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  1. I like some of London's skill set, but he's almost too tall. I think he's going to be injury prone in the pro's.
  2. He gets paid a decent penny. I always liked him but he has some injury history and he was a little disappointing this year.
  3. I'm a little torn on receiver. There's quite a few in the draft that would fit on the outside as well as FA. Not sure how rich I want to go with it. I do want a slot upgrade too, whether Kirk, Crowder or a draft pick like Wan'Dale Robinson. If they decide to go FA outside receiver then get me Robinson for the slot.
  4. Love Gordon, I'd take him at 19. Emerson has great size on the outside. Storm Duck? Just fantastic.
  5. Packers released Za'Darius Smith. Would be a solid signing, can play LB and on the line.
  6. I like Tyler Badie as a Scott style back. A couple later guys that aren't mentioned too often I like are Zonovan Knight, D'Vonte Price, Abram Smith. I like James Cook too but he may be a little redundant with Gainwell already here.
  7. I think Cameron Thomas is going to be a great pro
  8. I guess those guys are off. Baldy coming on soon too. DJ thinks we should go for Russel Wilson
  9. Really hope we get one more year. I'm not comfortable using high picks on 2 new o-lineman in the same year. We have enough problems to address.
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