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  1. Used to be a nice break during the week,but I'm not paying for it Welp they won't have Pitts,so they are really tossing this kid into the fire
  2. Well they have lost 4 of the last 5. They can still contend in their weak division,so why not. Can't do much worse. Set things up for next year with a QB who has a little experience like we did with Hurts
  3. Amazon Prime Video is, once again, the home of "Thursday Night Football." The streaming platform will continue to serve in that role for 11 years, Piss on Amazon
  4. Like these kids for us 1-5 Murphy-Edge-Clemson 1-30 Siaki Ika- DT- Baylor 2-63- Garrett Williams-CB -Syracuse round 3 ???? maybe a S,ROT or RB
  5. Philadelphia Eagles 10-1 · .452 Biggest needs: DB, Edge, DL Week 13 opponent: vs. Titans DP: Philly has an embarrassment of riches, with the first-round pick acquired from the Saints knocking on the door of the top five. The biggest needs for the Eagles are on defense, but it appears they will be in position to select one the best prospects available, regardless of position, in 2023. So they have the same positional needs that we all seem to agree on
  6. Mariota benched. We get to see the new QB(Ridder) from cincy (university of) in ATL. I really liked this kid,let's see what he's got. Falcons are going with the future
  7. These guys make the contracts to overpay, buy the FA players(which are few), trade/lose the top talent they have and run the drafts? This I did not know, learning every day
  8. Watched Jones some. Remember how easily Eli would get rattled and have a crap game? I see the same "deer in headlights" look from him. If we pound him early he just won't be the same QB the rest of the game. He gets down 1 score and panics,starts forcing balls and we can pick those off and make his life even worse HAHAHA. I would like to see another Tenn game with a nice mix of run and pass. Really the first time I saw this offense run full tilt like I wanted. Like you,I don't see anything that can beat us except Bark. We could beat ourselves,but they can't
  9. Not officially. I imagine he tweaked his ankle and they pulled him for further rest and rehab. That is why we got the other 2. Should know more today I would reckon
  10. Just list player 1,player 2 player 3 etc. We don't need 4 page essays on each one,just the players names and how you got the other team to make that trade 1) Dax 2)?????? 3)???? etc.It's not that tough
  11. What does TC have to do with post season? But yeah,they best be ready for full contact the first game of the year because the other team will be ready for it. This is why Kelce made sarcastic fun of it with the bubble wrap over his "safety suit"
  12. Right, in 1 breath you say we need to sit them the rest of the year to avoid injury,then you say we need to play at a "high level" How do you do that with all your star players out? We pay these guys to perform at a high level, that's why they make more than 15.00 an hour. They sign a contract that they will play 17 games, not 12 or 14. The decision to hold players out is made by the coach not you(or me or anyone else) so why not leave that up to the people that get paid to make those calls? You work all year to get your team functioning how you want it,then you want to change those guys out,screw up Hurts chance at an MVP award,drop every top players stats we have on fear they"could" get hurt. They can get hurt on any play in any game.If you are scared of that,then pay them all $15.00 an hour,then it won't worry you if they get hurt. They make humongous amounts of money. They worked many years to get the chance to play in the NFL and you want to cut that off because of some unknown formula that is "one too many snaps" GL with that. This is why we have BU's and a PS?? Injury is part of the game. Nobody is going to cry you a river. Next man up. It' just ridiculous to consider pulling players in week 12 and trying to re-start the "gel process" in week 17
  13. If I draft a RB high expecting 0 TD's in ANY season, I have made the wrong pick. Why is he good THIS year? Here are some hints.1) Less ball hogging by Hurts 2) it's a contract year 3) The Oline is one of the best in the league if not THE best. Scott is solid, he can run through the same holes as Sanders. We feed Sanders to get a return on the investment. What are the snap counts for each RB? I will stick my neck out and say Sanders gets the majority of the touches Hurts doesn't steal from him. How did Blount do when we picked him up on the cheap. Ajayi? Why should we overpay? This O line is arguably better than those were.
  14. I had a post that said "OK we have Dax" now list the rest in that draft and you NEVER did,just random posts all over the place. i asked for a LIST. I dont need background on your interpretations nor your "expertise" Just a damn LIST. So I ask again we have Dax and now LIST the other players and how you go about trading back with all these teams that would just JUMP at the chance to trade up and give up assets. When you 1/2 ass answer a question that doesn't answer the question so ONE MORE TIME- write me a list of the players and how you got the teams to trade with us because they didn't want the player you picked 1) DAX now finish the LIST and I don't want 57 paragraphs. I merely asked for a LIST you can't provide
  15. Your bar for Hurts always was low,we never lowered ours
  16. Point is good bad or otherwise all play calls look bad if they aren't executed.You can't understand that?. You harp on play calling,doesn't matter if you can do the play. So ONCE AGAIN,if Siri calls a bubble screen and it blows up,was it a bad play call or BAD execution??? Can't you have good play calls and bad execution? And really IDK how you cannot understand this as any 5 year old would. mind boggling. The 7 yard scamper at the GL from hurts was due to execution by the Oline. I'm sure we've called that play hundreds of times. if you cannot execute the play you DONT score the TD. IDK how much simpler I can make this??? Do I need to do a football 101 powerpoint presentation? Of course it matters,that was the reason for the TD,not Hurts. It was a standard play call that was executed. Very simple
  17. LMAO HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Foles needs to send his trophy back because Ham could not envision it. Therefore, anyone other than Hurts is not capable of leading one of the top offensive talented teams in the league. Got it
  18. Was Reagor a "no brainer" selection? MS2? We could have called better drafts then(and I had JJ along with 99.9% of everyone else)
  19. How about we move up or down to get the players that fit us?
  20. It's picking the correct players.Obviously(in hindsight) there were better picks than Reagor and Jjaw. You can have 20 picks,if they all suck you gain nothing Well time to cop some Z's TTYL
  21. Jacobs is a much better RB, but his price is too high if that what he wants. If I am paying a RB that much he needs to be 50% of my offense and that's not how we are set up. Hurts can run, he is our best RB. With his rushing ability why would we pay out that kind of money on a RB? Hurts does alot of that dirty work,the QB sneaks etc. Makes no sense to me to overpay there
  22. Why does he need to? He is(supposedly) Kelces replacement? Dean was hurt before the draft(remember,that's why he fell???) Davis is in rotation because we have other guys we are paying? I thought you wanted the studs rested,yet Davis isn't playing enough with an iffy ankle? Yep,but we couldn't execute them
  23. I think Ham will be disappointed in 2023. However due to the great last 2 drafts and off season (and possibly a 3rd),I don't feel the drop off will be as bad as in the past
  24. Football is a game of WARRIORS,not a ballet recital
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