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  1. A few of us on here have. I don't see anything really special out of Hightower. He's a poor man's Torrey Smith with less wiggle...a very poor man. Smith, Reagor, Fulgham, Watkins, Ward are the top 5 with Smith and Reagor being the 100% locks followed by Watkins Fulgham and Ward as near locks. Hightower, JJAW, Ausbon and Walker (the new guy) are fighting for WR6 if they decide to keep 6. WR6 needs to be a ST guy. I wonder what Ausbon would offer on ST. He's a bigger WR with a bit of a mean streak in him.
  2. Thank you for typing this. I think a lot of guys on here see trades proposed and think we just want to get rid of players just to do so. Half the fun of being on this board is to discuss different scenarios and things that could be done to improve the Eagles.
  3. Of course but let's not act like we had a great blocking tight end in Ertz for the last 7 or so years. I also wasn't saying bring in Njoku instead of Goedert...however, if Goedert wants $10-12 million and Njoku can be had for $7-8 million then you have some thinking to do. Again, there are so many scenarios that can play out and I like to spitball ideas on different ways to construct the team. We all have different ways of thinking. Right now, given the salary cap issues the Eagles are facing and continue to face, I don't think paying top tight end money is a smart thing to do. Last year, as TE3 with 4 starts, Dick Rod had 24 catches for 345 yards and 2 TDs on a $900k contract. He filled in for Ertz and Goedert when both were injured and did a fine job. Of course he's not the answer but just looking at his production when called upon. Let's also look at the WR factor. Ertz WAS the focal point and was a volume TE. Is DG expected to be the same type? I don't think so. We have a young WR group that has pretty good potential so the tight end won't have to be the main target. I just feel that spending top TE money is a luxury and you can get very solid TE production by mid-round and FA's. Spend FA money wisely.
  4. I'm basing that purely on his potential. Last year he was bad, no denying that. I still like his upside.. Also, of those I bolded, I should have said they are better or on the same tier as DG. The argument was that DG is a top 10 TE. I just don't think he is. Of the young FA TE this year I think Mark Andrews is the cream of the crop followed by Gesicki and then the rest, including DG are all on the same talent level just offering different things.
  5. what take is that? That DG isn't worth the money?
  6. The following are all FA after this season. Not including the older vets in Ertz, Gronk and Graham. -Mark Andrews -Mike Gesicki -Eric Ebron -David NJoku -Gerald Everett -Evan Engram -Hayden Hurst -OJ Howard That's 8 tight ends who are available next season who are either better or on par with Dallas Goedert and the roughly the same age. Then you have the true top tight ends: -Travis Kelce -George Kittle -Darren Waller -Hunter Henry -Jonnu Smith Followed by up and coming: -Robert Tonyan -Kyle Pitts -TJ Hockenson -Logan Thomas Bolded are players I believe are better than DG. Dallas Goedert hasn't proven a thing yet. The biggest play he's made was the one that got called back against Dallas. I like Goedert, he's one of the few young talented players we have but I think he's also been severely overrated. I don't want to sign him to a massive contract at all.
  7. You aren't reading what I typed. I don't want Maddox and Singleton back. However, if they leave then you need CB2 and a starting LB.
  8. The remaining starters BG- 34 $9 million cap hit Cox- 31 with $23 million cap hit Hargrave- 29 $18 million cap hit Slay - 31 $22 million cap hit 4 starters (3 over 30) eating up $72 million
  9. I'm not underestimating the importance of a good tight end. I also know that the Eagles did very well with the likes of Chad Lewis and Brent Celek. I'm not putting those players as individuals as higher priorities but they all have roles on this team that have to either be replaced or re-signed with increases in pay. If you lose Sweat and Barnett then you're stuck with 34 year old BG at DE and nothing else. Losing Ward and Fulgham would mean your 3rd and 4th WR are gone. Singleton and Maddox are starters on defense. Again, not saying I want them back but if they go, then you need to replace them. This team is still facing a serious uphill battle.
  10. I wrote a big post about TE about a week ago mentioning just this. I think Mark Andrews sets the market. He's so important for Lamar Jackson. Goedert holds every ounce of leverage right now against the Eagles. They really have dug themselves a hole at TE. This all started when they drafted Goedert and continued when Howie overplayed his cards with an Ertz trade.
  11. I hear what you're saying and sure that's a better position but I don't think it's the best way to go. Goedert is getting $10 million/year. The Eagles don't have the luxury of paying top tight end dollars when they still have so many other issues with the roster. The following players all need new contracts after this season and are looking to play big roles in 2021. Not that I want them all back but this list includes. Mailata Sweat Barnett Maddox Fulgham Singleton Ward Even if you bring back all of those guys you still need: CB2 and maybe even CB1 (Slay is going to be 31 with next to nothing as far as young talent) Safety, maybe 2 DE DT QB2 Then you have to consider Miles Sanders. I don't think they let him walk, rather I see them giving him a fair market deal and then in 2022 you have Hurts in year 3....probably looking to lock him up if he shows he's a capable starter.
  12. Welcome aboard. Next years TE FA class is absolutely stacked too. I can see TE salaries going through the roof. DG isn't going to be worth the contract he wants and the Eagles well in better cap shape will still have limited funds and holes to fill and more important players to extend. They've already put themselves in that position. The TE cupboard is bare.
  13. I have no issues with Dick Rod but I agree with you. I think they missed the boat in not adding a tight end in the draft. I'm going to be following Kenny Yeboah, who signed with the Jets. I thought he was a 4th rounder. Word is he's been shining at Jets camp. I honestly have no interest in franchising Goedert or paying him the market rate for a top tight end but they have to now.
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