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  1. I like him as a second CB selection if they decide to double dip.
  2. Vera-Tucker will be a stud. Not saying I want him at 12. Though I really don't want to see the G-Men improving their o-line by snagging him. If we want to move back and he is the choice, I won't hate it. As long as he is slid inside to OG. I want the o-line elite and Isaac is simply not elite.
  3. Greg Newsome is anther CB prospect that's in that second tier of CB's who may fit Gannon's defense. Trading back to the late teens or even low 20's for one of these secondary pieces wouldn't be the worst thing while adding more to the armory.
  4. I do feel Lamar needs some better wide receivers. Mark Andrews drops quite a few balls too.
  5. And last year was this front office's "jumping the shark" if you will. It was a strong and pretty deep draft and they may have come out with nill by reaching for Reagor at 21 and then taking a QB in round two when this team had a lot of needs, immediate and upcoming. That move shook the foundation of the organization in other ways as well. I have no faith in this front office with Jeff pulling the strings from up above while using Halaby's spreadsheets of numbers as his driving force and Howie being his overall yes man. I think they may have let the GM answer go in Andrew Berry too. The athletic report did reveal how just about every side they interviewed all came out saying how good he was. Consequently, I really like a lot of the moves the Browns have made the past two years.
  6. I do like Moses. He had a little bit of a down year but was playing through injury. He has all the measurables and intangibles of a top LB. Round 3 would be a no brainer if they don't take one higher. I am intrigued by Divine Diablo as a S/LB type player. But he would be more of a day 3 player to go along with another LB draft selection. But to me, the back 7 is nearly an empty cupboard. I'd have no problem having Divine in there as a smaller developmental piece to a bigger puzzle.
  7. Absolutely agree. I'm not gonna worry about his size, the kid knows ball!!! Could take over our crap pile of a WR room and be the leader on and off the field our receiver room needs. He's no pinky, that's for sure.
  8. Probably some, but I just think Jeff is out of touch. Weidl is the football guy and I can't see Lurie just letting him run the show.
  9. That would be an epic fail and shouldn't come as a surprise. Though I would say it's for Paye as the sleeper no one would want.
  10. In our world and what it should be yes, meanwhile Jeff is all about his ivy league analytical department.
  11. If Jeff is telling him who to take I mean that changes everything. Lurie thinks he's some King Midas drafter. We think it's bad now with Howie, what if Jeff promotes Halaby to GM
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