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  1. yea, it was bad this year.... at this point just give us a bobo yeti mug
  2. Happy Halloween, get this beer of you love chocolate and stout... also, many at the bar were doing carbombs with this and peanut butter whiskey
  3. Season ticket holders were allowed to purchase today... just snagged two for the ravens.... anyone else going?
  4. Total Wine Namaans Road.... my "im over the bridge so F it im going to total wine to stock up tax free" stop then hit the circle K across the street for some POLAR POP ACTION
  5. Right now draftkings has a opt-in bet going for this Thursday Night Chiefs Titans game..... Basically the Chiefts have to lose by 100 points... max $50 bet Draftkings is in a marketing push to get market share over fanduel and barstool who will be launching their sports betting app soon. NO-BRAINER ODDS Kansas City (+101) vs. Houston WAS: -10000 (Win $0.50 on a $50 bet) NOW: -110 (Win $45.45 on a $50 bet) Claim a NO-BRAINER ODDS BOOST FROM -10000 TO -110 for KC to lose by less than 101 points or win in Week 1! That's a $50 bet to win $45. https://sportsbook.draftkings.com/r/sb/scrapplejoe/US-SB
  6. Good seeing this... It's like the Flyers playing JVR because of his contract and seniority over a young player who is much much better.... at least the eagles understand that to win, the best has to be on the field. Yes, JVR sucks, I am mad that he played yesterday.... garbage player.
  7. PA Gov, NJ Gov can go suck it... Vote them out asap... Oh, Mayor and Krasner as well... get out get out get out
  8. I went after the show aired, good joint but not the best.... take my advice, light onions.... or else
  9. I didn't opt out, and I hope its me and like 500 other people in the stands... its gonna be a good time.
  10. If they allow it, where is everyone headed this year?
  11. I will be attending, hell, ill sign a waiver stating nobody but myself is at fault.. Fly Eagles Fly.
  12. I do not run the tailgate, my buddy does... $30 all you can drink and eat.... located in Wells Fargo lot... set's up the minute the gates open... pm me
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