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  1. If they do which I expect, that one pick isn't nearly enough. Trade that in and try to get a kings ransom or at least a quality bounty back...
  2. And that's why I laugh at everyone banking on the 1st from the Colts this year. Dumb and dumber
  3. Oh god, that would have been bad. I didn't like day two or day three all that much which has been very common year after year now... One of the main reasons why I think the team is void young talent. Hoping Logan is healthy and takes over LG. Hard kid to not like or root for. Still I wouldn't have done that. I like Milton too but again would have went a different route. I wanted more picks on day two and I thought Howie should have continued to be creative to get more picks.
  4. I actually liked this guy coming out a bit. Good size and athleticism, wonder if he moves to LB here... Not much competition at S or LB really so he has a shot.
  5. Been this way since draft night. Zero surprises here. But it's ok, Howie is safe and sound
  6. If Jones sucks so bad and we're so much better, shouldn't we have easily disposed of the Giants in BOTH games last year??? 🧐
  7. And what does Hurts do? Regardless I think the hate for the giants is disguising that they improved in quite a few areas. I think the division is going to surprise many on it's improvement from the Giants, Cowboys and Team.
  8. I also think the giants are being overlooked. Jones who everyone thinks sucks, beat us last year and they improved the team around him pretty drastically. If he sucks, they still will be in good shape in next years draft or FA market with an extra first round draft pick at hand.
  9. Exactly, or they have ammo for next years draft to get a QB on a rookie 5 year deal
  10. Yup, so lets expect them to move him to C... I really want him at G then draft Linderbaum in 2022 for C
  11. Yes sir, that's my thoughts. Keep the feeding the draft pick furnace over the next few years. Build the team in the draft; fix the damn defense, add more to the o-line, get another top exciting WR to compliment Smith...
  12. So they want 5 high quality picks plus 2 players? I'm out on that deal.
  13. I would think you move Cox to a contender in a separate trade. Like you say, Houston wouldn't want Cox, at least I wouldn't think...
  14. I just don't have faith in Reagor at all, it's a pick that will haunt this team for a very long time and deservedly so.
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