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  1. No team would have 3 QB's ranked above all other positions on their board. At 6 at least 3 QBs will be gone, so we take the 4th or 5th best QB? I certainly hope HR is not that stupid.
  2. Some have Pitts as the 2nd best player on the board. He is a phenom and can play either TE or WR. He is a match up nightmare. He should be on the top of their board. Saying that, HR will probably draft a QB and have most of us shaking our head.
  3. Not too many disagree! I would be satisfied if HR just picked someone who makes the pro bowl! ANYONE! Pits seems the best choice though
  4. GB, we are talking Howie Roseman here..... Don't get too caught up in Pitts. lol
  5. Detroit has Hockenson and Hunter Bryant. Bryant was considered one of the best TE's last year but an injury pushed him way back. He caught for over 1200 yards and 5 TD's his last year in college before getting hurt. Hockenson is a solid TE. They need WR's more so Chase would most likely be the choice. My opinion...
  6. Well, Detroit picks after the Eagles, so they do not need a TE. If both Chase and Pitts is there, Detroit would most likely take Chase. That would leave Pitts there and we add a 3rd pick to the pool....
  7. agreed. You need to wait 3-4 years before making any sort of call. Tua only played part of 1 to date...
  8. Could net us a 3rd, but we would probably have to put in a 5th or 6th to make that happen. Still a good deal to just move back a couple spots...
  9. The fact he has Fields at #5 scares me. I certainly hope the Eagles do not draft him. I see a project in the making regarding him. Interesting he had Love ranked 3rd last year and the Packers drafted him late 1st round. This guy is sitting in the perfect spot. Learn for 3 years than maybe either start or get traded.....
  10. This would mean that the Eagles would need solid LB's. No?
  11. I guess it depends if they need a stop gap or a solid starter...... Ertz was hurt last year which will most likely decrease his value, but how much? Who out there as a FA has as much to offer? Rudolph is good, but there are not that many that I know of going on the market. I can name at least 8 teams that need a starter at TE. Besides us there is Arizona, Carolina, Cincinnati, New Orleans, LA Chargers, Seattle and Indy. Pittsburgh has been rumored to be looking at TE also. Ne always is looking for TE's. Houston and Jacksonville could also use one.... Anyway, from what I gather, there are a total of 3 TE's projected to go in the first three rounds. This tells me that there should be allot of interest in Ertz. Now, do all take a back seat and play the waiting game knowing there are going to be allot of competition? Or do they spend a 4th round pick and get the inside track of guarantying him for 3 years or more? I don't know. Anyone who says they do are just speculating.
  12. TE is a real position of need and I was told only like 3 solid prospects in this year's draft. So I imagine allot of teams will go after Kyle. Does not matter too much for Ertz as there are plenty of teams that still need one, including us!
  13. Here is what I have been reading for the most part about Ertz... For the crowd that is sure to say, "Why wouldn’t Indianapolis just wait for Ertz to be released and then sign him?”, that’s a valid question. However, that brings a lot of other factors into the mix. Other teams could swoop in and grab him whereas a trade would ensure the Colts would be able to upgrade at tight end, something they’ve clearly wanted to do. Same could be said about any team that clearly needs a TE, a position that is not big on talent this year in the draft.
  14. 75%? You pick that number out of thin air? I mean I have read allot of articles and Seattle is desperate for a TE. Colts are losing a couple to FA. Both need one. Ertz may have had a bad year, but if you were a GM for either of those teams, you would love to have the upper hand working out a contract to keep him for 3 years. You sure it isn't 50%? What about 40%..? I love how people put an arbitrary percentage on something happening and expect others to believe it as fact.
  15. Well, that is 2 which is good. Plus others may join in as the deadline nears. a 3rd is not out of range. But I feel a 4th is the worst they will do.
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