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  1. Absolutely.........but upgrades have a cost and I think they feel that cost may not be worth it based on how they about Epps.
  2. That should not be a qualification for a month to celebrate their hardships. MOH winners sacrificed for the country. LGBT were discriminated against. African-Americans sacrificed for the country AND were discriminated against. LGBT simply don't deserve the have a month set aside for the country to "celebrate". It was Clinton pandering to the LGBT community.....
  3. Frothy rage? Don't be an idiot. Black history month is a legitimate celebration of what Blacks contributed to this country.... their sacrifice, their culture, the fight for freedom in a free country, and how their struggle brought a country back in line to the principles it was founded on. Most of these monthly celebrations celebrate legitimate groups who had large influences and contributions to american history......I'm sorry, but the LGBT community is integrated in many groups, they don't need a "pride" month......they were discriminated against and and had to demand more protections. There are plenty of groups of americans who have experienced some kind of discrimination or hardship. It shouldn't be the point of a month of "celebrating". It was a pandering thing from Clinton. What about "Medal of Honor" winners month, how about Military services month, How about Immigrant month? How about a Teachers month? ...... Or should we go with parts of american society that is overly sensitive and need some pandering.......like "Triggered college kids" month, "Welfare" month, or a "Heterosexual" month?? I'm sorry that you were triggered with your overly sensitive emotions......and had to overreact like a college kid. Calm down......
  4. Yeah, no sh--.....but why the hell should they "celebrate" pride month?? Why the f--- should any military branch celebrate this? It's idiotic.....
  5. I"m not buying that in at the NFL level.....no NFL GM is going to be fooled by fake hype. I just think the eagles think that Epps can do the job.
  6. I think the eagles might be prudent in waiting until the preseason cuts start happening to sign another RB.......
  7. Why would the eagles, who addressed every other area of need, "hype" up Epps if they didn't believe he could be a productive starter? I think the eagles what they saw with Epps development last year and feel he can be the starter. This Jesse Bates talk is media created because he wants a new contract and the media believe the eagles need a safety......so they just started a rumor. The eagles will go to camp to see how Epps plays, and whether or not the backups are sufficient. They may pick up a veteran safety after all the cuts are done. They didn't and won't overpay for a safety.
  8. I think one of the biggest reason to expect the eagles offense to be better is that the defense should be much better. The eagles added a lot of talent on the defensive side and that could lead to better field position and more turnovers. But all of it hinges on Jalen Hurts ability to improve his reads, progressions and delivering the ball. He also has to improve his ability to anticipate the receivers getting open instead of waiting for them to be open......that contributes to him to get happy feet. He has to be able to quickly get to his 3rd and 4th reads if the first 2 aren't there.
  9. The success of the eagles this year, IMO, is how many of these things will occur... 1) Hurts improves his reads and progressions and deliver the ball instead of getting happy feet. 2) How quickly the new guys assimilate in the defense. 3) Major injuries are minimal to key guys. 4) Sirianni and Gannon get better at utilizing the talent at hand. 5) Consistency......of winning at home, beating teams they're "supposed" to beat, no 2-3 game losing streaks
  10. I think Graham returning and Dean being a natural leader that leadership will emerge pretty early. And it may take a few games to get that cohesiveness. But I think, game by game, we'll see the defense improve incrementally.
  11. This tug of war that goes on here is no different than the arseholes in congress. Arguments about guns, whether it's constitutional rights, background checks, accusing whoever disagrees with you, false accusations and labels, and the f--------- political agendas.....No wonder the f------- issue never gets resolved.
  12. I think one thing that is overlooked here is that last year, Hurts had very little preseason work with the WRs. They didn't have OTAs and h didn't play in preseason games. I think he gets a good jump on timing and chemistry with his receivers this year.
  13. Yes, they are contenders......they made the playoffs last year, and did nothing but improve the talent on both offense and defense. Are there questions? Of course, like any other team. Hurts needs to improve, the new guys need to assimilate into their roles, the rookies need to contribute and the coaching staff needs to show they can utilize this talent. But the biggest thing that the eagles need to do is show consistency. If you look at the NFC, the Rams and the Packers are considered the top 2 teams but they are far from unbeatable.
  14. Geez, who wants to see that sh--?
  15. Easy to see how a team, despite having a rabid fan base, can be lousy and not win championships. It all starts at the top.....good ownership who know how to build an organization gets results. Lurie is far and away the one of the best owners in the NFL. When he bought the eagles, they were a lower tier organization. He built the scouting dept, the personnel dept, had the Novacare complex built, got the eagles more involved with the community and being truly dedicated to winning a championship.
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