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  1. I find that hard to believe......They've watched the inconsistencies with this team and the weaknesses. I know we all like to think we know better, but they have enough experienced coaches, scouts, personnel directors and advisors that they know exactly what they need. But because of the power structure, Howie has the final say........and I'm sure he's already made up his mind about Hurts....the question lies in what options Howie will have as to whether he gets another year to prove it or they can get an instant upgrade. Nothing was "exposed" sunday.....we all knew that Hurts still struggles when he has to win it with his arm....we all knew that if the eagles didn't run the ball, they had little chance of winning.and everybody knew Brady would shred the defense. Everybody knew the eagles needed more defensive talent....and WRs.....
  2. I will always preface a comment to a reuben frank article by saying he's one of the worst sportwriters I've ever read....he's an idiot. It shouldn't change his future at all......if the eagles didn't realize he still is very inconsistent by now, why would that game change anything? He did it against the giants for crying out loud. It was one game.....I don't give a f--- if it was a playoff game......there was a lot of blame to go around. If they decide on this one game, then there no better than the old cleveland browns or the NY jets.....QB turnstiles.
  3. If the eagles front office didn't realize what the shortcomings and talent needs of this team was after 17 games, why would a 7th seed loss to the defending super bowl champions make them see it, regardless of the score? Hurts had a terrible game....such is life with a young QB who is still inconsistent and developing. The defense is lacking of talent......basically everywhere and everybody knew it before sunday. Everybody knew the WRs they have aren't enough. The combination of Hurts inaccuracy and Sirianni's reluctance to play anybody but smith, watkins and reagor shed even more light on the problem. Sunday didn't expose any new issues. The idiot media and fans always overreact to one game. The eagles have cap space, a load of good draft picks and trade assets..... If they draft a QB, they need to trade or cut Hurts, go with Minshew and let the kid sit, learn and develop. They need to improve the defense.....and break this idiotic habit of not drafting a LB in the 1st round. Can you imagine Parsons playing here? They need to sign, trade for or draft another WR.......if Ridley is really available and healthy, I would trade a 1st round pick for him....but Atlanta could take something less.
  4. It's funny, writers always love to point out the lack of talent on the eagles defense and then just as quick criticize Gannan for not "maximizing" the talent he has...... Well, which is it? The eagles linebackers are well below average.....and have been for years. Except for Slay, the defensive backs are a mish-mash of late round picks and "1 year show me" free agents. Cox, regardless of the scheme, fell off dramatically this year. Barnett is a bust and Sweat just started to come on. Hargrave played well this year and ended up getting the double teams...the other DT were average. And this writer leaves out Milton Williams, Mailata, Gainwell, Watkins, Driscoll, Dillard, McPhearson among others. Obviously the eagles need to add talent to the defense......so, even with the frustration around here, why not see what Gannan can do with more talent.... .
  5. With this team and front office, who the f---- is the answer? And nobody even knows how to qualify that. The eagles got their arse kicked. Which HIGHLIGHTED the need for more talent on the roster. They have cap space, a load of good draft picks, trade bait......and it all could go to hell if roseman trades for some aging vet or take another project in the draft. John Defilippo is probably going to let go by the bears.......and the eagles should sign him as fast as they can to work with Hurts. As I've aid, Hurts should never have started this year.....he was way too raw......but they did and he made the progress that was expected of a 2nd round QB taken too early who wasn't ready to start. It's idiotic to decide on this one game that he's "not the answer"...... The fact of the matter is that he his passing skills, in all aspects, can get better. But it'll hinge on 3 things: 1) The eagles being willing to give him time. 2) Getting him better coaching 3) Whether Hurts wants to put in that amount of time. Then, after those 3 things have been implemented and put into practice, will anybody know if he is the "answer". If not, the eagles will continue to spin their wheels at QB.
  6. We don't need filibuster reform. And we have far more problems, that POLITICIANS create and exacerbate, than the filibuster. Neither side is interested in "fixing the country"...only how to get in power and then stay in power. So it all revolves around getting or, in more accurate terms, buying votes. All the division in this country has been driven by politicians......racial, economic, societal, etc.......they have put the country in $30 trillion in debt without ANY ACCOUNTABILITY. For God's sakes, in what universe can you drive something into such a financial disaster and not pay consequences? Ever. The housing crisis and COVID should be perfect reasons for reducing the government's power......but we don't demand ANY accountability from them. And the media are just as bad. There is no reform that will "save the country". And do we really need another lip service slogan from poiliticians? People dismiss the Constitution because it represents an obstacle to forcing your ideology onto everybody. When people want to create legislation from a simple majority, in this case, from Kamala Harris casting the deciding vote, that's not a slippery slope, that could be a disaster. If you can't get 10 senators from the other party to buy in, then that legislation is a piece of sh--. The only way to "save the country" is to follow the Constitution, limit terms of politicians, hold them accountable if financial promises from their legislation if it doesn't meet the projections. Every business leader and executive is held to those standards, sh--, we're all held to expectations in our own finances.....time to start holding politicians PERSONALLY accountable. I could go on, but none of this is ever going to happen. The country has been divided way too far on economic and racial lines among others. Blame and labeling are what people think will change others opinions. Honest debate is dead....forcing others to like thinking is by intimidation and namecalling. Look at what is going on with Manchin and Sinema from their own party. The country is swirling down the bowl and waaaaaay too many people are more concerned about their own singular issue. Being american is considered a bad thing by half the population. We're killing the golden goose....We're taking the greatest country in the history of the world and destroying it from the inside....and we're all standing around arguing about winning the midterms......f------- ridiculous.
  7. Keep the filibuster.......if they can't work together, compromise and get pass legislation that is truly good legislation than f--- them.........no legislation should be passed.
  8. Brady is like any other QB when it comes to being rushed.......pressure will make him throw too soon and sometimes off target. The difference with Brady is that he forgets that pressure on the next play.....pressuring him and hitting him lasts for just that play. It's a huge obstacle to overcome when playing Brady.......because that pressure has to remain all game and your back 7 have to have a great game. If I were Gannon, I'd be watching new orleans saints tape against brady the last 2 years......constantly.
  9. Expectations and reality were drastically different this year. Kerrigan and Barnett are a waste of roster spots. With Kerrigan, they were hoping for that one last year of contribution but they really got nothing from the guy. Barnett just never developed.....he was probably at his peak when he was drafted...again, when they picked up his option year, they were hoping to see that potential finally come out......no reason to even consider resigning him. I know Cox was frustrated with the scheme and I doubt he was the only one. But Hargrave has been good, but has drawn more double teams now and Sweat has picked it up. If they're to have any chance in the playoffs, the Dline has to be a lot better than they have. I think Milton Williams will be playing more......they guy is impressive.
  10. Well, I've maintained for a while that something else was wrong with Wentz that year......he was completely different than previous years.....like he completely forgot how to play the position. I've never seen anything like that.....and I don't believe it was because of Hurts and feeling pressure. Yeah, he could have handled that a lot better, but for a guy to fall off so much, so fast, I just can't believe something wasn't wrong with him.
  11. Because Hurts only played 4 games last year in a different offense with a banged up line and a lack of skill players. It's his first full year......lawrence and wilson played the most and they were not very good. Well, it's clear that if you didn't see improvement, you don't know what you're looking at...
  12. No, you play all year to make the playoffs. Getting into the playoffs is hard.......why should a team benefit from a cupcake division or being lucky by having few injuries? It's an unfair advantage that the NFL created byes and then they reseed after each round.....so that team gets all home games, a bye and plays the lowest seeded team. NFL season is long and hard.....no team should get advantage after advantage for best record. Play to get in and play for home field advantage......anything else is tilting the field.
  13. You missed my point......Howie created the problems that plague this team. He played a big part in the breakdown in the Pedersen relationship. He drafted a QB when he had so many other needs.......He created a QB problem when there was none......THEN wentz had a bad year. I wasn't talking about where they are now.....NOBODY expected the QB situation to be what it is. And that story may not be over.....Howie has a sh-- load a picks he just might piss away for another "project" or an aging star while the rest of the team needs has to be filled with later round picks and "prove it" deal veterans. Are you telling me you were happy with the Hurts pick at the time? Did you understand it? And Wentz was coming off ACL in 2018, played up and down, then hurt his back. In 2019 he played pretty well despite a lack of weapons, and got the concussion in the playoffs. Nobody expected that wentz would be so bad in 2020. And Implode? Really? He had a bad game in which the rest of the colts absolutely sucked. You always just blame the QB..... Yeah, Howie got a first for Wentz. He salvaged the mess he created. So what makes you think that things will be different from now on? Pederson won a f------- super bowl and they wouldn't give him more leeway. So why would they do it for Sirianni if he wins anything? And I noticed you ignored the rest of the sh-- that howie created. His drafts before last year, his philosophy on LBs.... Sorry, but Howie got f----- lucky by the wentz trade.....Wentz forced it and howie got lucky. Easy to sit back and give howie credit for that is a stretch. More like Ballard overpaid when he didn't have to.
  14. I defended Howie for a long time but I gave up after he inexplicably drafted Hurts and he seems to have tense relationships with the scouting department. In retrospect, Howie seems to create problems for the team when a clear path is not only recognizable, but available. And I don't understand his team needs priorities......His clusterf---- with the QBs, the reaches he's taken in the draft, the idiotic undervaluation of LBs, and, from what we've heard, as his dismissal of his coaches opinions when it comes to drafts and FAs...... I guess he's had a better year this year......but every offseason, it feels like he's about to do things that add more drama than talent.
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