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  1. OK got it. Not a contract guy sorry to bother you. I will be off the board while, so that should make you happy.TC all
  2. Receivers(aka pass catchers doing this) Hilton, Reagor, Pitts, Goedert, Ward, Fulgham, Jjaw/Hightower. RB's- Sanders ,Mack, Scott(pick your BU's and /or draftee). Now the pressure is REALLY off to draft a WR and my round 5 picks(Shi Smith or Grimes) fit right in. Tell Howie to email me. I got this. Offense doesn't look so bad now does it?
  3. SO, I trade Ertz for TY before they both are FA's. Pick up Marlon Mack and Hooker. With Pitts and the rest of my mock, we wouldn't be in too bad of shape
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/ty-hilton-seems-to-signal-he-will-be-leaving-colts-in-free-agency/ar-BB1e82jW Nope, same as Ertz lol. He will be soon and it seems they will let him walk like we will Ertz Or we can make a trade now and avoid them both being FA's(as I said before). I'm sure Wentz would love to have his fav target and getting TY(who our new coach knows well and knows how to use him) and drafting Pitts with Reagor would most certainly help our offense
  5. I will, because I am right. I can't help Howie is clueless
  6. Gnats got rid of 2 LB's already Ogletree and now mayo. Wr-Tate gone also. I bet they are targeting Parsons lol
  7. So I had JJ last year and Pitts this year, Ham wanted Reagor(and got him) and maybe Pitts this year. I think we need to roll with Hurts,suck next year,but not as badly lol,then who knows? We need to HIT on these first four picks. IMO that is imperative. IDK that I trust Howie to do it
  8. Oh man, that would be beyond awesome. Need to get that O line to stay on the field in the same order though lol. 14 combos in 16 games isnt gonna work
  9. So, look at the rest of my mock too lol. I knew you guys would come around. Ham actually called him before me, but I am convinced
  10. I also read Siri wants/likes to use more TE sets in his offense. Seems likely Ertz goes away. I think that's a given ,we just don;t know HOW he departs here. Like Goedert fine, but adding Pitts sure turns up the heat on defenses trying to cover them both as he can be played anywhere on the field. SO adding all these little pieces together, Pitts is my "perfect pick". Lets recall last year when I was high on JJ because he could play in/ out. Pitts can not only do that,but play TE as well. hard for me to turn down that kind of weapon. Like I said just an old mans op
  11. You are right Stine, who is the #1 kicker? lol
  12. Pitts outran Calvins times on his pro day workout. How much did they like Calvin in Detroit? Now you wont draft someone better? makes no sense.Take Pitts,trade 1 off(like we should do with Ertz) Lions could take Pitts and STILL get a top flight WR in round 2 or about anywhere else. Say Pitts/ Bateman? That would work fine if I was Detroit yeah I know,sometimes I want to take Howie behind the woodshed lol
  13. BTW, you don't see a talent like Pitts but once every 5-6 years
  14. Interestingly,this is pretty much the last mock I laid out(you haters) lol. I am higher on Pitts than him as I feel with this deep class,there is no need to take a round 1 WR. I laid out 2 suitable WR's in round FIVE,and I'm sure there are more there. I would not trade down,no reason to do it. Adding another pick is always great, but 1 pick is not going to make or break you.More important is to nail the picks you HAVE in my view. That's where Howie fails alot of times
  15. If Detroit passed on Pitts,they are dumber than we are. JMO. The Lions wouldn't love a guy that could give them 2 TE sets plus play him outside also?. This guy is 1 man offensive MOB. he will be in play also if the Jets are stupid enough to pass on a QB at #2, but I'm fairly certain he would make Darnold look good
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