup and wraparound goal by Giroux. He seems to be starting hot.
  5. First game I'm tuning in for this year. Tried to for the last game, but it seems that NBCS Philly isn't streaming on Roku anymore? This one is national on TNT...weird. It'll be a late night.
  6. I doubt they've actually achieved herd immunity. My response was somewhat facetious, but I'm sure that the massive community spread earlier in the year has played a role. The other thing, though, is that it's a warm-weather climate, so you won't see the same kind or degree of seasonal variarion like you would in the Northeast.
  7. When do they release that EHT rye? Need a bottle.
  8. When you ignore all the unnecessary death and suffering...I guess?
  9. Was gonna post this earlier, but now seems like the proper time anyway...f***k Joe Manchin.
  10. Spoiler alert: Their case levels are low because they all got corona.
  11. If you've been following them at all the last couple of years, it's really not that hard to imagine. Murray is insanely talented.
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