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  1. Rick Snider's Washington @Snide_Remarks Oh Crust Monday, how I've missed you. (Safeties don't count.) No free toppings - you have to chew on crust and like it. LMAO
  2. Yeah it's the 4th 1/4 now and the D just got another stop. Run the ball
  3. Fins up 4 on Buffalo-some good games today
  4. Hurts improved his skills alot. This is what I have wanted to see from him before anointing him. 3 more "prove it" games for me and I will pack my bags and get on the Hurts train Lovin it
  5. Sure, get the runnin game going,move the sticks and kick a FG. I'm not going to ask my offense to quit lol
  6. SO, if this continues like this to the bye, then I would have to say Hurts is our guy, which is what we all wanted to happen. IDK what else you could ask for from Gannon either. Commanders stink, yet this is total domination. I mean this is a sad display from the Wuss,so 3 more games for me to see,but I like what I'm seeing right now
  7. I love that Siri is even getting the kids involved like Calcaterra and Hurts is executing those calls
  8. Apparently other teams watched how we shut down the Vikes cause they are having issues again this week lol
  9. Let's get the running game going the second 1/2
  10. Hurts looks excellent. I am seeing alot of the things I have been wanting to see. Consistent, accurate, passing before running. I'm not getting the game but following on Fantasy sight. We need to keep scoring
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